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Shaoxing Bo Yi Auto Parts Co. , Ltd. Shaoxing Bo Yi Auto Parts Co. , Ltd.

Street Address: No. 618, Qixing Road, Qixing Stree, Xinchang Town,

City: Shaoxing

Province: Zhejiang

Country/Region: China

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Starter Motor LESTER:30982 WAI:2-1693ND

Starter motor BY-6204 Tooth:9T 1.3KW 12V LESTER:30982 WAI:2-1693ND LUCAS: HC PARTS: Part Cross Reference: 28100-16070 Application: TOYOTA
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: TOYOTA

Starter Motor PART NO: S25-110A

Starter motor PART NO: S25-110A LESTER: WAI: LUCAS: SPECIFICATION: 5.0kw/24v/11t Application: Nissan
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Nissan

Starter Motor LESTER 16956 17233 WAI:2-1363-BO 2-1378-BO HC PARTS:CS282 BOSCH NO:0-001-108-001, 002 0-001-108-007, 009

Starter motor BY-4045 Tooth:9T 1.4KW LESTER:16956 17233 WAI:2-1363-BO 2-1378-BO LUCAS: HC PARTS:CS725 BOSCH NO: 0-001-108-001, 002 0-001-108-007, 009 ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Audi:100 1.9, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 Audi:200 2.2, 2.3 Audi:80 1.9, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 Audi:90 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 VW:Passat 1.9, 2.0, 2.2

Starter Motor LESTER 17039 WAI:2-1278-BO HC PARTS:CS327BOSCH NO:0-001-108-003 0-001-108-120

Starter motor BY-4050 Tooth:9T 1.4KW LESTER:17039 WAI:2-1278-BO LUCAS: HC PARTS:CS327 BOSCH NO: 0-001-108-003 0-001-108-120 Part Cross Reference: MERCEDES:0031512801 Application: ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: MERCEDES: 190E 1.9, 2.3 MERCEDES: 190E 2.3, 2.5

Starter Motor BOSCH No:0-001-414-019

Starter motor BY-414019 Tooth:11T 5.5-6.5KW 12V LESTER: WAI: HC PARTS: BOSCH No:0-001-414-019 Part Cross Reference: VOLVO:455540 Application: VOLVO
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: VOLVO

Starter Motor PART NO: CS612

Starter motor PART NO: CS612 LESTER: WAI: LUCAS: SPECIFICATION: 1.1kw/12v/10t/cw Application: Renault R5/12Volvo 440
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Renault R5 (12, Volvo 440)

Starter Motor LESTER 30110 HC PARTS:CS1077 BOSCH NO:0-001-372-001 0-001-372-006 0-001-371-019

Starter motor BY-372001 Tooth:11T LESTER:30110 WAI: HC PARTS:CS1077 5.5-6.5kw BOSCH NO: 0-001-372-001 0-001-372-006 0-001-371-019 ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: MERCEDES

Starter Motor LESTER 17970 BOSCH NO:0-001-121-402, 403

Starter motor BY-4073 Tooth:10T LESTER:17970 WAI: HC PARTS: 1.1kw BOSCH NO: 0-001-121-402, 403 Part Cross Reference: VW:02M911023M Application: VW;EOS 2.0L, AUDI:A3 2.0L
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: VW , EOS 2.0L, AUDI:A3 2.0L ,

Starter Motor LESTER 18954 BOSCH NO:6-004-AA3-014 F-000-AL0-115

Starter motor BY-4034 Tooth:9T LESTER:18954 WAI: LUCAS: HC PARTS: 1.7-2.0kw BOSCH NO: 6-004-AA3-014 F-000-AL0-115 Part Cross Reference: cosmos:90-18954 Application: JOHN DEERE; 2.4L ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: JOHN DEERE , 2.4L JOHN DEERE , 3.1L ,

Starter Motor LESTER 30298 VALEO NO:SD6RA94

Starter motor BY-0028 Tooth:9T 1.1-1.3KW LESTER:30298 WAI: LUCAS: HC PARTS: VALEO NO:SD6RA94 Part Cross Reference: Application: FIAT
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: FIAT

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