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Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co. , Ltd. Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co. , Ltd.

Street Address: Room401 411, Floor 4, Block C, Torch Park, Yanguang Road,

City: Luoyang

Province: Henan

Country/Region: China

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Typical Clients:  Yutong

Market Type:  OE Market

Place of origin:  China

Unit Price:  USD 2464USD-38587USD

Price Terms:  FOB


Other Price Terms:  CIF EXW

Minimum Order:  1Set/Sets

Product Attribute:





Input voltage:380V

Output voltage:200-750V

Typical Clients:  


Production Description:


Product Introduction:
EV DC charger with two connectors can realize single connector fast charging, fast feed as well as two connectors equal power charging at the same time.It set 12V and 24V auxiliary power supply and provide electricity for BMS through automatic identification.

Working conditions and safety matters instruction
(1) Operation environment

  • Operation environment temperature -2050
  • Working environment humidity 5%95%
  • Atmospheric pressure 80kPa110 kPa
  • Erection vertical deviation5%
  • Working place vibration and impact severitylevel
  • At working place, explosion medium is forbidden,and surrounding medium without noxious gas and conducting medium which is corrosion metal and damaging insulation, water vapor and severe mold forbidden.

Working site should be no direct sunlight,sunshade or rain-proof shed should be installed outdoors.
(2)Safety Matters Instruction

1)Amateurs are forbidden to open charger cabinet and customers are not allowed to dis-assembly display screen,sharp objects is forbidden to operate on the display screen.

2)If there is stop halfway, first click manually stop charging,then remove charging connector. Forbid inserting and plugging out charging gun connector directly during charging, otherwise charging connector and charger will be burnt out and even the operators will get burnt.

3)Any operation is forbidden irrelevant to charging during the charging process.Other operations should be done after charger stop and finish charging and charging connector disconnects with the vehicle.

4)Under urgent circumstances,press emergency stop button in red and cut down charger internal power supply.

5)Power supply failed under normal operation,the staff should check whether input cable and charging connector are well connected.

6)Smoke and fire is forbidden around the charger and pay attention to ventilation.

7)The fuse must be replaced with same type fuse and cant be replaced by copper and iron wire.

8)When there is high voltage or default, it should be maintained by professionals in risk of danger.
If the following conditions occur,please cut down the power in time and inform the professionals for maintenance or contact our technical engineers.

  • Abnormal sound inside the charger
  • Abnormal smell or smoke inside the charger
  • No indication in charger display screen
  • No response in charger touch screen
  • An unrecoverable failure alarm in charger
  • Notice:Before power-on operation, please ensure good connection between device shell and ground, otherwise there is danger of electric shock.

Product Function and Advantages:

(1)Function Description

1)Charger front plate HMI adopts color crystal touch screen,it shows output voltage,current,charging time,SOC,single battery pressure and so on during charging, parameter set can be finished directly through crystal touch screen.
2)BMS power can be provided during the charging, inner low voltage assistant power maximum output is DC24V/20A,it can switch to DC12V/17A.
3)Charger has two charging connection device,charging gun A and charging gun B.During charging,monitoring unit will recognize the charging gun.After the charging gun is connected safely,the customer operate the charger with the swipe card,it will charge automatically.
4)Charger is operated by automatic charging, the system can realize automatic charging based on BMS request parameters and stop automatically after full charged.
5)Charger has 2 ways external CAN communication interface and implement many external communication tasks including BMS,which can control the charger through the relative data sent by CAN communication agreement.
6)Charger has its self protection functions such as input over voltage and under voltage,output over current,output short circuit,output over voltage,over temperature protection,anti-reverse connection and insulation detection and emergency protection measures such as scram button.
7)DC charger with standard wireless communication module and wired interface,which submit charging information through wireless and wired internet, to realize background monitoring.
8)Customer make the independent choice to use the swipe card accounting function or not to realize authority and accounting management.
9)Be able to record charging abnormal information and charging record information no less than 1000 pieces.
Good Safety
During charging process, interact with the BMS deeply and participate in the monitoring of the charging process actively to ensure battery safety and reject the blind charging state of the traditional charging pile.
Innovative 12 active protections to proactively identify the potential risks of the charging process and protect them in advance.
The internal wire is all made of anti-flame-retardant wire, which is not easy to get out of control in the case of internal short circuit with better safety performance.
Good Reliability
Ø Long life design, adopting the world's top charging control devices and high-efficiency charging modules to ensure the stability and reliability of the hardware system.
Ø Control circuit and AC and DC power circuit design is completely isolated to strengthen anti-interference ability and fully guarantee the stable operation of the circuit.
Ø Patented cooling air duct, built-in cold and hot isolation cooling air duct, unique ventilation cooling device,improve the heat dissipation efficiency exponentially to extend the life of the whole machine
Better Economy
Flexible charging, original PDU power intelligent distribution module, making each connector dynamically allocation according to the needs of the vehicle's power battery, to achieve flexible scheduling of output power.
The charging power unit adopts modular design, and the fault module automatically exits without affecting the entire charging process.
Friendly interaction, adopting 8-inch color LCD screen, clear picture, sensitive touch, easy to operate, friendly interface, can get a better charging experience even under strong light.
The unique breathing light technology, adopts the smart type charging indication mode, and various indication methods such as breathing light, surround and flashing lights to make charging status clearly.
Good Environmental Adaptability
The product adapts to the extremely harsh environment such as extreme cold, hot and plateau area. It is suitable for: -30°C ice and snow areas in Qiqihar in the cold region, 55°C in the hot region, and the Everest in the world in the plateau.
The module and control adopts multicavity design, the inlet and outlet airflow adopts cold and hot isolation design, and the protective filter screen adopts grid design with double waterproof and dust proof ability stronger
Good Energy Saving
Under the standby state, intelligently cut-off "stealing" device, the display enters the screen saver phase, the standby power consumption of the whole machine is less than 5W, which is 5 times higher than the energy-saving efficiency of the same grade products in the market.
Good Compatibility
Good compatibility and adaptability, compatible with old and new national standard; BMS auxiliary power supply, optional 12V/24V.
Vehicle-friendly charging, has been matched with most vehicle manufacturers of mainstream buses and passenger cars, and is stable and requires no joint adjustment.

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