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Jinan Automotive Filter Co. , Ltd Jinan Automotive Filter Co. , Ltd

Street Address: No. 1403, Heavy-duty Truck Industry Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

City: Jinan

Province: Shandong

Country/Region: China

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229-3555 Caterpillar Air Breather Filter

229-3555 Caterpillar Air Breather Filter

Application:  Caterpillar Equipment

OEM No/Model:  229-3555

Market Type:  After Market

Packing:  Neutral Carton Or According To Customer'S Requirement

Samples:  Not Available

Maximum Prodcution Capacity:  2000 Pcs/Month

Delivery Time:  15 Days

Place of origin:  Shandong, China

Export Ratio:  81% - 90%

Price Terms:  FOB


Minimum Order:  50Piece/Pieces

Product Attribute:


Caterpillar Equipment

Production Description:

Caterpillar OEM No.



Height: 90 mm
O.D: 92 mm

We are the professional manufacturer producing Copy Caterpillar filter in China, please visit and contact us directly on /, and pelase find our CAT filters catalog list as follows,


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