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Nozzle S Series ,DLLA…S(N)……

    • Application: MT
    • OEM No/Model: DN0PDN121
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • FOB Price: Inquiry For It?
    • Payment Terms: T/T
    • Samples: Free
    • Minimum Order: 6PCS

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    10 Days

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    1000 Pcs/Week

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    31% - 40%

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Product Name:Nozzle S Series ,DLLA…S(N)……

Nozzle S Series ,DLLA…S(N)……



Product Description:

OEM No/Model: DN0PDN121

Our factory is a professional manufacturer which has more than 40 years history of producing nozzle,plunger,injector,valve,common rail valve,marine nozzle ,etc,which be widely used in the fields of automotive,marine,agricultural machinery and engineering machinery. we're also good at producing the parts according to the clients'drawings or samples

DLL150S6571 DLL140S6422 DLLA79S390 DLLA150S178.. DLLA150S325ND117 DLLA150S414ND118 DLLA149S775 DLLA142S354ND134 DLLA30S678 DLLA25S722 DLLA155S651 DLLA150S469 DLL150S545 DLL150S1093 DLL150S354 DLL150S393 DLL18S418 DLLA10S134 DLLA27S88 DLLA38S133 DLLA150S138 DLLA150S140 DLLA150S720 DLLA145S170 DLLA150S178 DLLA150S186 DLLA150S187 DLLA150S204 DLLA38S208 DLLA35S2180 DLLA160S255 DLLA149S394 DLLA28S656  DLLA155S713 DLLA152S32.35ND98 DLL150S6476 DLLA150S265 DLLA150S254 DLLA140S242 DLLA150S355 DLLA32S365 DLLA35S376 DLLA35S377 DLLA79S390 DLLA149S394 DLLA150S402 DLLA140S254 DLLA28S414 DLLA150S417 DLLA150S430 DLLA145S448 DLLA150S469 DLLA144S485 DLLA144S488 DLLA145S507 DLLA27S512 DLLA145S525 DLLA38S541 DLLA150S548 DLLA155S551 DLLA160S555 DLLA140S563 DLLA150S2120 DLLA140S567 DLLA28S589 DLLA27S613 DLLA150S615 DLLA150S616 DLLA150S618 DLLA25S627 DLLA150S628 DLLA155S651 DLLA28S656 DLLA141S662 DLLA150S666 DLLA140S677 DLLA30S678 DLLA149S715 DLLA25S722 DLLA24S745 DLLA144S747 DLLA145S770 DLLA149S774 DLLA149S775 DLLA150S781 DLLA142S791 DLLA142S792 DLLA79S800 DLLA150S824 DLLA34S837 DLLA144S829 DLLA145S847 DLLA150S867 DLLA150S873 DLLA144S747 DLLA150S891 DLLA144S485 DLLA150S902 DLLA144S8200 DLLA144S747 DLLA150S935 DLLA150S975 DLLA142S926 DLLA144S982 DLLA134S999 DLLA134S999 DLLA140S1003 DLLA142S926 DLLA131S1035 DLLA136S1034 DLLA150S1052 DLLA136S1094 DLLA142S1096 DLLA134S1119 DLLA131S1131 DLLA35S1190 DLLA138S1191 DLLA134S1199 DLLA139S1235 DLLA150S1304 DLLA150S1316 DLLA150S1311 DLLA160S1305 DLLA143S1302 DLLA136S1289 DLLA140S1252 DLLA150S6476 DLLA146S1245 DLLA150S1234 DLLA155S1221 DLLA150S6666 DLLA140S1217 DLLA137S1208 DLLA142S1188 DLLA145S1172 DLLA145S1169 DLLA145S1161 DLLA145S1160 DLLA148S1145 DLLA150S1137 DLLA140S1117 DLLA140S1116 DLLA134S1113 DLLA138S1112 DLLA150S1091 DLLA136S943 DLLA140S1068 DLLA150S1055 DLLA140S1039 DLLA145S1023 DLLA136S1020 DLLA124S1001 DLLA136S1000 DLLA160S995 DLLA144S992 DLLA151S985 DLLA138S983 DLLA140S976 DLLA151S972 DLLA154S970 DLLA136S943 DLLA150S925 DLLA142S924 DLLA150S896 DLLA146S890 DLLA144S889 DLLA150S870 DLLA150S853 DLLA144S842 DLLA150S838 DLLA150S836 DLLA150S815 DLLA150S762 DLLA150S753 DLLA150S739 DLLA155S713 DLLA155S710 DLLA149S394 DLLA150S344ND71 DLLA142S1142 DLLA156S344ND111 DLLA150S374ND94 DLLA160SND171 DLLA150SND154 DLLA155SND199 DLLA151S907 DLLA142S1013 DLLA130S1253 DLLA142S1264 DLLA142S1266 DLLA150S1070 DLLA150S315ND145 DLLA160S295ND147 DLLA160S295ND152 DLLA142S315ND159 DLLA155SND160 DLLA160SND171 DLLA155SND180 DLLA155SND182 DLLA155SND199 DLLA150SND200 DLLA155SND217 DLLA160SND226 DLLA150SND227 DLLA150SND229 DLLA150SND230 DLLA160SND236 DLLA150SND238 DLLA150SND240 DLLA150SND241 DLLA160SND243 DLLA160SND249 DLLA160SND251 DLLA160SND253 DLLA150SND254 DLLA155SND263 DLLA150SND265 DLLA150SND272 DLLA150SND273 DLLA153SM029 DLLA156SM 139A DLLA156SM058 DLLA155SM061 DLLA145SM012 DLLA155SM049 DLLA153SN029 DLLA155SN083 DLLA146S334N168 DLLA160SN171 DLLA150SN289 DLLA166S374N379 DLLA151S354N381 DLLA150S334N385 DLLA16S561N389 DLLA154S284N393 DLLA144S354N403 DLLA150S394N404 DLLA152S354N406 DLLA166S346N408 DLLA138S364N409 DLLA150S394N411 DLLA150S394N412 DLLA154S324N413 DLLA150S374N414 DLLA137S374N417 DLLA143S384N418 DLLA154S334N419 DLLA160S354N420 DLLA154S344N421 DLLA160S295N422 DLLA154S344N424 DLLA151S354N425 DLLA154S344N428 DLLA148S354N429 DLLA105S304N433 DLLA160S307N435 DLLA158S325N437 DLLA154S374N438 DLLA146S344N439 DLLA145S344N453 DLLA142S354N454 DLLA146S394N455 DLLA148S324N456 DLLA162S384N457 DLLA155S365N458 DLLA154S424N459 DLLA142S374N461 DLLA150S374N464 DLLA150S355N467 DLLA150S424N470 DLLA148S334N472 DLLA148S324N473 DLLA154S304N474 DLLA153S295N475 DLLA154S364N476 DLLA150S424N477 DLLA150S285N484 DLLA160S324N486 DLLA150S355N490 DLLA150S345N492 DLLA103S314N495 DLLA146S284N496 DLLA144S364N497 DLLA133SN500 DLLA142S344N501 DLLA142S354N502 DLLA154SN503 DLLA133SN504 DLLA145SN506 DLLA160S325N507 DLLA140SN510 DLLA155SN515 DLLA155SN515B DLLA151SN517 DLLA160SN519 DLLA145SN523 DLLA154SN526 DLLA160S325N527 DLLA152SN529 DLLA155SN532 DLLA154SN533 DLLA150SN534 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DLLA158SN638 DLLA154SN665 DLLA154SN533 DLLA160SN698 DLLA158S325N437 DLLA154SN606 DLLA154S324N413 DLLA154S334N419 DLLA154S304N474 DLLA160S295N422 DLLA154SN607 DLLA154S284N393 DLLA142S354N502 DLLA154SN667 DLLA144S354N403 DLLA152S354N406 DLLA162S384N457 DLLA142S344N547 DLLA158SN638 DLLA160S307N435 DLLA155SN536 DLLA154S374N438 DLLA154SN606 DLLA154S364N476 DLLA154SN533 DLLA16S561N389 DLLA150S334N385 DLLA150S345N492 DLLA142SN581 DLLA142SN613 DLLA160SN731 DLLA160SN566 DLLA160S324N486 DLLA142SN718 DLLA150S374N464 DLLA137S374N417 DLLA150SN623 DLLA151SN517 DLLA158S325N437 DLLA155SN707 DLLA145S344N453 DLLA148SN545 DLLA157SN778 DLLA166S374NP6 DLLA150S384NP13 DLLA166S414NP46 DLLA145S701NP15 DLLA150S3840NP16 DLLA166S374NP17

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Supplier Details

Jiangsu Sihong Fuel Injection Equipment Co. , Ltd

Market Type: After Market 
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Product: Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Injector, Head Rotor, Injection, Common Rail System

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