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Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle ZCK155S529

Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle ZCK155S529

Application:  for all diesel vehicles

OEM No/Model:  ZCK155S529

Market Type:  After Market

Packing:  We Use 2 Layers Packing--First Layer Plastic Packaged, Moistureproof, Waterproof; Second Layer, Carton Package To Make ZCK155S529 Safe.

Samples:  Charge

Sample Price (USD):  8

Maximum Prodcution Capacity:  5000

Delivery Time:  ZCK155S529 Will Send Within 3 Working Days

Unit Price:  USD 4.5

Price Terms:  FOB

Delivery Port:  Shenzhen

Minimum Order:  10Piece/Pieces

Product Attribute:

Brand name:ZCK155S529

Type:fuel injector nozzle

Function of ZCK155S529:fuel injector nozzle


for all diesel vehicles

Production Description:

Auto Diesel fuel Injector ZCK155S529 Diesel fuel Nozzles for Farm tractor Engine
Auto Diesel fuel Injector ZCK155S529 Diesel fuel Nozzles for Farm tractor Engine, Diesel fuel nozzle actually is a simple solenoid valve, it can produce suction, drawn up the needle and open the spray holes when the solenoid coil is energized, the Fuel can high-speed spray throught the annular gap between the head of nozzle and needle shaft, to form a mist, which will help combustion.
Nozzle itself is a normally closed valve (normally closed valve means when there is no input control signal, the valve has been turned off; while the valve is normally open when there is no input control signal, the valve has been turned on by a down movement of the needle valve to control the valve opening and closing.) When the ECU issued a fuel injection command, the voltage signal causes the coil current flowing through the nozzle, nozzle the  valve by the field generated, so that so that the fuel can be ejected from the nozzle hole when valve opens well. The biggest advantage is that jet fuel to the fuel supply control is very precise, so that the engine can have the correct air-fuel ratio in any state, not only keeping the engine running smoothly, but also be able to meet its emission norms of environmental regulations.
Parameter of fuel nozzle

shumatt Engine Farm tractor engine
Model ZCK155S529 Weight 0.2kg
Number   Emission standards EUROII
Barcode   Number of injector holes  
Mechanics of Diesel Fuel Injectors
Basic diesel fuel injectors contain a fuel supply line, an intake valve, an exhaust valve and the fuel injection apparatus. Each cylinder is attached to its own fuel supply line, all of which run from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel is transferred through these fuel supply lines to the fuel injector device attached to each cylinder. Along the way, the fuel passes through a filter that removes residue and impurities. When the diesel fuel reaches the injector device, it becomes highly pressurized. The fuel injector is attached to a small pump, which forces air into the injector and pressurizes the diesel fuel. The injector then sprays the diesel fuel through a small nozzle into the cylinder's combustion chamber. The nozzle contains a series of small holes, which ensure even distribution of the diesel fuel into the cylinder's combustion chamber. An air intake valve sucks air into the chamber, which mixes with the vaporized diesel fuel and intensifies the combustion. An exhaust valve removes the resulting emissions from the combustion chamber, and a return fuel line removes any excess fuel from the combustion chamber and returns it to the fuel tank.
OEM style nozzles are 205 µm nominal
Stock replacement for European 110 hp AFN / ASV motors.
- Optimized spray pattern
- Closer tolerances
- Hardened wear surfaces
- DLC Coated needle for superior wear characteristics with ULSD fuel
- More power than the OEM parts
- More torque than OEM parts
- Less exhaust smoke for the same power output
- Improved economy
- Better Throttle Response
Pictures of ZCK155S529 Diesel fuel Nozzles
ZCK155S529 Diesel Nozzles picture 1

ZCK155S529 Diesel Nozzles picture 2

ZCK155S529 Diesel Nozzles picture 3

ZCK155S529 Diesel Nozzles picture 4

ZCK155S529 Diesel Injector picture 5

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