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Fuel Injector For CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders And Trucks

    • Application: CAT Excavators, Loaders, ...
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • EXW Price: USD 699
    • Other Price Term: FOB,CFR,CPT,CIF
    • Payment Terms: T/T
    • Samples: Charge
    • Minimum Order: 6PCS

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Product Name:Fuel Injector For CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders And Trucks

Fuel Injector For CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders And Trucks


CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders and Trucks

Product Description:

A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies Fuel Injector for CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders and Trucks.
CAT excavator fuel injectorCAT loader fuel injectorCAT bulldozer fuel injectorCAT motor grader fuel injectorCAT truck fuel injectorfuel injectors for CAT excavator 320, 330, 345, 365, 385, 5080, 5110, 5230, 6015, 6030, 6060 ...fuel injectors for CAT loader 988, 980, 990, 992, 993, 994 ...fuel injectors for CAT bulldozer D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11 ...fuel injectors for CAT motor grader 120, 140, 12M, 14Mfuel injectors for CAT truck 777, 793 ...
INJ NO. O/R NO. PUMP GRP APPLICATION100-2825 0R3650 3600 MUI100-6746 0R4149 3500DA EUI100-6930 0R3743 9Y9558 3500 MUI  9Y8881 TRUCK100-7558 0R4339 3406B  121-6049100-7559 0R4340 3306  1105781 INDUSTRIAL100-7564 0R8783 3306C  122-4194 TRUCK101-1619 0R9595 3176B101-8673 0R4374 101-4561 3116 9YN1-3569 121-3213 TRUCK102-2014 10R2781 3500 MUI102-2104 0R4119102-2104 10R2781102-2266 0R9596 3176B102-2267 0R9596 3176B102-6230 10R2780 3406/C15102-6236 10R2782 3406/C15103-4562 0R4300 6I3897 3406E/C15 6I3864 TRUCK104-3377 0R8786 3406C 126-6205104-7897 0R4205 3176B104-7897 0R9591 3176B104-7900 0R4203 3176A104-7900 0R4523 3176A106-2233 0R4523 4P0509 3176A 4P0880 TRUCK106-2244 0R4524 3176A106-2255 0R9591 3176B106-2277 0R9592 3176B106-2277 0R4207 3176B106-2288 0R9594 3176B106-2288 0R4208 3176B107-1230 0R3580 7E7607 3116  9Y1629 INDUSTRIAL107-1231 0R4368 6I4212 3116  6I4187 MARINE107-1232 0R4369 7E9946 3116 107-1233 0R4370 100-4774 3116 6I4166 TRUCK107-4091 0R4376 105-1694 3116 108-3110 TRUCK107-7733 0R8682 3116109-5021 10R2781 4P5412 3406E/C15  109-5021 TRUCK109-5038 0R4332 110-4122 3406E/C15  109-5038 TRUCK109-5038 10R2782 110-4122 3406E/C15 109-5038 TRUCK110-7562 0R4343 3406B111-3718 0R8338 111-1775 3500 MUI 107-7346 GEN SET111-7916 108-7090 3412E  125-0502114-6469 0R8892 3516B 114-6469 0R8690 3516B 116-1214 3406E TRUCK116-5414 10R0967 117-2756 C10/3176C  119-3759 EXCAVATOR116-5424 0R4986 116-5422 C10/3176C 117-0211 TRUCK116-5425 10R0968 116-5423 C12  117-0209 TRUCK116-5426 10R0961 C10/3176C116-6706 0R9807 3116/3126 TRUCK116-7150 0R4970 119-7001 3126 HEUI TRUCK116-8800 0R9595 100-6448 3176B INDUSTRIAL116-8805 0R9530 123-0462 3196 136-4348 MARINE116-8811 0R4521 3176A116-8822 0R4522 3176A  7E9903116-8823 0R4523 3176A116-8833 0R4523 3176A 4P0880 TRUCK116-8844 0R4524 3176A 116-8855 0R4525 3176B116-8855 0R9591 3176B116-8866 0R4526 106-2267 3176B 131-4189 TRUCK116-8866 0R9596 106-2267 3176B  131-4189 TRUCK116-8877 0R9592 6I2750 3176B 123-0800 TRUCK116-8877 0R4527 6I2750 3176B 123-0800 TRUCK116-8877 0R9580 3176B116-8888 0R9594 4P9524 3176B  100-6151 TRUCK116-8888 0R4528 3176B  124-2672116-8888 0R9578 3176B116-8899 0R4529 3176B117-0481 0R4332 110-4122 3406E/C15  109-5038 TRUCK117-0481 10R2782 110-4122 3406E/C15 109-5038 TRUCK117-0482 0R4331 4P5412 3406E/C15  102-6230 TRUCK117-0482 10R2781 4P5412 3406E/C15  102-6230 TRUCK117-1146 0R4893 3406E/C15&C16117-1146 10R2780 3406E/C15&C16117-1148 0R4118 3406E/C15 126-8149 TRUCK117-1148 0R4893 3406E/C15 126-8149 TRUCK118-1320 0R9348 145-9360 3126B 137-3528 TRUCK118-1328 0R9348 145-9360 3126B 137-3528 TRUCK118-2489 0R4668 3406E  1355839118-2489 0R4893 3406E 1355839118-7929 0R4895 110-4122 3406E/C15&C16 118-9027 TRUCK118-7929 10R2782 110-4122 3406E/C15&C16 118-9027 TRUCK118-8010 0R4894 118-9030 3406E/C15&C16 155-3266 TRUCK118-8010 10R2781 118-9030 3406E/C15&C16  155-3266 TRUCK118-8700 0R4667 117-3233 3406E/C15&C16  116-6341 TRUCK118-9027 10R2782 3406/C15118-9035 0R4668 3406E/C15 1355839118-9035 0R4893 3406E/C15  1355839118-9035 10R2780 3406E/C15&C16119-3166 0R8207 3408E 131-3098119-3346 0R4972 119-7001 3126  TRUCK121-2630 0R8681 3500 MUI124-6351 0R8893 124-9424 3512B  100-8320 MARINE124-9530 0R8890126-7992 0R8891 116-7010 3508B  100-8316 MARINE126-7995 0R8892 100-8774 3508B 112-2661 GEN SET127-8205 0R8479 3114/3116MUI127-8207 0R8475 3114/3116MUI127-8209 0R8483 7E9711 3114/3116MUI WHEEL LOADER127-8209 0R3742 7E9711 3114/3116MUI WHEEL LOADER127-8211 0R8477 3114/3116MUI127-8213 0R8473 101-4561 3114/3116MUI  120-9668 TRUCK127-8216 0R8682 107-7732 3114/3116MUI 114-4508 TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR127-8218 0R8684 107-7734 3114/3116MUI 113-5818 INDUSTRIAL127-8220 0R8467 3114/3116MUI127-8222 0R8461 7E7607 3114/3116MUI  113-1724 EXCAVATOR127-8225 0R8469 105-1694 3114/3116MUI  123-0840 TRUCK127-8228 0R8465 3114/3116MUI127-8230 0R8463 6I4212 3114/3116MUI 131-7879 MARINE127-9793 0R8290 3406C/B 8PN10451130-1804 0R8787 3406 8RG AND UP MARINE ENGINE130-1806 0R8788 3412 2WJ01178130-5187 0R8789 3412 41Z00303, 1306536131-7150 0R9349 126-0499 3126 HEUI 137-3534 TRUCK132-0202 0R8888 116-7010 3500B EUI  100-8316 MARINE132-0204 0R8690 100-8774 3500B EUI  GEN SET132-0205 0R8691 124-9424 3500B EUI  100-8320 MARINE137-2497 0R8780 130-0801 C10/3176C  TRUCK137-2500 10R0963 130-0802 C12/3196  EXCAVATOR137-4729 10R1252 3600 MUI INDUSTRIAL137-4729 0R8575 3600 MUI INDUSTRIAL138-8754 0R8624 3412E 80M1934 143-7433138-8756 0R9420 3412E139-5221 0R8215 137-8245 3500B EUI 100-8093, 147-0793, 147-0840 TRUCK140-8413 0R8867 140-7368 3114/3116MUI WHEEL LOADER140-8951 10R2780 3406E/C15&C16140-8951 0R9256 3406E/C15&C16140-8993 10R0957 3406E/C15&C16 160-5725140-8993 0R9257 3406E/C15&C16  160-5725141-7837 0R9350 126-0498 3126  141-5129 TRUCK144-7702 0R1050 3126B TRUCK147-0373 10R0963 C12/3196150-4453 0R8619 100-8780 3508B  135-0135 EXCAVATOR150-4454 0R9735150-4456 10R1290 3512152-3680 10R2780 3406E/C15&C16152-3680 0R9258 3406E/C15&C16153-7923 0R9595 3176B154-0909 3516 MUI154-3225 0R8780 C10 3CS00001 160-2318 TRUCH155-1819 0R9348 145-9360 3126 HEUI 7AS1-587 137-3528 TRUCK156-1011 10R0968 C12159-0835 0R0815 117-7916 3412E 144-3577 INDUSTRIAL159-0835 0R9420 117-7916 3412E 144-3577 INDUSTRIAL159-0836 0R9420 3412 5TR00764159-0839 99C 99C3753-5142160-1090 10R0963 C12/3196160-1695 0R9807 118-8625 3116 HEUI 125-8206 TRUCK160-1696 0R4972 3126 HEUI 7AS10231 146-8766160-1697 0R4970 119-7001 3126 HEUI TRUCK160-2303 10R0963 C12/3196161-1708 10R0960 130-0801 C10/3176C TRUCK161-1785 10R0967 C10/3176C162-0212 0R8463 3114/3116MUI 6I4190162-0218 0R8633 3126MUI162-8809 0R8688 3508B 7SM1-27 100-8316 MARINE162-8810 0R7780 3500B EUI162-8811 10R1291 3500162-8813 0R9944 3500B EUI164-3355 0R1050 3126B TRUCK166-0149 0R9530 C12166-0155 0R7549 3196167-7489 0R8782 3306 64Z05381167-7489 100-7563 3306 64Z05381169-7408 0R9348 3126B 7AS TRUCK170-5183 0R4336 3400170-5187 0R4124 3306 INDUSTRIAL170-5224 0R4986 C10/3176C170-5235 0R9591 3176B170-5236 0R9596 3176B170-5237 0R9592 3176B170-5238 0R9594 3176B170-5239 0R9597 3176B170-5240 190-6017 966GII 3PD1-UP 170-5252 203-7685 3176 EXCAVATOR171-9704 10R1257 3126B 7AS TRUCK171-9710 0R9348 3126B 7AS TRUCK172-4677 0R9796 3500B EUI173-1012 0R9348 3126B TRUCK173-1013 0R9350 3126B TRUCK173-1014 0R9349 3126B TRUCK173-4059 0R9349 3126B TRUCK173-4566 0R9348 3126B TRUCK173-9267 0R9349 3126B 7AS, 8SZ, 8YL TRUCK173-9268 0R9348 3126B TRUCK173-9272 0R9350 3126B TRUCK173-9379 0R9348 3126B 7AS, 8YL TRUCK173-9380 0R9348 3126B 7AS TRUCK174-7526 10R1265 3408/3412 HEUI TRUCK174-7526 0R9420 3408/3412 HEUI174-7527 10R1265 3408/3412 TRUCK176-1144 0R4667 3406E/C15&C16176-1150 0R9803 3406E/C15&C16176-1150 10R0955 3406/C15177-4752 10R1257 3126B177-4753 10R1257 3126B TRUCK177-4754 10R0782 3126 HEUI178-0198 10R0782 3126B TRUCK178-0199 10R0782 3126B TRUCK178-6342 10R1257 3126A-B
APPLICATION178-6343 10R1257 3126B TRUCK179-6020 232-1180 184-7687 3408 48W41541-UP183-6797 10R1257 3126B TRUCK184-2528 0R7470 3600 MUI188-1320 0R1050 3126 HEUI188-1320 0R9348 3126B 7AS TRUCK191-3002 10R2782 3406E/C15&C16191-3002 0R9256 3406E/C15&C16191-3003 0R9257 3406E/C15&C16191-3004 10R2780 3406E/C15&C16191-3004 0R9258 3406E/C15&C16191-3005 10R0955 3406E/C15&C16191-3005 0R9803 3406E/C15&C16192-2960 0R1050 3126B TRUCK194-5080 0R8780 C10/3176C194-5083 10R0963 C12/3196196-1401 0R9349 3126 HEUI196-1401 0R9348 3126 HEUI 7AS, 8SZ, 8YL TRUCK196-4229 0R9350 3126 HEUI197-7107 10R0781 3126B TRUCK198-4752 10R1265 3408/3412 HEUI198-6605 10R0781 3126 HEUI199-6065 10R0781 3126B TRUCK199-6072 0R1050 3126B TRUCK203-3771 10R1262 3126B TRUCK203-7685 10R1268 3176204-2467 198-6877 3408/3412204-6714 10R1262 3126B TRUCK205-1285 10R0782 3126B TRUCK205-1292 0R1050 3126B TRUCK206-1217 10R0969 3408/3412 HEUI211-3021 10R0954 3406E/C15&16211-3022 10R2782 3406E/C15&16211-3022 10R0956 3406E/C15&16211-3023 10R0957 3406E/C15&16211-3024 10R0958 3406E/C15&16 211-3025 10R0955 3406E/C15&16211-3027 10R0958 3406E/C15&16211-3028 10R7228 3406E212-3460 10R0960 C10/3176C212-3461 10R0966 C10/3176C212-3462 10R0967 C10/3176C212-3462 10R0725 C10/3176C212-3463 10R0963 C12/3196212-3464 10R0725 C12212-3465 10R0961 C12212-3468 10R1258212-3466 10R0968 C12212-3661 0R1050 3126B TRUCK212-3662 0R1050 3126B TRUCK218-4109 10R1257 3126B TRUCK218-8634 0R1050 3126B TRUCK218-8635 0R1050 3126B TRUCK218-8636 0R1050 3126B TRUCK222-5926 10R0781 3126B TRUCK222-5962 0R9349 3126B222-5963 10R1262 3126B TRUCK222-5964 0R1050 3126B TRUCK222-5965 0R9348 3126B TRUCK222-5966 10R0781 3126B TRUCK222-5967 0R9349 3126B TRUCK222-5972 0R9350 3126B TRUCK222-5973 0R1050 3126B TRUCK222-5974 0R1050 3126B TRUCK222-5975 0R1050 3126B TRUCK223-5327 10R1256 C10/3176C223-5328 10R1003 C12224-9089 10R1253 3600 MUI224-9090 10R1252 3600 MUI224-9091 10R1254 3600 MUI229-5918 10R1814 C12229-5919 10R1000 3406/C15229-5928 10R1257 3126B TRUCK229-8842 10R1257 3126B TRUCK232-1166 198-6877 3408/3412232-1171 10R1267 34083412232-1175 10R1265 3408E232-1175 0R9420 3408E232-1183 10R1266 3408E236-0962 217-2570 166-1759 C7/C9239-4908 10R1274 C13239-4909 10R1273 3406/C15241-3238 10R4761 C7250-1313 10R1285 3500250-1314 10R1290 3512253-0615 10R3264 3406 / C15253-0617 10R3266 C27 D10N253-0618 C18 High HP, Marine268-1835 10R7225293-4072 10R7222 C9 330D295-1411 10R7225328-2584 10R4762 C7328-2585 10R7225 C72W5201 0R09064P1410 0R4203 4P0509 3176A 4P3258 TRUCK4P1420 0R4204 4P0510 3176A  7E3713 CHALLENGER4P1731 0R3580 7E7607 3116  9Y1629 INDUSTRIAL4P1734 0R3382 3116 29Z00903 8N04644P2233 0R4103 7E9946 3116 MARINE4P2549 0R3743 9Y9558 3500 MUI 9Y8881 TRUCK4P2810 0R4201 3176A4P2820 0R4202 3176A 2Y97858 7E99034P2995 0R3389 7E6193 3114/3116MUI 126-1003 INDUSTRIAL4P2995 0R8471 7E6193 3114/3116MUI 126-1003 INDUSTRIAL4P9075 0R3381 3508 68Z00754 1W42104P9077 0R2925 9Y6988 3508 96Y1124 8N5803 VEHICULAR4P9510 0R3397 3176A 7LG00001 4P3258 TRUCK ENGINE4P9510 104-7900 3176A 7LG00001 4P3258 TRUCK ENGINE4P9520 0R42044P9610 0R42014P9620 0R42025N0680 0R0995 1W4057 3500 MUI 65Z00001 1W4216 INDUSTRIAL6I0082 0R3253 3500 MUI6I0910 0R9592 3176B6I0920 0R9594 3176B6I2870 0R42056I3075 0R8680 6I3613 3500 MUI 4MJ00150 101-9053 MARINE6I3669 0R3762 6I4212 3126 8NM00001 134-2284 MARINE6I4401 0R38157C0341 0R2410 35007C0345 0R2411 35007C0877 0R1756 2W9578 3500 MUI 69Z00499 2W8866 MARINE7C3854 0R3815 7C1903 3606 8RB00001 INDUSTRIAL7C4173 0R2922 3500 MUI 66Z00246 2W88687C4174 0R2923 3500 MUI 50Y00676 2W8862 MARINE ENGINE7C4175 0R2924 3500 MUI7C7445 0R3650 3600 MUI7C9576 0R1759 3500 MUI7C9577 0R1758 3500 MUI7C9578 0R1756 3500 MUI7C9579 0R17607C9581 0R0995 3500 MUI7E3381 0R3051 9Y7841 3500 MUI 1W4211 GEN SET7E3382 0R2921 9Y1796 3500 MUI 8N0464 MARINE7E3383 0R2925 9Y6988 3500 MUI 8N5803 VEHICULAR7E3384 0R3052 9Y0136 3500 MUI 8N0462 GEN SET7E5645 0R38157E6010 0R42017E6020 0R42027E6110 0R42017E6120 0R42027E6408 0R3052 9Y0136 3500 MUI 8N0462 GEN SET7E8727 0R3002 7E7607 3116  9Y1629 INDUSTRIAL7E8728 0R3003 7C8439 3116  4P4918 INDUSTRIAL7E8729 0R3190 7E3423 910E WHEEL LOADER7E8836 0R3539 7E9090 3500DA EUI100-8320 TRACTOR7E8952 0R3006 9Y6692 3116 7E6165 TRUCK7E9585 0R3742 7C8439 3116  4P4918 INDUSTRIAL7N5427 0R0906 3500 MUI7W1035 0R1757 7W1436 3500 MUI 7N8702 MARINE7W1531 0R1760 7W1536 3500 MUI 1W5220 TRUCK7W2269 0R1759 7W2062 3500 MUI INDUSTRIAL7W7035 0R8788 34127W7042 0R3588 3406B 03ZJ28387 6I20357W8668 0R1758 7W2063 3500 MUI MARINE9C9580 0R09069Y0052 0R3052 35009Y3113 0R3003 7C8439 3116  INDUSTRIAL9Y3773 0R2923 3512 2W8862 MARINE9Y4544 0R2837 35009Y4982 0R3002 7C1500 3114 7C8925 GEN SET9Y8835 0R3650 3600 MUI0R4330 3176B10R0968 C12/31960R4988 C12/319610R0963 C12/3196

Besides fuel injectors, A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. also provide other spare parts for CAT excavators, loaders, bulldozers, motor graders, trucks.CAT wear parts: buckets/forks, bucket teeth, cutting edges, side cutters, lip shrouds, corner wear shoes, wear bars, wear blocks, wear buttons;CAT undercarriage parts: tires, track idler/front idler/idler assy, track pads(track shoes), rubber pads for protection, carrier rollers(upper rollers/top rollers), track rollers/bottom rollers/lower rollers, driving sprockets(rims and segments), master links, track links, track bolts, nuts, bushing, seal kits, tensioner spring/recoil spring;CAT hydraulic and engine parts: engine overhaul repair kit, valves, starter motors, cylinders,standard arm and boom, long-reach boom, radiators, filters, mufflers, turbochargers, compressors, water pump, injection pump, oil pump, main pump;CAT electrical parts: sensors, solenoid valves, alternators, control panels, switches, head lights;CAT transmission parts: final drives, travel motors, reducers, pins and bushings, gear boxes

Fuel Injectors Available at A&S Machinery Co.,Ltd.CAT excavator fuel injectorCAT loader fuel injectorCAT bulldozer fuel injectorCAT motor grader fuel injectorCAT truck fuel injectorKOMATSU excavator fuel injectorKOMATSU loader fuel injectorKOMATSU bulldozer fuel injectorKOMATSU motor grader fuel injectorHITACHI excavator fuel injectorJOHN DEERE excavator fuel injectorKUBOTA excavator fuel injectorYANMAR excavator fuel injectorJCB excavator fuel injectorKOBELCO excavator fuel injectorHYUNDAI excavator fuel injectorHYUNDAI loader fuel injectorTEREX excavator fuel injectorVOLVO excavator fuel injectorVOLVO loader fuel injectorLIEBHERR excavator fuel injectorLIEBHERR loader fuel injectorLIEBHERR bulldozer fuel injectorBUCYRUS electrical shovel fuel injectorP&H electrical shovel fuel injectorDOOSAN excavator fuel injectorDOOSAN/DAEWOO excavator fuel injectorSANY excavator fuel injectorSDLG loader fuel injectorYUCHAI excavator fuel injectorCummin fuel injectorDetroit fuel injectorDeutz fuel injectorIsuzu fuel injectorJohn Deere fuel injectorKubota fuel injectorPerkins fuel injectorYanmar fuel injector

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Market Type: After Market 
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Main Product: Bucket teeth ESCO HENSLEY MTG CAT CASE John Deere HITACHI JCB KOMATSU LIEBHERR VOLVO KOBELCO Caterpillar Doosan Hyundai ...

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