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Chongqing Kaerbo Industry Import & Export Co. , Ltd

Street Address: #1805, Building 10, Wuyuanwan, Long Wish Bay

City: Chongqing

Province: Chongqing

Country/Region: China

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Brake Pad CV6060-0001 3501100-C01

Brake Pad CV6060-0001 3501100-C01

Application:  cadillac, Chery, Citroen, ...

Market Type:  After Market

Product Attribute:


cadillac, Chery, Citroen, Dadi

Production Description:

All parts include shock aborbers, bumpers, lamps, filters, brake disc, Grille, engine parts, chassis parts, electric parts, accessory parts, body parts etc.
CV6060-0001 3501100-C01 front brake assembly (left) CV6060-0002 3501200-C01 front brake assembly (right) CV6060-0003 3.50110-C02 front brake assembly (left) CV6060-0004 3501200-C02 front brake assembly (right) CV6060-0100 3501210-C01 brake caliper assembly (left) CV6060-0200 3501220-C01 brake caliper assembly (right) CV6060-0301 3501111-C01 knuckle (left) CV6060-0302 3501111-C02 knuckle (left) CV6060-0401 3501211-C01 knuckle (right) CV6060-0402 3501211-C02 knuckle (right) CV6060-0500 3501112-C01 front brake disc CV6060-0600 3501130-C01 front wheel assembly CV6060-0700 3501011-C01 brake disc dust cover CV6060-0800 3501140-C01 bearing CV6060-0900 3501151-B01 Kong Spring Collar CV6060-1400 3506170-C01 piston dust cover with oil seal assembly CV6060-1501 3501180-C01 the inside of the brake block assembly (left) CV6060-1502 3501280-C01 the inside of the brake block assembly (right) CV6060-1600 3501190-C01 the outside brake pad assembly CV6060-1700 3501215-C01 brake caliper guide pin dust cover CV6060-1800 3501216-C01 brake caliper guide pin CV6060-1900 3501217-C01 brake caliper mounting bolts CV6061-0001 3502100-C01 rear brake assembly (left) CV6061-0002 3502200-C01 rear brake assembly (right) CV6061-0100 3502110-C01 brake base plate assembly CV6061-0200 3502130-C01 brake shoe assembly CV6061-0400 3502120-C01 rear-wheel wheel cylinder assembly CV6061-0501 3502150-C01 clearance coordinating body assembly (left) CV6061-0502 3502250-C01 clearance from the coordinating body assembly (right) CV6061-0600 3502154-C01 self-adjust spring CV6061-0700 3502155-C01 self-adjusting spring CV6061-0800 3502114-C01 brake shoe return spring CV6061-0900 3502115-C01 brake hoof next time spring CV6061-1000 3502118-C01 brake shoe compression spring rod CV6061-1100 3502117-C01 brake shoe compression spring

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