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Shandong Helida Insulation Material Co. , Ltd Shandong Helida Insulation Material Co. , Ltd

Street Address: No 15, Huaxin Road,

City: Jinan

Province: Shandong

Country/Region: China

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Engineering Plastic OEM/ODM Service: Plastic Machining, Casting And Extruding

Engineering Plastic OEM/ODM Service: Plastic Machining, Casting And Extruding

Application:  TOYOTA

Market Type:  After Market

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Production Description:

Engineering plastic OEM/ODM service: Plastic Machining, Casting and Extruding
POM/PTFE/PMMA/PP/PE/PVC/PU/PA /ABS Sheet/Rod Semi-finished engineering plastic
High performance engineering plastic PPSU/PEI/PBI/PAI/PEEK/PPS/PSU/PI/PVDF Sheet/Rod
Insulation material DMD/3021/3240/6020/6021/6520/2753/2751/2715/2740, FR4/ Bakelite Plate
Phenolic & Epoxy laminated:
Epoxy Fiberglass rod, 3021 Phenolic paper laminated sheet, 3240 Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet, Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet.
Insulation paper & Films:
DMD Films, 6020&6021 polyester film , 6520 Polyester Film Fish Paper
Insulation Sleeving:
2753 silicon resin self-extinguishable fiberglass sleeving, 2751 silicon rubber fibreglass sleeving,
2715 PVC fiberglass sleeving, 2740 Acrylic Resin Glassfiber Sleeving   
Synthesizing Stone, Bakelite Plate (Phenolic laminated cardboard)
Epoxy plate (epoxy glass fiber), FR4, 3025 Fabric plate (Phenolic cloth laminated plate),
antistatic PMMA/POM/PEEK/Nylon/PEI/PAI/PTFE/PC Sheet/Rod
PTFE Rod/Sheet/Sealing TAPE/Fiberglass fabric/expanded tape
Shandong Helida Insulation Material Co.,Ltd is professional supplier for semi-finished engineering plastics & insulation material, which belong to Century Huachen Group since 1998.
Our factory locate in Zhejiang, Shandong & Hebei,
With ISO 9001:2008 certified, CE, UL, SGS authentication
Mainly produce: PP, PC, PE, PA,
PVC, POM, ABS, PMMA, PTFE, etc. board, rod, tubes, film; phenolic paper laminated sheet, phenolic cotton cloth laminated board rods, epoxy glass fiber layer
Platen rod tubes, synthetic stone, SMC and other insulating plate and pipe series.
The product range includes:
> General Plastics (temperature <80 ° C) (PE, PP, PVC)
> General Plastics (temperature: 80 - 160 ° C) (PA, POM, PET, PVDF)
> Advanced Engineering Plastics (temperature: 160 - 220 ° C) (ECTFE, PTFE, PSU, PEI, PPSU, PPS, PEEK)
> Extremely advanced engineering plastics (temperature> 220 ° C) (PAI, PI, PBI)
> Insulation material: DMD, Polyester film, Phenolic & Epoxy Laminated sheet 3025/3240/3021, insulation sleeving:2715/2740/2751/2753, Insulation Paper & Films 6520/6021, FR-4 glass panels, synthetic stone
> Anti-static material: Anti-static POM board / stick, anti-static PVC sheet, PMMA sheet anti-static, anti-static nylon plate / rod, antistatic MC501CD/R2/R6/R9/R11 nylon plate / rod etc!
> Silicone material: ordinary silicone, tear resistant silicone, silicone glass industry, doors special silicone, high temperature silicone sheet bar.
Beside, we also supply Engineering plastic OEM/ODM service: Plastic Machining, Casting, Extruding & CNC routing, injection molding and associated services.

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