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Vy Optics Photoelectric Technology Co. , Ltd

Street Address: No. 128 Taibei Street , Kuancheng Area, Changchun130052

City: Changchun

Province: Jilin

Country/Region: China

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Cadillac, Dadi, Fiat Lens Hood

Cadillac, Dadi, Fiat Lens Hood In photography, a lens hood or lens shade is a device used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare.The geometry of the lens hood can vary from a plain ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Cadillac, Dadi, Fiat

Optical B270 Glass Window Dia,8.8mm For Iphone

Windows are optical glass with ground and polished faces that are relatively parallel. They are used to isolate two physical environments while allowing light to pass. When selecting windows, you should consider the following: material, ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: vy009

Optical H-K9I Glass Spherical Ball Lens/Sphere

Spherical Ball Lenses are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing, laser-to-fiber coupling, fiber-to-fiber coupling, and fiber-to-detector coupling. Larger spheres are easier to handle and ease the sensitivity of translational alignment. ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: vy

37mm Fisheye Lens

Fisheye lens distorts straight lines into ridiculous curves. Straight lines, depending on where they are in the photo can be pulled a lot, a little, or not at all. The farther they are from the the center line of the photo, the more distortion there ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Alfa romeo, Beiqi, Buick

BK7 Optical Dove Prism

Dove Prism is ideal for image rotation. Dove prisms create an image inversion in a beam input parallel to the base.VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. can supply each kind size and each kind dimension Dove prism. The coating or painting may ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: vy011

BK7 Optical Wedge Prism

Wedge prism is an optical element having plane-inclined surfaces, usually the faces are inclined toward one another at very small angles. Wedges divert light toward their thicker portions.Wedge prism is commonly used in laser system for eliminating ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: vy013

Optical YVO4 Crystal Lens For Laser System

Optical YVO4 Crystal Lens For Laser System Beiqi, Changfeng, DAEWOO YVO4 Crystal Lens Nd:YVO4 crystal is one of the most excellent laser host materials, it is suitable for diode laser-pumped solid state laser. The crystal has these main ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Beiqi, Changfeng, DAEWOO

BK7 Optical Dome Lens vy003

BK7 Optical Dome Lens vy003 The dome lens/hemisphere dome we manufactured be used to protect the lens of underwater camera,which could resist the pressure of water,and give a best view field to catch picture. Specification of hemisphere dome ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Vy003

Optical Dia.188.2mm Plano-Convex Spherical Lens/Magnifier

Plano-Convex Lens is widely use in optical display systems, projection optics systems, imagining optical systems, and laser measurement systems. It is best use where conjugate point-- object distance, S or image distance S is more than five times ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: vy007

Optical IR-Cut Blue Glass Filter For Digital Camera vy016

Optical IR-Cut Blue Glass Filter For Digital Camera vy016 Filters are designed by their manufacturers to transmit or absorb different wavelengths of light. And they are widely used in scientific experiments and industrial applications where ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Vy016

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