1, Guangdong to boost new energy auto industry
producers in China,Guangdong provincial government hopes
to boost its total production capacity for new energy
automobiles to more than 200,000 units, and its annual
output to 50,000 units by 2015.
2,E-car rentals soon to hit
Shanghai roads ,Shanghai International Automobile City is
planning to lease electric cars at transport hubs.
3, New-energy cars to help cut emissions in Beijing,Beijing has been testing the use of new-energy vehicles, and the city will add5,000 more units this year. Most BAIC cars that have joined the pilot operation are for suburban taxi services and
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New-energy cars- China's top priority in next five years
Under the 12th Five-year Plan for China's auto industry, developing
new-energy vehicles will become the foremost priority over the next
five years and the country aims to achieve annual new-energy
automobile sales of 1 million units by 2015, according to the China
Association for Automobile Manufacturers.The Ministry of Industry and
Information Technology recently said China will invest more than 100
billion yuan over the next 10 years to support new-energy automobile
production in order to make China the world’s largest new-energy
automobile production country.