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Fulian Machinery Industry and Trading Co. , Ltd

Street Address: No. 1009, Yanyu Road, Houkeng Industrial, Licheng District, Quanzhou City

City: Quanzhou

Province: Fujian

Country/Region: China

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Excavator Undercarrige Parts Track Roller KT.10.10.00

Excavator Undercarrige Parts Track Roller KT.10.10.00

Application:  Excavator undercarrige parts ...

Market Type:  After Market

Packing:  Standard Export Packing

Delivery Time:  1 Day After Order Establisehd.

Place of origin:  Quanzhou

Unit Price:  USD 0-70

Delivery Port:  XIAMEN

Minimum Order:  10PCS

Product Attribute:


delivery time:in stock


Excavator undercarrige parts track roller down roller bottom roller low roller support roller track roller KT.10.10.00

Production Description:

Excavator undercarrige parts track roller down roller bottom roller low roller support roller track roller KT.10.10.00Model match Parts numberCATERPILLAR E70B E110 E120B E180 E215 E220B E235 E240 E300 E300B E307 E311 E312 E320 E325 E450 KOMATSU PC20   PC30 PC40 PC60 PC200-7  PC220-5/6 PC220-3 PC200-5/6 PC180-3 PC120-3/5 PC100-5 PC220-7 PC240-3 PC300-5/6 PC300-7 PCR100 PC200-2  PCR200 PC1000 PC1000 PC650 PC400-5/6 PC350 PC60-5 PC200-3 PC60-3 PC60-5 PC60-6 PC100-3 PC200-3 PC300-3/5  KOBELCO SK903 SK904B SK904C SK904D SK907B SK907C SK907D SK07 SK200 SK200-6 SK200 SK235 SK300 SK310 SK320 SK330-6 SK400 SK100 SK02N2  HITACHI EX300 EX200-1/3 EX200-3/5 EX200-1/2  EX220-2 EX40-1 EX60-3 EX300 EX100 EX 120 EX150 EX200 EX350 EX400 EX1000 EX1100 EX300-1 EX200-2/3 EX300-3/5 EX200-3 EX300-1  DAWOO DH55 DH220-3/5 DH220LC DH280-2 DH280-3 DH320 DH330-5 DH208 DH220 DH200  HYUNDAI R290 R320-290 R210 R200   R130 R60-7 R60-5 R60 R290LC-7 R220 RX200 R914B  SUMITOMO MLX02/03 LX08 SH60 SH75-3 SH1400-3 LS108RH LS1200 LS1200AJ SH220 SH200 SH120 SH100 LS2650 LS2050L LS2035 LS1600 SH250 SH260 SH280 SH300 LS2800 LS2800 LS2800FJ2 LS3400EJ LS4300FJ2 SH450HD-3 SH580 SH340 SC1000 SC800 LS5800 LS5800C2  VOLVO EC210-7   EC240   EC290  EC360KATO HD140 HD250 HD400 HD450 HD550 HD700 HD820 HD850 HD880 HD900 HD1220 HD1250  Item Makers Machine Model Genuie Parts No. Berco no. Our Drawing No. Weight(Kg) Track Roller CATERPILLAR D3B/D3C VE(S) 6S3607/3T4352 CR3000 10T0051AY2 21.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D3B/D3C VE(D) 6S3608/3T4353 CR3001 10T0052AY2 23.0 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D4C/D4D(S) 7K8095/7K8083/1M4218/2Y9611/3B1404/3K2779/4B9716/4F5322/5H6099/5K5203/6B5362/6T9887/7F2465/8B1599/9P4208/9P7783 CR1328 10T0053AY2 38.6 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D4C/D4D(D) 7K8096/7K8084/1M4213/2Y9612/3K2780/4B5291/4B9717/4F5323/5H6101/5K5202/6B6238/6T9883/7F2466/8B1600/9P4211/9P7787 CR1329 10T0054AY2 40.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D5/D6B(S) 9S9539/6B9385/1F6471/4K9035/5K4542/4F3531/7F2463/7K8572/3S0741/1M3826/9S9539 CR1292 10T0105AY2 46.7 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D5/D6B(D) 9S9538/6B9386/1F6472/4K9036/5K4543/4F3532/7F2464/7K8571/3S0742/1M3827/9S9538 CR1293 10T0106AY2 52.7 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D5H/953(S) VE 9P1368 CR4301 10T0233AY2 41.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D5H/953(D) VE 9P1363 CR4302 10T0234AY2 46.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D5M(S) 124-8237 CR6150 10T0055AY2 32.0 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D5M(D) 124-8240 CR6151 10T0056AY2 34.2 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(S) 9S9403/6Y2901/9G8099/1V8052 CR1793 10T0297AY2 52.7 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(D) 9S9404/6Y2903/9G8098/1V8051 CR1792 10T0298AY2 58.9 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(S) (Without  Key) 118-1614 CR1793 10T0299AY2 52.4 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6C(D) (Without  Key) 118-1615 CR1792 10T0300AY2 58.6 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(S) 7G0421/9G8029 CR3634 10T0301AY2 52.6 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(D) 7G0423/9G8034 CR3635 10T0302AY2 58.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(S) (Without  Key) 118-1617 CR3634 10T0303AY2 52.3 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6D(D) (Without  Key) 118-1618 CR3635 10T0304AY2 58.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6R(S) 120-5746 CR6088 10T0313AY2 52.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6R(D) 120-5766 CR6089 10T0314AY2 58.2 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6M(S) 121-0824 CR6152 10T0325AY2 44.2 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6M(D) 121-0827 CR6153 10T0326AY2 48.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6H(S) 7T4102 CR4297 10T0124AY2 51.3 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D6H(D) 7T4107 CR4298 10T0125AY2 58.0 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(S) 9S0316/6T9871/3P1520/3P6062/4S9050/4S9051 CR2617 10T0319AY2 68.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(D) 9S0317/6T9867/3P1521/3P6063/6P9885/8S2932/8S2933 CR2615 10T0320AY2 75.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(S) (Without  Key) 118-1623   CR2617 10T0321AY2 68.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G(D) (Without  Key) 118-1625   CR2615 10T0322AY2 75.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7C/D7D/D7E(S) 1P9100/6B3137/7B9458/8B5159/1F6212/2F3085/7F2469/8H0780/8H0876/7M5115/8M5113/1P9403/8P0963/3S0743/3S0745/4S8980/9S7284/9S3393 CR1652/1 10T0315AY2 68.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7C/D7D/D7E(D) 1P9102/6B6123/7B9459/8B9160/1F6213/2F3086/7F2470/8H0781/8H0784/7M5116/8M5114/1P9402/8P0946/3S0744/3S0746/4S8981/9S7286/9S3395 CR1652/2 10T0316AY2 75.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7C/D7D/D7E(S) (Without  Key) 118-1619 CR1652/1 10T0317AY2 68.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7C/D7D/D7E(D) (Without  Key) 118-1620 CR1652/2 10T0318AY2 75.8 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7R(S) 124-8250  10T0174AY2 72.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7R(D) 124-8253  10T0175AY2 80.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR 973C(S) 134-6636  10T0273AY2 72.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR 973C(D) 134-6637  10T0274AY2 80.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7H(S)  VE 9W5586/6T0067 CR4293 10T0169AY2 64.0 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D7H(D)  VE 9W5585/6T0068 CR4294 10T0170AY2 70.3 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D8N(S) 9W8705/7G9188 CR4528 10T0108AY2 91.2 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D8N(D) 9W8706/7G9193 CR4529 10T0109AY2 100.0 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D8K(S) 6P4897/7S9041/9H6449/9P3308 CR2798 10T0136AY2 109.7 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D8K(D) 6P4898/7S9042/9H6451/9P3309 CR2787 10T0137AY2 122.7 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D8L(S) 9W7826/7G7594/2Y8240/2Y8489/7T2018 CR4504 10T0152AY2 88.3 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D8L(D) 9W7827/7G7595/2Y8239/2Y8709 CR4056 10T0153AY2 95.6 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D9G/D9H(S) 8P5605/7S7672/4M0582 CR4291 10T0147AY2 152.9 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D9G/D9H(D) 8P5604/7S7673/4M0583 CR4292 10T0148AY2 164.9 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D9N/D9R(S) 7T1258 CR4672 10T0122AY2 108.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D9N/D9R(D) 7T1253 CR4673 10T0123AY2 112.5 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D9L(S) 6Y2950/9G8641/7T1831 CR4234 10T0181AY2 127.6 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D9L(D) 6Y2951/9G8642 CR3756 10T0182AY2 132.3 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D10N/D10R(S) 6Y0889 CR5041 10T0119AY2 147.0 Track Roller CATERPILLAR D10N/D10R(D) 6Y0890 CR5043 10T0120AY2 155.8 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D3B.D3C 6S3609 CR3002 10C0074AY2 16.5 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D4 6K9880/3K7962/6K9879 CR2880 10C0075AY2 20.5 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D5H 6Y3908 CR4799 10C0071AY2 30.5 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D6H/D6R 6Y1781 CR4800 10C0073AY2 37.3 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D5B/D6B 9S3570/5A8374/4K3985/5K6537/5M8631/8S0465 CR2881 10C0026AY2 30.0 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D6C/D6D 3T3206/9S2730/3Y3402/5M7318/1V8055 CR2650 10C0017AY2 36.0 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D7F/D7G 1P8717/2P3514 CR2876 10C0019AY2 41.0 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D8K 8P6256/9P2663 CR3512 10C0068AY2 47.8 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D8N 8E0400 CR5053 10C0066AY2 41.3 Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR D9G/D9H 7M5288/3P3403 CR3518 10C0105AY2 70.5 Track Roller KOMATSU D20 VE(S) 101-30-00042/201-30-00050 KM909 10T0018AY2 14.5 Track Roller KOMATSU D30-12 VE(S) 113-30-00130/111-30-00274/111-30-00272 KM388 10T0093AY2 28.3 Track Roller KOMATSU D31PX-21(S) 113-30-00170  10T0284AY2 28.1 Track Roller  D30 SPECIAL TYPE   10T0341AY2 27.9 Track Roller KOMATSU D40-1(S) 140-30-00053/131-30-00320/131-30-00321/140-30-00052/140-30-00072 KM859 10T0343AY2 44.9 Track Roller KOMATSU D40-1(D) 140-30-00063/131-30-00330/131-30-00331/140-30-00062/140-30-00082 KM860 10T0344AY2 51.9 Track Roller KOMATSU D50-15/D60-3(S) 131-30-00322 KM859 10T0343AY2 44.9 Track Roller KOMATSU D50-15/D60-3(D) 131-30-00332 KM860 10T0344AY2 51.9 Track Roller KOMATSU D41-6(S) 124-30-52502 KM2381 10T0157AY2 34.0 Track Roller KOMATSU D41-6(D) 124-30-52602 KM2658 10T0158AY2 39.2 Track Roller KOMATSU D61(S) 131-30-00342 KM2870 10T0154AY2 49.

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