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AC Compressor For Mitsubishi CO218

Code: Ocean-CO218 OE Number: / Original Number: / Car Application: Mitsubishi Voltage: 24V Refrigerant: R-134a Cluth Grooves: 2PK Pulley Diameter: ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Mitsubishi

SXB13 SEBX13 Air Conditioning Compressor For Chevrolet New Sail CO220

Code: Ocean-CO220 OE Number: / Original Number: / Car Application: Chevrolet New Sail Voltage: 12V Refrigerant: R-134a Cluth Grooves: 5PK Pulley Diameter: 120mm ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Chevrolet

TRS090 38800-PLA-E01/38810-PLC-006 Air Conditioning Compressor For Honda Accord V/Accord VI/Civic VII/Prelude/Stream CO072

Code: Ocean-CO072 OE Number: 38800-PLA-E01/38810-PLC-006/38810-PWA-006/38800-PDE-E01/38800-PDE-E010/38800-PDE-E010M/38800-PLA-E020/38800-PLA-E021-M2 Original Number: 3654/3664/4913/4967/4968/4977 Car Application: ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Honda

10S15L Air Conditioning Compressor For Toyota Avensis(T250)-2.0D^4.0D (2003-2009)/Avensis(T220)-2.0D^4.0D (1997-2003)/Previa(XR30,XR40)-2.0D^4.0 CO219

Code: Ocean-CO219 OE Number: 447170-9460/447170-9470/447180-7780/447180-7880/447220-4191 Original Number: 88320-28370/88320-28371 Car Application: Toyota Avensis(T250)-2.0D^4.0D ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Toyota

7SEU16C Air Conditioning Compressor For Porsche Cayenne(955)-3.2(V6)^S4.5(V8)^4.5(V8 Turbo)^S4.5(V8 Turbo) (2002-2006) 7L5820803/7L5820803A CO217

Code: Ocean-CO217 OE Number: 447180-3760/447190-3600/447220-9110/447220-9111/447260-0630 Original Number: 7L5820803/7L5820803A/94812601100/94812601101 Car Application: Porsche Cayenne(955)-3.2(V6)^S4.5(V8)^4.5(V8 ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Porsche

7H15 Air Conditioning Compressor For Scania 4 Series (1995-2004)/Scania P/G/R/T Series (2004-)/Mercedes Benz Unimog (1966-)/Renault Premium CO221

Code: Ocean-CO221 OE Number: 1376998/1412263/1888034/10575186 Original Number: 7980/8067/7847/7889/6024 Car Application: Scania 4 Series (1995-2004)/Scania P/G/R/T Series (2004-)/Mercedes Benz Unimog ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Mercedes Benz, Renault, Scania

HS20 Air Conditioning Compressor For Hyundai Entourage-3.8(V6) (2006-2008) CO216

Code: Ocean-CO216 OE Number: 97701-3E865/97701-4D900/97701-4D900R/97701-4D901 Original Number: EA4AA-04/F500-EA4AA-04/P30013-2540 Car Application: Hyundai Entourage-3.8(V6) (2006-2008)/Kia Sedona-3.8(V6) ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Hyundai, Kia

SP10 AC Compressor For Daewoo Matiz(M100)-0.8 (1998-2001)/Chevrolet Matiz(M100)-0.8 (1998-2001) CO212

Code: Ocean-CO212 OE Number: 96256053/96314801/96528117/96528118 Original Number: 717639 Car Application: Daewoo Matiz(M100)-0.8 (1998-2001)/Chevrolet Matiz(M100)-0.8 (1998-2001) Voltage: 12V ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: Chevrolet, DAEWOO

6SEU14C AC Compressor For Audi A4 IV-1.8^2.0 (2007-2015)/Audi A5-1.8^2.0^3.0 (2007-2011)/Audi A6 (2016-)/Audi Q5-2.0 (2008-) CO213

Code: Ocean-CO213 OE Number: 4M08208034 Original Number: 447150-5356 Car Application: Audi A4 IV-1.8^2.0 (2007-2015)/Audi A5-1.8^2.0^3.0 (2007-2011)/Audi A6 (2016-)/Audi Q5-2.0 (2008-) ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: audi

6SAS14C AC Compressor For Audi A4 (2012-2015)/Audi A4 Alload-2.0TDi (2012-2016)/Audi A5-2.0TDi (2012-2015) 447280-7032/447280-6521 CO214

Code: Ocean-CO214 OE Number: 8T0260805F/8T0260805P/8T0260805S/8T0260805T/8T0816803M Original Number: 447280-7032/447280-6521/447160-5930/447160-8470/447140-0340/447160-5310/447140-0360/447280-8820 ...
Market Type: After Market
Appliaction: audi

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