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DC5476 One Way Clutch Needle Roller Bearing DC5476 A Sprag Bearing

DC5476 One Way Clutch Needle Roller Bearing DC5476 A Sprag Bearing

Application:  small loaders and forklift ...

Market Type:  After Market

Packing:  1. Industrial Packaging: Plastic Bag/Plastic Tube + Kraft Paper + Carton + Plywood Pallets 2. Commercial Packing: 1pc/Plastic Bag + Color Box + Cart

Samples:  Free

Maximum Prodcution Capacity:  10000

Delivery Time:  10-20 Days

Export Ratio:  81% - 90%

Price Terms:  FOB

Delivery Port:  GUANGZHOU

Other Price Terms:  CIF

Minimum Order:  20PCS

Product Attribute:

Outer Diameter :71.425,71.425mm,mm

Inner Diameter :54.765mm




small loaders and forklift hydraulic torque converters

Production Description:

DC5476A Steel Sprag Clutch One Way Bearing, Bearing inner diameter is 54.765mm, Bearing outer diameter is 71.425mm and Bearing width is 16.000mm.

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