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Diesel Fuel Injection DIesel Nozzle Toberas L159

Diesel Fuel Injection DIesel Nozzle Toberas L159

Application:  audi, Beiqi, BMW, Bugatti, ...

OEM No/Model:  L159

Market Type:  After Market

Packing:  Packing Accordance With Your Require,Or HongBen Packing

Samples:  Not Available

Maximum Prodcution Capacity:  1000PCs

Delivery Time:  Deliverytime: Within One Weeks

Place of origin:  China

Export Ratio:  81% - 90%

Price Terms:  EXW

Delivery Port:  XIAMEN

Other Price Terms:  FOB

Minimum Order:  10PCS

Product Attribute:


audi, Beiqi, BMW, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Changhe Auto, Dodge, Dongfeng, Ferrari, HAMA, Hyundai, Jeep, JAC, Maybach, MG, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Tianma, Toyota, volkswagen, volvo

Production Description:

Diesel Fuel Injection DIesel Nozzle Toberas L159

HongBeng diesel Pump Factory offer world class Automotive diesel injection nozzles that are made from industrial grade materials like EN 31 Metal and High speed steel . Vitally important for the regulation of the fuel flow to ignition compartment our Diesel Injection Nozzles .owing to durable and strong structure to them. Made in accordance with strict international quality standard(Quality near to WeiFu,DELPHI,CATERPILLAR,LUCAS diesel Etc international brand )so the have been preferred and purchase by clients all over the world.The Truth show our HongBeng Diesel injection nozzles have proven to be the ultimate choice for number of heavy truck and diesel engine.
?To Diesel Engine regulate the flow of diesel fuel to the ultimate ignition compartment?To convert the diesel into the diesel vapors and spray Into the piston
?Help efficient functioning of dieselfuel injection systems?Made from world class and industrial grade materials?Unique construction design?Durable and easy to install  ?Low Emission(IV standard) and Low Maintenance
1  Lucas  PLUNGER  (EURO Z)  9MM   
2  Lucas  PLUNGER  (EURO Z) 9MM  small valve
3  Lucas  NOZZLE 145B1 (EURO Z) 
4  Lucas  Hand Pump EURO Z 
nozzleDLLA148P1083nozzle0 433 175 113DSLA145P603
nozzleDLLA 150S467nozzleDLLA18S629
nozzle68010276801027nozzleDLLA 150S 485
nozzleDLLA150S632nozzle0 433 171 130DLLA144P144
nozzle0 433 171 222DLLA155P307nozzleDOP152P522-3898
nozzleDLLA140S976S186 DLLA150S186 S1264 DLLA142S1264 S1266 DLLA142S1266 S485 DLLA144S485 S6556
BDLL150S6556 175P3 HL130S26C175P3 693P2 HL140S25D693P2 S1191 DLLA138S1191 S178 DLLA150S178 S632
DLL140S632 S6310 BDLL150S6310 S6600
BDLL150S6600 S567 DLLA142S781 S781
DLLA150S935 S935 BDLL150S6730 S6730
DLLA150S6774 S6774 CS907 CS907 LLS56F LLS56F CS853 CS853
DLLA79S390 S390 CS1112 S656 CS1113 CS1112 CS1161 CS1113 CS1221 CS1161 DLLA149S394 CS1221
DLLA136S1034 S394 DLLA131S1035 S1034
BDLL150S6602 S1035 BDLL140S6608A S6602
BDLL140S6622 S6608A BDLL150S6666 S6622
BDLL160S6703 S6666 DLLA25S9R S6703 LL80WS S9R LL80WS 525P2 HL176S27D525P2 150·A2 05-93 236 CS1124 SND199
DLLA155SND199 124-7 BDB-359-124-7 SM400
DLLA152SM400 SN869 DLLA158SN869 SN555
DLLA150SN555 N523 DLLA145SN523 SM139A
DLLA156SM139A S639 DLLA110S639 SM139
DLLA156SM139 TN28 6E N906 DLLA150SN906 N582
DLLA142SN582 N871 DLLA150SN871 N470
DLLA150S424N470 N731 DLLA160SN731 N762
DLLA150SN762 M303 DLLA150SM303 M304
DLLA149SM304 N644 DLLA160SN644 M080
DLLA160SM080 N422 DLLA160S295N422 N615
DLLA160S295N422 N413 DLLA154S324N413 N413A SM010 SM011 CS1234 CS1305 CS842 SN841 DLLA148SN841 SN567
DLLA160SN567 SN083 DLLA155SN083 SN902
DLLA150SN902 S678 DLLA30S678 940P3 HL120S31E940P3 SM200
DLLA156SM200 SND147 N433 DLLA105S304N433 SN789
DLLA155SN789 N507 DLLA160S325N507 N551 DLLA157SN551 ND263 DLLA155SND263 N634 DLLA140SN634 CS1086 1035C IBMDB1035C SND229 DLLA150SND229 S6743 DLL150S6743 NP73 DLLA150S384NP73 S722 DLL25S722 CS1208 LLS6655 S6372 DLL150S6372 SM066 DLLA155SM066 SND296 DLLA150SND296 M029 DLLA150SM029 SN539 DLLA160SN539 CS1201 CS739 LS255 NP49 DLLA160S354NP49 SN945A DLLA150SN945A SK985A DLLA150SK985A SN681 DLLA152SN681 SN907 DLLA154SN907 SM012 DLLA145SM012 SN581 DLLA142SN581 SN665 DLLA154SN665 N821 DLLA158SN821 NP58 DLLA171S374NP58 CS310 S820 DLLA144S8200 SND238 DLLA150SND238 SND241 DLLA150SND241 LLS448 CS1237 LS715 S658 DLL160S6584 5330 IBMDB5330 NP86 DLLA151S354NP86 SN625 DLLA154SN625 SN566 DLLA160SN566 SM103 DLLA151SM103 SM325 SN698 DLLA160SN698 SN893 DLLA160SN893 SN867 DLLA150SN867 NP89 DLLA150S334NP89 SN722 DLLA150SN722 SN824 DLLA155SN824 SN876 DLLA150SN876 B3TA Z026(5) B3TA S002 DLLA155S002 CS007 CS430A CS912 B3TA Z029(4) B3TA CS432 145B1 145B1 S6395 DLLA150S6395 N438 DLLA154S374N438 N944 DLLA157SN944 N502 DLLA142S354N502 SM285 DLLA146SM285 331·1121 S1030 DLL110S1030 BDLL150S6476 BDLL150S6476 N7131 DLLA153SN7131 N453 DLLA145S344N453 N595 DLLA155SN595 S1401 SND236 DLLA160SND236 SM270 DLLA155SM270 SM327 DLLA147SM327 SM395 DLLA156SM395 SM224 DLLA146SM224 SM008 DLLA156SM008 N702 DLLA150SN702 N864 DLLA155SN864 N913 DLLA155SN913 N921 DLLA156SN921 238-8-1985 ND272 DLLA150SND272 ND297 DLLA157SND297 N473 DLLA148S324N473 N564 DLLA160SN564 ND159 DLLA142S315ND159 S133-1173 S133-1199 S133-1199 ALLA160S608 ALLA150S236 ALLA150S236 DLLA150SM165 DLLA150SM165 DLLA160SN868 DLLA160SN915 DLLA160SN915 DLLA136S1240E
 Emily (may cndiesel com) skype boschnozzle  
0433 171 134-148 p149
 0433 271 478-140 s1003
0433 271 521-183 S1191
0433 271 471-134 S999
 0433 171 583-154 P866
0433 171 450-154P596
0433 171 329-152P452
0433 171 741-150P1164
0433 271 376-149S774 

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