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VG15000500 Brake Master Cylinder

VG15000500 Brake Master Cylinder

Application:  Hongyan Jieshi

Market Type:  After Market

Product Attribute:


Hongyan Jieshi

Production Description:

No. Name SpecificationRed Rock Back Plate Shaw HYHongyan steel plate 25 HYFront axle assembly Front axle assembly (center 850/1770) Red Rockzzw (dc) spindle bush (grooved) Red Rockzyz sun hoodZXHLGB Steering tie rod arm right (large hole) HYJGzxzlgb Steering Straight Rod Arm Red Rock King KongZXHLGB Steering tie rod arm left (large hole) HYJGZXD turn signal assembly (split) HYJGQZXHLG Steering Tie Rod (1.54) HYJGZQZD Middle Bridge (5.73) Red RockZQTY bridge flange (4 * 39 * 180 low) Red RockZQKZC Mid axle housing assembly HYZLG Straight Rod (King Kong) HYJGZLG Straight Rod (Red Rock) HYZL96603-62P8 Intercooler1300-96603-62P8 Red RockZJSQ Mid-bridge main reducer assembly HYZCSF180507-04 differential between axlesYSLDG wiper linkage HYJGYSDJ wiper motor red rockXLB7744 engine plus Faster rear oil seal kit HYXLB774 Engine Repair Kit C9XLB 7744 Gasket Overhaul KitWXJ universal joint assembly 62 # (longer) HYWg9700410049 Steering Knuckle Pressure BearingWG900520078 / 79 Brass bushing, steel plate bushing before and afterWG9000368471 dryerWG9000360600 / 12 brake chamber cylinderTY 8 * 39 * 165 flange (high) HOWOTY 8 * 39 * 165 flange (low) HOWOTTLH shoe spring (double 24cm) HYJGTLGZZ thrust rod support (190 * 125) HYJGTLGZJ Thrust Rod Bearing Standard (190 * 125) HYSJZW driver's seatSE5H14 Air Conditioning Compressor (Double Slot) Red RockSC1478 Electric glass lifter (left) New Da KangS713134001 wheel assemblyR8403-83046 rear fender (right) Red Rock King KongR8403-83045 rear fender (left) Red Rock King KongQLLS front tire screw red rockQJ330-8 FRT50E-12D Power take-off assembly (Haivo 8-key) Chongqing YawenQJ330A Power take-off assembly (big pump 6 key) Chongqing Yawenqgbqy Front steel front two (single front axle diamond) HYJGQGBQ4 Front steel plate front 4 (single bridge 16mm) HYJGQDDZC headlight assembly left HYJGQDDZC headlight assembly right HYJGPRP5801279851 shift cable black 3.8MPRP5801279850 shift cable red 4.3MPJ // JIELI0N-C100 Parts Catalog (Jieshi C100)phztzd balance shaft adjustment pad 126 * 158 * 5.0 red rock diamondphzct balance shaft bushing red rockPG312010747 170519-W4372 power take-off assemblyO281002815 crankshaft speed sensor red rockNSB door trim panel (double layer) XDKNA6907 6907 Swing arm bearing stalk bearing red rock diamondMD02-X1700-12307 King Kong shift cable (black 4.05) King KongMD02-X1700-12302 King Kong shift cable (red 4.05) King KongMD02-X1700 shift cable (red and black) HYJGM22X1.5 Drain valveLS Axle Shell Gill (Filament) HY 14 * 30lnqjs condenser 4 claws top right out Jiesi 340lhqzlgxlb clutch booster repair kit red rockLHQZB clutch master cylinder HYJGlhqp clutch plate red rocklgqt tie rod end HYKQYSJRG air compressor hoseKLZC 96911A air filter assembly HYJGKLZC 96911 air filter assembly HYKLCQG air filter air pipe (110 * 800) HYKL1604FK clutch cylinder red rockkg clamp red rockJSYB lifting large pump (rear oil) 15 progressive lineJSSJZQ cab shock absorber HYJGjskg foot switch red rockJS119T-1707030B Sun GearJQDZC Dump Truck Inlet Assembly (with bellows) HYJGHZDTZB Red Rock Rear Brake Adjuster HYJGHYZB rear fender (left) HYJGHYPJ-1500303 87089900 0166 differential red rockHY3030Y-3003020 Tie rod end right HYHY3030Y-3003020 Tie rod end HYHY0012 Air Spring (380) Red RockHY Transmission ball head HYHSJZJZ Rearview Mirror Stand (Right) Red Rock King KongHSJZJZ Rearview Mirror Stand (Left) Red Rock King KongHSJZJ Rearview mirror bracket (left) Red Rock King KongMiddle section of HQZD rear bridge (5.73) Red RockHQTY rear axle flange (4 * 39 * 180 height) Red RockHQDQ rear compartment bracket (King Kong) HYHLG Red Rock King Kong Tie Rod King Kong 1.55HJ1540119046 9046 turbocharger HYJGHGBH rear steel plate 1 HYJGHGBGB rear steel plate cover (double bridge) HYJGHGB rear steel plate after 12 HYJGHGB rear steel plate after 3 HYJGHGB rear steel plate after 3 HYJGHGB rear steel plate 2 HYJGHDGZC Shift lever assembly (King Kong) Red RockGH8098 Steering KitGBTHZ leaf spring seat HYJGFZZJ flip bracket (Red Rock W4) HY-W4FZG New Da Kang Flip Bar (Without Spring) XDKFXJZJ steering gear bracketFoov C99 002 Injector Repair Kit (including 02177 + 01819) C9FOOR JO1819 injector valve assembly C9FOOR J02103 F00V C99002 valve assembly HYfdjtjq generator regulator red rockFDJHZJ Engine Rear Bracket / Right Angle Red Rockfdjhzc engine support red rockFB lifting large pump flange (with check valve) 100BFAT5802165792 oil cooler core red rockFAT5801913320 / 5801484940 engine wiring harnessFAT5801845267 fuel filter inlet pipe red rockFAT5801569151 87089900 water pump red rockFAT5801482164 steering pumpFAT5801402101 exhaust valve red rockFAT5801402100 84819000 intake valve red rockFAT5801399536 Silicone oil fan clutch (Jieshi) C9FAT5801395948 84834000 Flywheel assembly (C9) on FeihongFAT5801327559 belt tensionerFAT5801315646-2 ArmatureFAT5801315646-1 87089900 Carbon brushFAT5801315646 87089900 generator red rockFAT5801290814 air compressorFAT5401288490 crankshaftFAT5043474400 87089900 turbocharger red rockFAT5042750320 84832000 oil pan red rockFAT5042483070 cylinder headFAT5042019360 oil pump assemblyFAT5041263250 Thrust plate red rockFAT5037751160 Thrust piece repair kit Red RockFAT5003914400 intake valve duct red rockFAT29965850 spindle bushing (flat) Red RockFAT29965770 84832000 connecting rod tile red rockFAT29965840 / 37751790 Main bearingF99900-5 Trailer control valveF OOV C99 002 Nozzle Repair KitF00RJ02177 Injector repair kit (steel ball) BoschEZ-DC180 * 28 * 90 two-axis flange forging HongyanDLLA145 P2397 04331712397 Electric injector BoschDFZNC Air hood lining (left) HYJGDFZ Outer hood outer panel (left) HYJGCSQZC 39-key differential assembly HYJGCSQK 39-key differential case (large hole) HYCQG air filter air pipe (large and small mouth) King KongCP8150 clutch oiler (clutch oil reservoir) red rockCP3-3518010 differential relay valve XHYCL-1010 Evaporator (with valve)CDZ62 * 160 drive shaft 62 * 160CDDPTJ Differential Gasket KitC9 engine repair kitBXGZJ bumper bracket (left) HYJGBXG bumper (right) New Da KangBXG bumper (middle)BXG bumper (left iron) HYJGBWG bellowsBSXDJLS transmission hanger screw 16 * 175B788931 330 Thrust Rod Repair Kit Red RockAZ99102340166 28-key 0166 differential assembly red rockAZ99102340166 28-key 0166 differential assembly red rock

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