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Air Mass Flow Meter 1S4A-9F479-BA

Air Mass Flow Meter 1S4A-9F479-BA

Application:  Ford

OEM No/Model:  1S4A-9F479-BA

Market Type:  After Market



Production Description:

1S4A-9F479-BA Air Mass Flow Meter FORD FOCUS MK1/2 98-02 FORD Focus MK2 We also offer sensor as following:
1C1A-9F479-AA SEB940
1C1R-7H141-AA SNB809
1F1E-62B288-AA SEB884
1L2A-12A648-AA SNB933
1L2E-6B288-AA SEB464
1L2Z-12A648-AA SNB933
1M5A-6C315-AB SEB1033
1M5A-6C315-AC SEB1033
1M5A-6C315-AD SEB1033
1M5F-9S428-AB SEB921
1N1A-12A699-AA SEB1058
1S4A-9F479-BA SEB941
1S4U-9F715-BC FDB977
1S7E-6C315-BA SEB885
1S7F-12K073-AD SEB967
1S7F-6C315-AD SEB1003
1S7G-9D475-AH FDR136
1S7G-9F715-AD FDB981
1S7G-9F715-AE FDB981
1S7Z-7M101-KA SEB887
2S6A-9F479-BA SEB951
2S6A-9F715-BA FDB982
2S6Q-12A648-AA SNB974
2S6Q-12A648-AB SNB974
2S6Q-12K073-AA SEB1046
2S6Q-9D475-AA FDR137
2S6Q-9E731-AA SEB1034
2S7Q-9D475-AD FDR138
2S7Q-9D475-BC FDR139
82GB-9350-AA FDB705
83BB-9350-AA FDB705
84BB-9350-AA FDB705
85AG-9P704-AA FDB502
85TF-9D988-AB FDB318
85TF-9F593-A1B FDB318
85TF-9F593-AB FDB318
85TF-9P917-AB FDB926
86SF-12A699-AB SEB888
86TF-9B989-AC SEB855
86TF-9B989-AD SEB855
87SF-9B989-BA SEB224
87SF-9B989-CA SEB224
87TF-9F715-CB FDB987
88WF-6C315-AC SEB411
88WF-6C315-AD SEB411
88WF-9C968-AA FDB1022
90TF-9B989-AA SEB855
90TF-9B989-BA SEB855
91AB-10884-AA SNB832
91AB-10884-BB SNB182
91FF-9D475-BC FDR105
91SF-9N825-AA FDB846
91XF-9B989-BA SEB222
91XF-9F715-BA FDB979
91XF-AA6C315 SEB421
928F-12K073-A1C SEB458
928F-12K073-A1D SEB458
928F-12K073-A1E SEB458
928F-6C315-A1F SEB412
928F-9B989-CA SEB1063
928F-9F715-AE FDB983
92FB-9H307-AJ FDB1072
92VB-10884-AA SNB182
92VB-9F476-AA SEB932
938F-9B989-DA SEB1061
93BB-9H307-AE FDB1071
93BB-9H307-AG FDB1071
93BB-9H307-BE FDB1070
93BB-9H307-BF FDB1070
93BB-9H307-BH FDB1070
93FF-9D475-AB FDR114
93FF-9D475-AC FDR114
948F-6C315-AA SEB412
94FB-9H307-AB FDB1068
954F-9D475-BA FDR134
95BB-9H307-AD FDB1060
95BF-12K073-AA SEB464
95BF-12K073-AB SEB464
95BF-9B989-DA SEB852
95BF-9B989-JB SEB891
95BF-9F715-AB FDB978
95BF-9F715-AC FDB978
95VW-10884-AA SNB855
95VW-12A648-BA SNB814
95VW-12B573BA FDR115
95VW-12B573BB FDR115
95VW-6C315-BA SEB418
95VW-6C315-CA SEB416
95VW-7F923-AA SEB161
95VW-7F923-AB SEB161
95WF-6C315-AA SEB437
95WF-9F715-AC FDB986
95WF-9F715-AD FDB986
96BP-9H307-AA FDB1060
96FB-10884-AA SNB182
96FF-9D475-AB FDR117
96FF-9D475-AC FDR117
96FF-9D475-BD FDR135
96FP-9H307-AD FDB1056
978F-12A648-AA SNB232
978F-9F715-AB FDB985
97BP-9H307-AA FDB1060
97BP-9H307-AB FDB1060
97BP-9H307-BA FDB1060
97BP-9H307-BC FDB1060
97BP-9H307-CB FDB1071
97BP-9H307-FA FDB1071
97BP-9H307-FC FDB1071
97BP-9H307-GA FDB1060
97BP-9H307-HA FDB1060
97BP-9H307FB FDB1071
97FB-10884-AA SNB832
97VB-9F479-BA SEB934
97XF-9B989-AA SEB1065
988F-9B989-BB SEB1062
98AB-9F479-BA SEB933
98AB-9S428-AB SEB933
98AP-9H307-AK FDB1069
98BF-6C315-AC SEB469
98BP-9H307-AB FDB1060
98BP-9H307-BB FDB1060
98BP-9H307-CA FDB1067
98BP-9H307-CB FDB1067
98BP-9H307-FA FDB1067
98BP-9H307-FB FDB1067
98FF-6G004-AC SNB977
98MF-12A699-BA SEB1057
99VW 9E928-AA SEB916
B3C8-18840 SNB842
B593-18840-A SNB842
D84Y-12A648-A SNB833
E0AE-12A648-AA SNB833
E0AE-12A697-AA SNB830
E0AZ-12A648-A SNB833
E0AZ-12A697-A SNB830

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