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07KT97D ABB Advant OCS 07 KT 97 Central Unit (07KT97D)

    • Application: 180...
    • OEM No/Model: ABB 07KT97
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • FOB Price: USD 111
    • Payment Terms: T/T
    • Samples: Not Available
    • Minimum Order: 1Piece/Pieces

Quick Details

  • Product Number:

    ABB 07KT97D

  • Warranty:

    1 Year

  • Samples:

    Not Available

  • Delivery Time:

    2-3 Days

  • Packing:


  • Delivery Port:

    Xiamen, China

  • Export Ratio:

    41% - 50%

  • OE Experience:


Product Name:07KT97D ABB Advant OCS 07 KT 97 Central Unit (07KT97D)

07KT97D ABB Advant OCS 07 KT 97 Central Unit (07KT97D)

Application 18020776791 ★Allan-Bradley (1746;1747;1756;1769;1794;2711P..) ★TRICONEX (3008;3664;3805E.3704E;3700A 4351B...) ★YOKOGAWA (CP345;CP451-10;AMM12C;AAI141-S00...) ★ABB (07KT98 WT98;07KT97 WT97;DSQC679;IMASI23;IMDSO14...) ★Ovation (1C31194G01;1C31197G01;5X00106G01;1C31125G02...) ★BENTLY NEVADA (3500/42M ;3500/22M;3500/95.3500/15...) ★HIMA (F3330;F3236;F6217;F7126;F8621A....) ★FOXBORO (FCP270;FBM203;FBM204;FBM217;FMB231...) ★GE(IC693;IC697... More

Product Description:

OEM No/Model: ABB 07KT97
ABB 07KT97
ABB 07KT97
ABB 07KT97






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Allen Bradley
 DSQC(07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DSQC679,IMASI23,IMDSO14...)
 Bently Nevada 
 Siemens MOORE
3008,3664,3805E.3704E,3700A 4351B...
DS200ADGIH1AAA,VMIVME-7671-421000 ,IC693CPU363,IC697PWR711,369-HI-0-0-0-0,750-P5-G5-HI-A1-R-E,IC693CPU364,IC697CPM790,IC693,IC697,IC695,IS200,IS215,DS200...

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10313/1/1 MU-FOED02  51197564-200 8C-TDODA1 51307149-175 172109-01
10201/2/1   MU-FOED02   51197564-200 8C-PDODA1 51454472-175 172103-01
10201/2/1 MC-TSIM12 51303932-476 8C-PDOD51 51454361-175 149992-01
10105/2/1 MC-TPIX12 51304084-175 8C-PAIMA1 51454473-175 146031-01
10101/2/1 MC-TLPA02 51309204-175 8C-PAIH51 51454352-175 140471-02
10100/2/1 MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 MC-PD1X02 51304485-150 140471-01
10024/I/I CTD MC-TDOY22  51204162-175 MC-PAOY22  80363969-150 138708-01
10024/F/F MC-TDIY22 51204160-175  MC-PAIH03 51304754-150 136719-01
10014/H/F MC-TDIY22 51204160-175 MC-IOLX02 51304419-150 136711-02
10014/1/1 MC-TDID12 51304441-175 K2LCN-8 136188-02
10012/1/2 MC-TAOY25 51305865-275 FTA-T-21 136188-01
10006/2/1 MC-TAOY22 51204172-175 FTA-T-15 135813-01
05704-A-0145 MC-TAMT04 51305890-175 FTA-T-14 135145-01
05704-A-0144 MC-TAMT03 51309223-175 FTA-T-08 135137-01
05704-A-0121 MC-TAMR03 51309218-175 CC-PDIL01 51405040-175 134652-01
05701-A-0361 MC-TAIH14 51305887-150 CC-PCNT01 51405046-175 133819-02
05701-A-0325 MC-TAIH04 51305900-175 CC-PAOH01 51405039-175  133819-01
FC-TSAI-1620M MC-TAIH02 51304453-150 FF-SRS59252 133442-01

ABB Advant OCS DCS series offers Configurable Digital Controllers, KT Control Units and Communication Processor Panels.
3BSE008516R1      AI810 Analog input 1x8 ch.
3BSE052604R1      AI815 Analog Input module
3BSE008544R1      AI820 Analog input module
3BSE036456R1      AI825 Analog Input module
3BSE040662R1      AI830A Analog input module
3BSE051306R1      AI835A Analog input module
3BSE028925R1      AI843 Analog Input module
3BSE023675R1      AI845 Analog Input module
3BSC690071R1      AI890 Analog Input module
3BSC690141R1      AI893 Analog Input module
3BSC690086R1      AI895 Analog Input module
3BSE038415R1      AO810V2 Analog Output module
3BSE052605R1      AO815 Analog Output module
3BSE008546R1      AO820 Analog Output module
3BSE045584R1      AO845A Analog Output module
3BSC690072R1      AO890 Analog Output module
3BSC690087R1      AO895 Analog Output module
3BSE022366R1      CI801 PROFIBUS Communication interface
3BSE041882R1      CI840A Q Q 109146768 Interface
3BSE039293R1      AI880A High Integrity Analog Input module
3BSE028586R1      DI880 High Integrity Digital Input module
3BSE028602R1      DO880 High Integrity Digital Output module
3BSE008508R1      DI810 Digital Input module
3BSE008552R1      DI811 Digital input module
3BUR001454R1     DI814 Digital Input module
3BSE069052R1      DI818 Digital Input module
3BSE008512R1      DI820 Digital Input module
3BSE008550R1      DI821 Digital Input module
3BSE036373R1      DI825 Digital Input module
3BSE069054R1      DI828 Digital Input module
3BSE013210R1      DI830 Digital Input module
3BSE013212R1      DI831 Digital Input module
3BSE020836R1      DI840 Digital Input module
3BSC690073R1      DI890 Digital Input module
3BSE008510R1      DO810 Digital Output module
3BUR001455R1     DO814 Digital Output module
3BSE013258R1      DO815 Digital Output module
3BSE069053R1      DO818 Digital Output module
3BSE008514R1      DO820 Digital Output

The ABB DCS AC 800F controller distributes process and diagnostic data from four fieldbus gateways. If required, it can also work with various fieldbus types and this
is, of course, in addition to the usual tasks of a conventional controller. Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, the AC 800F is suitable both for installation in the control room and for use in junction boxes directly in the field. 

ABB AC800M 3BSE050198R1 PM866K01
ABB 3BSE018161R1 PM864AK01
ABB PM554ak01
3BSE066485R1 PM851AK01
3BSE066490R1 PM856AK01
3BSE066495R1 PM860AK01
3BSE018157R1 PM861AK01
3BSE018160R1 PM861AK02
3BSE018161R1 PM864AK01
3BSE018164R1 PM864AK02
3BSE031151R1 PM865K01
3BSE031150R1 PM865K02
3BSE050198R1 PM866K01
3BSE050199R1 PM866K02
3BSE053241R1 PM891K01
3BSE053242R1 PM891K02

ABB YB560103-CB DSQC236B DriveUnit 
ABB YB560103-CC DSQC236C DriveUnit 
ABB 3HAB2207-1 DSQC236D DriveUnit 
ABB YB560103-CD DSQC236G DriveUnit 
ABB 3HAB2207-1 DSQC236P DriveUnit 
ABB YB560103-CE DSQC236T DriveUnit 
ABB YB560103-CL/5 DSQC241 PowerUnit 
ABB 3HAB 2210-1 DSQC300 Robot Computer 
ABB 3HAB 2216-1 DSQC314B PowerUnit 
ABB 3HAB 2219-1 DSQC316 Main Computer 
ABB 3HAB 2220-1 DSQC317 6MB Card 
ABB 3HAB 2236-1 DSQC321 4MB Card 
ABB 3HAB 5956-1 DSQC323 8MB Card 
ABB 3HAB 5957-1 DSQC324 16MB Card 
ABB 3HAB 2241-1 DSQC325 Main Computer 
ABB 3HAB 2242-1 DSQC326 Robot Computer 
ABB 3HAB7229-1 DSQC328 I/O Card 
ABB 3HAB 6182-1 DSQC335 Robot Computer 
ABB 3HAB8101-3/05D DSQC345B DriveUnit 
ABB 3HAB8101-3/08C DSQC345C DriveUnit 
ABB 3HAB8101-7/01C DSQC346C DriveUnit 
ABB 3HAB8101-8 DSQC346G DriveUnit 
ABB cable DSQC351 Interbus-S 
ABB 3HAC 0373-1 DSQC361 Main Computer 
ABB 3HAC3180-1 DSQC373 Robot Computer 
ABB 900054 1Gb SD-card S3/S4 DDR 
ABB 900056 1Gb SD-card S2 DDR 
ABB 3HNE 00026 Teach Pendant 
ABB 3HNE 00312-1 Teach Pendant 
ABB 3HNE 00313 Teach Pendant 
ABB CHAA 3560-AXA Teach Pendant 
ABB 3HAB9271-1/01B DriveUnit Dummy DriveUnit Dummy 
ABB 57510001-AA DSCA 114 Print out board 
ABB 57520001-U DSCA 121 Communication board 
ABB 57160001-A DSDI 110 Digital input board 
ABB 57160001-K DSDO 110 Digital output board 
ABB YB161102-AH DSDX 110 Digital in/output board 
ABB 57160001-TP DSDX B001 digital in-output board 
ABB 57360001-U DSMB 124 Semiconductor memory board 
ABB 57360001-AN DSMB 125 Semiconductor memory board 
ABB 57360001-HG DSMB 127 Memory board 
ABB 57330001-N DSMC 110 Floppy disk controller 
ABB YB161102-AK DSPA 110 Axis computer 
ABB 57310256-AF DSPC 150 Central processor 
ABB 57310256-BA DSPC 153 Expand. single board computer 
ABB 57310001-GP DSPC 157 Expand. single board computer 
ABB YB161102-AD DSQC 103 Resolver power board 
ABB YB161102-AF DSQC 105 Display board 
ABB YB161102-BA DSQC 110 Programming board 
ABB YB161102-BS DSQC 115 Resolver power board + 2 analogue 
ABB YB161102-BE DSQC 116 Power supply 
ABB YB161102-BG DSQC 117 Resolver power board 
ABB YB161102-BU DSQC 124 Terminal unit 
ABB YB161102-BV DSQC 129 R/D board 
ABB YB161102-CH DSQC 136 Safety board 
ABB YB161102-CM DSQC 138 Terminal unit 
ABB YB560103-AC DSQC 202 Robot computer 
ABB YB560103-AS DSQC 208A External axis board 
ABB YB560103-AL DSQC 209 Analogue I/O board 
ABB YB560103-AM DSQC 210 Safety board 
ABB YB560103-AN DSQC 211 Power supply 
ABB YB560103-BF DSQC 215 Robot computer 
ABB YB560103-AZ DSQC 220 Programming board 
ABB YB560103-BD DSQC 223 PC Board digital I/O 
ABB YB560103-BE DSQC 224 PC Board combi I/O 
ABB YB560103-BK DSQC 227 Winchester interface 
ABB YB560103-BD DSQC 228 Safety board 
ABB YB560103-BN DSQC 230 Robot computer 
ABB YB560103-BS DSQC 233 External axis board 
ABB YB560103-BY DSQC 235A Rectifier 
ABB YB560103-BZ DSQC 235B Rectifier 
ABB YB560103-CA DSQC 236A Drive unit 
ABB DSQC 236B Drive 
ABB YB560103-CC DSQC 236C Drive unit 
ABB 3HAB2207-1 DSQC 236D Drive unit 
ABB YB560103-CD DSQC 236G Drive unit 
ABB 3HAB2245-1 DSQC 236H Drive unit 
ABB 3HAA3563-AJA DSQC 236P Drive unit 
ABB YB560103-CE DSQC 236T Drive unit 
ABB DSQC 239 Board - RIO 
ABB DSQC 241 Power supply 
ABB YB560103-CM DSQC 242 Programming board 
ABB 3HAA0001-CP DSQC 243 Serial measurement board 
ABB 3HAA3563-ACA DSQC 245 Serial measurement board 
ABB 3HAA3563-AAA DSQC 248 Programming board
ABB 5SHX-0360D0001 HL000384P0101 3BHB004027R0101
ABB 5SHX1445H0001 3BHL000391P0101
ABB 3BHB003230R0101 3BHL000392P0101 5SHX1060H0001
ABB 3BHB003387R0101 3BHL00386P0101 5SHX 0660F0001
ABB 3BHB003230R0101 5SHX14H4502  5SHX14H4502
ABB 3BHL000390P0104 3BHB003154R0101 5SHX1960L0004
ABB ACS510 5SHX0660F0002
ABB 5SHX0445D0001
ABB 5SHX1445H0002
ABB 5SHX 1060H0003
ABB 5SHX1445H0002
ABB 5SHX 1060H0003
ABB 5SHX0660F0002/3BHE022333R0101
ABB 5SHX1445H0002
ABB ACS510 5SHX 0660F0002
ABB 3BHL000392P0101 5SHX1060H0001 3BHB003230R0101
ABB 5SHX0445D0001
5SHX2645L0004 3BHL000389P0104
ABB 5SHX 1060H0003 3BHB020538R0001
ABB 3BHB003387R101/5shx0660f0001
ABB 5SHX0445D0001
ABB 5SHX 1060H0003
ABB 5SHX1445H0002  

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