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Allen Bradley DS200IIBDG1AEA

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Product Name:Allen Bradley DS200IIBDG1AEA

Allen Bradley DS200IIBDG1AEA



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      N.S.E.Automation is a leading global industrial supplier in China, specializing in automation control systems module and spare parts with many years.The company camp world`s well-known brands:Bently Nevada, ABB,GE,Rockwell,Foxboro, Invensys Triconex, Westinghouse, Schneider Modicon,Siemens,Woodward,GE FANUC,Motorola,Yaskawa,Bosch Rexroth,Rosemount,EPRO,and so on. OUR BUSINESS SCOPE. -----Bently Nevada: 3500/3300 Surveillance protection syste, Proximitor eddy current sensor probe -----EPRO: PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6426 eddy-current transducer, PR9268series Electrodynamic absolute vibration sensor MMS6000 system -----ENTEK: Eddy-current transducer probe, Vibration monitoring table double channel axis vibration monitoring table C6652 -----Rockwell Allen-Bradley: SLC500: 1747/1746 series MicroLogix: 1761/1763/1762/1766/1764 series CompactLogix: 1769/1768 series Logix5000: 1756/1789/1794/1760/1788 series PLC-5: 1771/1785 series -----Schneider Modicon: Quantum 140series: CPU processor module, Communication module, Analog input output module, Digital input output module -----GE: IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670 CPU module, Communication module, Analog digital module EX2100, EX2000 Excitation system card, IS200 series DS200 series -----Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series system, FBM(input / output modules) sequential control, Ladder logic control, Accident recall processing, Digital-to-analog conversion, Input / output signal processing, Data communication and processing -----Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on triple-module redundancy (TMR) architecture -----Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system -----Honeywell: Alcont, Experion LS, Experion PKS, Experion HS, Plant Scape, TDC 2000, TDC3000, TPS, security system -----ABB: AC800M series module,Industrial robots spare parts DSQCseries, Bailey INFI 90, 800xA, Advant OCS with Master Software, with MOD 300software Advant OCS, Freelance - Distributed Control System for Process Industry,Symphony Melody, Satt OCS, Symphony DCI System Six, Harmony/INFI 90, Security system -----Emerson: DeltaV system Dual - channel redundant security system Redundant controller Power supply module I/O unit Analog AImodules Analog AO module -----Siemens: Siemens MOORE, 6ES5 series, 6GKseries, 6DDseries, 6AR series -----Yokogawa: CS3000 system CPU control module, Analog module -----Woodward: SPC valve position controller 505/505E(9907-162, 9907-164, 9907-165, 9907-167)digital controller, 2301A controller, 9905 series, 2301D-ST series   ABB EI813F 5STP08F6500 SRDA-EAXA01A HIEE300936R0101 UFC718AE101 HIEE300900R1 HIEE450848R1 HIEE300900R0001 HIEE405179R0001 HIEE305106R0001 HIEE451220R1 ICSK20F1 PM861AK01 3BSE018157R1 CI840A 3BSE041882R1 TU847 3BSE022462R1 07AI91 HIEE300888R0002 3BHE024577R0101 HIEE300885R0102 HESG324013R100/H 216AB61 HESG324015R1/K 216EA61b HESG324258R3 216EA61b HIEE300900R1 NDBU-95C APBU-44C CI840 DO810 BC810K01 3BSE031154R1 D0820 3BSE008514R1 AI820 3BSE008544R1 AO820 3BSE008546R1 TU810V1 3BSE013230R1 PM866K02 PM866K01 DSSR122 CI801 3BSE022366R1 SD834 3BSC610067R1 RMIO-11C PFEA111-65 3BSE050090R65 DATX110 DAPC100 AI810 3BSE008516R1 AI830A 3BSE040662R1 AI830 3BSE008518R1 AI835A 3BSE051306R1 AI835 3BSE008520R1 AO810 3BSE008522R1 AO810V2 3BSE038415R1 TU830V1 3BSE013234R1 DI810 3BSE008508R1 DO810 3BSE008510R1 DSAX 110A 3BSE018291R1 DI801 3BSE020508R1 DP820 3BSE013228R1 LDGRB-01 FS300R12KE3/AGDR-72C AINT-12C CI840 3BSE022457R1 DO820 3BSE008514R1 AO895 3BSC690087R1 AI895 3BSC690086R1 RDCO-03C RTAC-01 AGBB-01C 07KT98 GJR5253100R0260 07KT98 GJR5253100R0160 07KT98 GJR5253100R2260 DO880 3BSE028602R1 WT98 GJR5253100R4278 5STP27L1800 SMIO-01C AGDR-71C TP854 3BSE025349R1 DSTA 156 57120001-KH DSTA 154 57120001-HP DSTA 022A 3BSE015196R1 DSTA 001A 3BSE015195R1 DSTA 155 57120001-KD/1 DSAI 133A 3BSE018290R1 CI854AK01 3BSE030220R1 SB821 3BSE018109R1 SDCS-DSL-4 3BUS208728-001-B 3BUS208797-001-B-03 MPRC086444-005 MPRC086318-501 MPRC086406-502 SDCS-POW-4 DSAO120A AI845 CI627A CI853K01 3BSE018103R1 SM811K01 3BSE018173R1 BC810 3BSE031154R1 PM865K01 3BSE031151R1 PM864AK01 3BSE018161R1 PM866A 3BSE076359R1 CI854AK01 3BSE030220R9 TU840 3BSE020846R1 TB840A 3BSE037760R1 DSTA145 57120001-HP MNTU-21C 07KR91 GJR5250000R0303 UNS0868A-P HIEE305120R2 UNS0868B-P 3BHE013940R0002 UNS0863A-P HIEE305082R1 UNS0862A-P HIEE405179R1 07AC91 GJR5252300R0101 AFPS-11C AFPS-01C NGPS-12C CP800 HC800 ABB GJR2370800R0200 88FN02B-E ABB 88FN02A-E GJR2370800R0200 NBIO-21C PM825 AFIN-01C 64693808 PFSK-104 PM510V16 DSDX180 DSBC174 SS832 SD833 PM866K01 3BSE050198R1 UNS 0880a-P,V2 3BHB005922R0002 RK333001-AN PM856AK01 RAPI-01C AGPS-21C 88VT02A-E GJR2363900R1000 88VU01B-E GJR2326500R1010 88FV01E GJR2332300R0200 88UM01A GJR2329800R0100 88VP02C-E GJR2371100R1040 87TS01I-E GJR2368900R2550 89NU01C-E GJR2329100R0100 70AA02b-E HESG447388R1 83SR04E-E GJR2390200R1210 XR8981V3 HEIE431105P1 70BA01c-S HESG447260R2 XT 376a-E HEIE420158R1 70AB01c-ES HESG447224R2 70EA05a-E HESG447419R1 70BT01c HESG447024R1 70BK03b-ES HESG447271R2 70BV05a-ES HESG447433R1 70VV01a HESG447043R1 UT372b GKWN0007R1 87TS01I-E GJR2368900R2340 81AA03A-E GJR2394100R1210 88FN02B-E GJR2370800R0200 88VA02A-E GJR2365700R1010 88QB03B-E GJR2393800R0100 88QT03C-E GJR2374500R2111 88VK01A-E GJR2312200R1010 DO821 DATX110 3ASC25H209 DI821 3BSE008550R1 TU811V1 3BSE013231R1 CI801 3BSE022366R1 RDIO-01 PP836A PP846 CI541V1 3BSE014666R1 UF C784 AE101 3BHE003688R0101 XV C770 BE101 3BHE021083R0101 XV C769 AE101 3BHE006373R0101 PP C905 AE101 3BHE014070R0101 XV C724 BE101 3BHE009017R0101 XV C767 AE102 3BHB007209R0102 XV C768 AE101 3BHB007211R0101 XV C768 AE105 3BHB007211R0105 XV C770 AE 3BHB006414R0001 XV C768 AE102 DP820 DSSB-01C DO801 3BSE020510R1 DO802 3BSE022364R1 MB805A DSBC176 3HAC16831-1 DSQC633A DSDO110 AO810 TU830V1 AO810V2 DSAI130 DI820 TU831V1 SDCS-CON-2A UF C784 AE10 3BHE003688R0101 NGPS-13C 3AUA0000042489 CI854A DSDO 110 57160001-K/2 DSDI 110A 57160001-AAA NCAN-02C NINT-68 CI856K01 3BSC980006R213 CI625-E2 3BHT300038R1 DSAI130D PM825 3BSE010796R1 CI858K01 3BSE018135R1 SDCS-PIN-41A 3BSE004939R1 SDCS-PIN-51 3BSE004940R1 DSAO 120A 3BSE018293R1 DSDO 115A 3BSE018298R1 SDCS-IOB-23 3BSE005178R1 APOW-01C SDCS-AMC-DC-2 3ADT312700R0001 DI820 3BSE008512R1 DSAI 130 57120001-P PU515 AI890 TU810V1 3BSE013230 CI840 3BUS208728-002 3BUS208728-001 3BUS208802-001 087629-001 087627-001 087628-001 3BUS210755-001 3HNA014870-001IC693MDL730 VMIVME5565 IC697BEM731 IC697PCM711 IC697CPM915 IC697CPX935 VMIVME 6015 VMIVME-7486 VMIVME 2536 KJ1501X1-BC3 KJ2005X1-MQ1 KJ3241X1-BA1 VE3008 KJ2005X1-MQ1 MC-TAMT04 51305890-175 CC-TAIX11 51308365-175 CC-TDOB11 51308373-175 CC-TAON11 51306521-175 CC-TDIL01 51308386-175 CC-TAIM01 51305959-175 CC-TAIX01 51308363-175 CC-TCF901 51308301-175 CC-TDOB01 51308371-175 CC-TAOX11 51308353-175 tb840a tpm810 vpm810 pm564-tp pm564-rp pm564-rp-ac pm564-rp-eth pm564-rp-eth-ac pm564-tp-eth   Allen Bradley 1747-L543 1747-L542 1786-RPFM 1786-RPA 1756-IB16D 1761-L32BWB 1794-IB16 1794-OB16 1794-ACN15 1756-CN2R 1791-8AC 1769-L32C ICS T8480 T8461 1756-OW16I 1756-TBCH 1785-L80E 1769-PA4 1761-L32BBB TRUSTED T8231 1756-IF16 ICS T8310 1794-ASB 1756-CN2RK 1756-IB32 1756-IF8H 1756-OB16I 1756-RM2XT 1756-EN2TXT PROSOFT MVI56E-MCMR-CC MVI56E-MNETC-CC MVI56E-MNETR-CC 1756-IF8 1756-OA16 1756-A17 1756-OF8I PROSOFT PTQ-PDPMV1 1794-IT8 1769-L32E MVI56-MNET 1756-TBS6H ICS TC-205-02-4M5 TC-201-02-4M5 T8442 7.23 1764-24BWA 1756-OF4 1769-ADN 1440-TPS02-01RB 1747-L541 1440-VST02-01RA 1785-L80C15 1764-RTC 1764-LSP 1764-LRP 1769-AND 1764-MM1RTC 1747-L541 1764-RTC PROSOFT MVI56-ADM 1756-L61 1761-NET-ENI 1756-OF6CI 1756-TBNH 8.30 done MVI69-PDPMV1 1440-VDRS06-06RH 3 ICS T3404 T3401 T3310 T9431 T3160 T9432 1746-NI4 1746-NO4I 815-BOV169 1747-L532 1440-TB-A 1440-TB-C 1440-RMA00-04RC 1762-IF4 1762-IQ16 1747-L551 1746-NI8 1747-L552 DS200LDCCH1AGA DS200IIBDG1AEA DS200ADGIH1AAA DS200LDCCH1ANA DS200IMCPG1CCB DS200IIBDG1AEA DS200ADGIH1AAA H1 DS200DCFBG1BKC DS200IIBDG1ACB 1757-SRM 1756-A7 1756-L71 ICS T8403 1746-A7 1746-P3 1756-CN2R 1746-NT8 1756-ENBT 1785-L80E 1769-L32C PROSOFT MVI56-MCM 1768-L43 1794-IB32 1756-L73 1791DS-IB8XOBV4 1756-L73 1791DS-IB8XOBV4   GE IC698PSA100 IC698CRE030 IC200GBI001 IC694BEM331 IC695NIU001 IC695CHS012 IS200WETBH1BAA IS215WETAH1BB IS200WETAH1AEC IS210BPPBH2CAA IS200VSVOH1B DS200TCCAG1BAA DS200SLCCG3 IC694ALG223 IC694MDL660 IC694MDL754 IC200MDL940 IS200AEADH1ACA IS400AEBMH1AJD IC695ETM001 IC695LRE001 IC694PWR321 IC695PSA040 DS200UPSAG1AGD DS200UPLAG1BEA IS215WETAH1BA IS200WETCH1AAA IC200PBI001 IC693CMM321 DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A DS200IIBDG1AGA DS200IMCPG1BBA IC693MDL730 VMIVME5565 IC697BEM731 IC697PCM711 IC697CPM915 IC697CPX935 VMIVME 6015 VMIVME-7486 VMIVME 2536 IC200ALG240 DS200ITXSG1ABB DS200IIBDG1ABA DS200RTBAG3AHC 531X309SPCAJG1 531X307LTBAJG1 DS200IQXDG1AAA DS200IPCSG2ABB DS2000CPCAG1ABB 531X305NTBAPG1 1C31224G01 1C31227G01 DS200RTBAG3AGC 531X305NTBANG1 IC697CHS790 DS200UPLAG1BDA 531X307LTBAKG1 IC200ACC001 IC200PWR102 IC670ALG330 IC695CHS012 IC697ALG320 IS220PPDAH1B IS220PVIBH1A IC200ALG266 IC693PWR321 IC693CBL300 IC200ALG264 IC200CPUE05 IC200ALG230 IC200ALG321 IC200ERM002 IC200ETM001 IC200ALG620 IC693CPU374 IC698CPE020 IC698CPE030 IC693CPU364 IC693CHS391 IC693PWR330 IC695CRU320 IC693MDL654 IC698CPE030 IS200VAICH1D IS215VPROH1B UR 9CH UR 8AH UR 1HH UR 6LH UR 5EH G60C00HCHF8AH6LM8AP5EUXXWXX DS200PCCAG8ACB IS220PTURH1A IS220PDIOH1B 531X300CCHAGM5 2089099-007 2028038-013 DS200ADGIH1A IC660ELB912 IS200ATBAG1BAA1 IC693PBM200 750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A20-G-E 350-C-P5-G5-H-E-M-C-P-SN-D-N 350-C-P5-G5-H-S-M-N-P-SN-D-N SR750-P5-G5-S5-HI-A20-G-E DS200SDCIG1AFB 531X191RTBAFG1 PQM-T20-C-A IC693MDL940 IS220PDIOH1A IC697CHS790 531X171TMAAEG2 DS200RTBAG3AEB SST SST-PFB3-VME-2 IS200TTURH1B IS200TVIBH2B IS200TPROH1B IC200PWR101 IC200PWR002 IC200GBI001 IC660BBA026 IS220PDIOH1A 531X189LTBAJG1 DS200RTBAG3AHC PM592-ETH 1SAP150200R0271 8C-TDILA1 51307141-175 8C-TAIXA1 51307127-175 IC670MDL640 IC670CHS002 IC670MDL930 IC670GBI002 IS400AEBMH1AJD IS220PAOCH1A IS220PDOAH1A IS220PDIAH1A IS220PAICH2A IS220UCSAH1A IS420UCSBH1A IC660BBA026   SCHNEIDER 416NHM30032A 140CPS11420 140CRP93200 140CPS12420 140DAI75300 140ATI03000 140XBP00600 AM0PBS001V000 140NOE77101 140DDO35300 140DDI85300 416NHM30032 416NHM30030 140DD084300 6DD1600-0BA2 DS200PCCAG

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N. S. E Automation Co. , Ltd

Market Type: After Market 
Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler
Main Product: Controller

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