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WG992540005 Brake Butterfly Valve

WG992540005 Brake Butterfly Valve

Application:  Hongyan Jieshi

Market Type:  After Market

Product Attribute:


Hongyan Jieshi

Production Description:

No. Name SpecificationWG9725540142 0142 exhaust pipe (exhaust pipe with butterfly valve above 336 horsepower) HOWOWG9725540143 0143 exhaust pipe butterfly valve assembly (vertical) HOWO2045 2045 Exhaust Butterfly Valve Clamp (Large) HOWO2045 2045 Exhaust Butterfly Valve Clamp (Small) HOWOWG9725542045 2045 exhaust pipe butterfly valve (09 models) HOWOWG9731541082 541082 butterfly valve assembly HOWOWG9131542024 EVB butterfly valve assembly Golden PrinceWG9725542041 EVB exhaust pipe butterfly valve (69.47) HOWO85035490001 EVB exhaust brake valve (butterfly valve assembly)WG9925540003 EVB brake butterfly valve1082-1 Butterfly valve190003963623 butterfly valve ball head STRYMQD butterfly valve ball head DL / ALDFQT butterfly valve ball head (large) DelongDFQT butterfly valve ball head (small) DelongDL4011 Butterfly valve booster cylinder Delong35490170038 butterfly valve booster cylinderWG9725542045-1DFZLG butterfly valve booster cylinder (09 fine) HOWO09DZ9100189008 / 1 Butterfly valve booster cylinder (rough cylinder) DelongButterfly valve assembly HYWG9725542042 exhaust butterfly valve HOWO082V15600-6135 exhaust butterfly valve99100180001 Exhaust butterfly valve STR1203015-KM800 Exhaust Butterfly Valve (Dongfeng with Yuchai 6108 Engine) TianjinDZ9118918002 exhaust butterfly valve assembly (small hole new style) F3000WG9725540080 exhaust pipe with butterfly valve 360 horsepower 8 * 4 HOWOWG972554082 butterfly valve HOWOPQGDF Exhaust Pipe Butterfly Valve (09 models) HOWODZ9100189018 Exhaust pipe butterfly valve (large mouth new style) F3000DF exhaust pipe butterfly valve assembly 0320 STRWBF6L1015C Exhaust Brake Butterfly ValveWG9125540801 exhaust brake butterfly valveWG9925540015 exhaust brake butterfly valve HOWODZ9100189007 exhaust brake butterfly valve AL04534 Exhaust Brake Butterfly Valve Solenoid Valve Red Rock1425335641007 exhaust brake butterfly valve AumanDZ91189180002 exhaust brake butterfly valve (100 Euro 3) Delong1425335641007 exhaust brake butterfly valve (6 hole clamp) AumanWG9731541075-1 exhaust brake butterfly valve (8 * 4) HOWOExhaust Brake Butterfly Valve (Howe) 70 Mine* 1425125680020 Exhaust Brake Butterfly Valve (Wide Plate) OMExhaust Brake Butterfly Valve (Old Style) Red RockDZ9100189008 exhaust brake butterfly valve (old-style large mouth) AL DelongDZ9100189009 exhaust brake butterfly valve (old-style small mouth) AL DelongTA3500-90 Exhaust Brake Butterfly Valve (with Yuchai 6M375) Tate* 1284 * 90430 * 1417 Exhaust brake butterfly valve (narrow version) OMDZ9100189009 09 exhaust brake butterfly valveDZ9100189009 exhaust brake butterfly valve 09 AL3500-1200002A Exhaust brake assembly (butterfly valve) Tate3506-16197 84819000 brake butterfly valve red rockWG9925540003 + 001/1 brake butterfly valve body

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