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Air Intake Hose 90411677 836791

Air Intake Hose 90411677 836791

Typical Clients:  TOYOTA

OEM No/Model:  90411677 836791

Market Type:  OE Market

PPM:  100

Core Components:  RUBBER

Main Raw Material:  RUBBER

Place of origin:  China

Unit Price:  USD 2

Price Terms:  FOB

Delivery Port:  Shanghai

Other Price Terms:  CIF,CFR

Minimum Order:  1PCS

Product Attribute:


Typical Clients:  


Production Description:


OE Part NO.
90411677 836791
1JD 129 684
L1JD 129 684B
L1JD 129 684F
1J0 129 684 AM
1J0 129 684 BM
06A 133 356
06B 133 354P
06B 133 354M
06B 133 354N
06B 133 354Q
1GD 129 684 A
33D 129 684A
1GD 129 684 D

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Characteristics of the rubber tube is physiologically inert, resistance to ultraviolet, ozone resistance, resistance to high and low temperature (80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, back stretch strong, resistant to compression permanent deformation, oil resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, flame retardant, high voltage, conductive properties.

Product performance

Product features: This product is a rubber tube products, with oil, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and other characteristics of transport and attract rubber tube.

Product uses: mainly used for industrial, mining, civil transport and attract liquid, gas, etc..

Inspection Standard Editor

1, rubber hose size measurement: inner and outer diameter and enhancement layer outer diameter, wall thickness, concentricity, inner and outer glue layer thickness, diameter combination, new GB and ISO increased length and the measuring point sign, the provisions of the pipe joint and a variety of tube joint of the hose length measurement method.

2, hydraulic pressure test to verify the pressure test: Test hose and assembly under pressure to verify whether the continuous 30s-60s leakage, deformation and destruction. Under the pressure of the specified pressure (working pressure or other pressure less than the verification pressure) to maintain 1 minutes, measuring the length and diameter of the hose and the change in the angle and bending angle. Burst pressure test: Determination of the pressure in the pressure of the rubber hose under the prescribed pressure. Leak test: the minimum blasting pressure of 70% of the static pressure to save 5min, repeated once, check whether the leakage or damage. Because the test is often used in water, and the actual use of the viscosity of the liquid is different, at room temperature measurement of blasting pressure and leakage pressure may be slightly lower.

3, low temperature bending test at low temperature rigid: hose clamp to in diameter for 12 times the tube diameter of torsional wheel, at low temperatures parking 6 hours after, in the 12s reversed 180 degrees when the measured torque and standard temperature measured under the torque ratio. Low temperature bending: hose clamp on the diameter of 12 times the diameter of the hose to reverse the wheel, after 24 hours at low temperature, 180 degrees inside the 10s to check whether the brittle fracture and damage. Test of low temperature brittleness of the most simple measuring hose is the sample at low temperature bending 90 degrees, or after a period of frozen hose compression 1 / 2 to see if the brittle fracture, and a method is with a certain weight of the weight of the free falling and impact test specimens to see whether the specimen embrittlement.

4, bending test: the rubber hose to a certain degree after the measurement of the bending part of the smallest diameter and the diameter of the outer diameter ratio, steel ball through the ability and the bending force in the tube pressure.

5, suction flat test: in the 1min vacuum, to maintain the 10min, with a diameter of 0.9 times the diameter of the steel ball rolled over, check the extent of the collapse of the hose. Some standard measurement of hose diameter change rate to indicate the degree of deformation of the rubber hose.

6, layer bonding strength test: the car hose is more than the diameter of the braided hose diameter less than 50mm, test commonly used wide 10mm or 25mm strip sample, also has a wide 25mm ring, was 90 degrees stripping, stretching speed of 25mm/min.

7, liquid wall penetration test: at atmospheric pressure, the hose and filling a liquid container is connected and sealed vessel nozzles and placed in a horizontal position test device and periodic weighings due to the liquid through a hose outward infiltration quality changes caused by the whole test device, so as to find out the permeation rate of liquid.

8, volume expansion test: hose in the transmission of liquid under the action of pressure should not produce significant changes in volume and swelling volume measurement method is the tube that is connected to a hydraulic pressure source, and the other end of the measuring tube expansion after the amount of liquid volume tube connected. Will hose pressure increases to test pressure hose expansion, and then close the hydraulic source, open the valve and pipe connected when volume expansion part of the liquid up to volume tube, can measure the volume expansion.

9, cleanliness and extraction test: the fuel hose is commonly used C liquid injection hose, after parking 24h empty, and use C liquid cleaning inner wall. Collect injection and flushing C liquid, insoluble impurities filtered out and dry weight obtained insoluble impurities of weight, to the unit tube surface area on the amount of contaminants or impurities in the maximum size of the said cleanliness; will filter the solution evaporation, drying and weighing draw weight of soluble substances. Then the methanol is extracted from the dried extract of the filtrate from the filtrate, and the extract is evaporated and dried, and the weight of the wax like substance is said.

10, salt spray test: the hose assemblies placed 35 DEG C 5% sodium chloride aqueous solution to form salt fog, after 24h, check the pipe joint metal is corrosion.

Automotive application editor

Is mainly connected with the engine and air filter, engine and radiator systems, automotive air conditioning systems, etc.. The as part of the air intake system, from the engine is close, requiring high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, etc., the material according to different processing technology has many kinds, such as NBR rubber widely used in vacuum brake pipe, good resistance to oil glue containing high amount, but resistant to ozone is relatively poor; EPDM rubber rubber for automotive water series. Such as radiator hose, air conditioning pipe, etc.. There are a number of high performance materials, such as AEM acrylate high temperature resistance, etc.. Each kind of rubber has its characteristics, so it is very important to use the material on the rubber hose. Basic on the high-end car use of materials is relatively good, some mini cars, vans used poor materials, such as some mini car and in the use of nitrile rubber tube is used as a fuel, nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) are not suitable for fuel system. So as to replace the rubber fluorine rubber hose is more extensive.

Key performance editing

Most rubber tubes are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, but some require a higher oil and gas pipe, in the rubber material to add a flame retardant, flame retardant containing toxic

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