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Nozzle 105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403 KOMATSU 6D105/A498

    • Application: Audi ( A6l(china)) Audi (...
    • OEM No/Model: 105015-4030 DLLA144S35 ...
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • EXW Price: USD Negotiable
    • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    • Minimum Order: 10PCS

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  • Delivery Time:

    7-15 Days

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  • Max. Production Capacity:

    10000pcs/ Month

  • Export Ratio:

    81% - 90%

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Product Name:Nozzle 105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403 KOMATSU 6D105/A498

Nozzle 105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403 KOMATSU 6D105/A498


Audi ( A6l(china)) Audi ( A4l(china); A4(china); A1; A8; A5; R8; Q7; Q5; Tt; S6; S4; Allroad) Bmw ( 3 Series(china); 5 Series(china); 1 Series; 6 Series; 7 Series; X3; X5; Z4) Iveco ( Kangoo(china); Torion(china)) Nissan ( Tiida(china); Tenan(china); Sylphy(china); Geniss(china); Livina(china); Paladin(china); X-trail; Cefiro; Fuga; Cima; 350z... More

Product Description:

OEM No/Model: 105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403 KOMATSU 6D105/A498
This is Anny from HongBeng Diesel Pump Factory, which as one of the top factory in China, vicky at cndiesel com, specialize in producing high quality and reasonable of diesel engine parts, like fuel injection system parts, nozzle, plunger, element, delivery valve, repair kits, Fuel injection,feed pump, fuel pump, hand primer, spacer, ve pump parts and so on
Bosch, Zexel, Denso, Delphi, Gamma, Omap, Diesel power and other brands are available too.
*Packaging: HB, weifu or as requested.
*Goods material: High Speed Steel or GCR15 steel.
?To Diesel Engine regulate the flow of diesel fuel to the ultimate ignition compartment
?To convert the diesel into the diesel vapors and spray Into the piston
?Help efficient functioning of dieselfuel injection systems
?Made from world class and industrial grade materials
?Unique construction design
?Durable and easy to install
?Low Emission(IV standard) and Low Maintenance
Anny (Miss Zhuo)
Hong Beng Diesel Pump Co.,Ltd Nozzle 105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403 KOMATSU 6D105/A498 ZEXEL No. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine
105015-0290 DLLA153SN029    
105015-0830 DLLA155SN083 EXPORT  
105015-1680 DLLA146S334N168 ISUZU CVR 146C/ 6QA1/A412
105015-1710 DLLA160SN171    
105015-2890 DLLA150SN289    
105015-3790 DLLA166S374N379 NISSAN DIESEL PD6
105015-3810 DLLA151S354N381 NISSAN DIESEL RD8
105015-3850 DLLA150S334N385 HINO EL100/A458
105015-3890 DLLA16S561N389 EXPORT  
105015-3930 DLLA154S284N393 ISUZU 6BD1/4BC2/ EX200-2
105015-4030 DLLA144S354N403 KOMATSU 6D105/A498
105015-4040 DLLA150S394N404 HINO EK100/A524
105015-4060 DLLA152S354N406 KOMATSU S6D105/ 6D105/A412
105015-4080 DLLA166S346N408 KOMATSU S4D105
105015-4090 DLLA138S364N409 NISSAN DIESEL PE/A418
105015-4110 DLLA150S394N411 HINO EF500/EF750/ A478
105015-4120 DLLA150S394N412 HINO EK100/A401
105015-4130 DLLA154S324N413 ISUZU 6BD 1/4/ 6 BB1/EX200-2
105015-4140 DLLA150S374N414 HINO EK100/A468
105015-4170 DLLA137S374N417 NISSAN DIESEL PE6T/A401
105015-4180 DLLA143S384N418 NISSAN DIESEL RD8 ? RD10
105015-4190 DLLA154S334N419 ISUZU 6BD1T/EX200-1
105015-4200 DLLA160S354N420   6DC8/N420
105015-4210 DLLA154S344N421 MADE INJAPAN PE6T/A403
105015-4220 DLLA160S295N422 MITSUBISHI 6D14CT/ 6D15CT/A587
105015-4240 DLLA154S344N424 ISUZU 8PB1/ 10PB1/A471
105015-4250 DLLA151S354N425 NISSAN DIESEL RF8/425/ A408
105015-4280 DLLA154S344N428 ISUZU 8PA1/10PA1/ A496
105015-4290 DLLA148S354N429 NISSAN DIESEL RF8/RD8
105015-4330 DLLA105S304N433 M.BISHIHI.NAG HD331
105015-4370 DLLA158S325N437 MITSUBISHI 8DC81/8DC8
105015-4380 DLLA154S374N438 MITSUBISHI 6D22/A425
105015-4390 DLLA146S344N439 ISUZU 6QA1/A443
105015-4530 DLLA145S344N453 NISSAN DIESEL RD8
105015-4540 DLLA142S354N454 KOMATSU 6D105
105015-4550 DLLA146S394N455 HINO ER200/A498
105015-4560 DLLA148S324N456 NISSAN DIESEL FD6T/A400
105015-4570 DLLA162S384N457 KOMATSU SA6D110
105015-4580 DLLA155S365N458 MITSUBISHI 8DC92/8DC9
105015-4590 DLLA154S424N459 MITSUBISHI 6D22/A412
105015-4610 DLLA142S374N461 KOMATSU S6D105/6D105
105015-4640 DLLA150S374N464 HINO EK100
105015-4670 DLLA150S355N467 HINO EF750T
105015-4700 DLLA150S424N470 HINO EF700/YE73/ A492
105015-4720 DLLA148S334N472 NISSAN DIESEL N472/A415
105015-4730 DLLA148S324N473 NISSAN DIESEL N473/A401
105015-4740 DLLA154S304N474 ISUZU 4BC2 ? 6BD1/ 6BG1/A402
105015-4750 DLLA153S295N475 MITSUBISHI 6D14T
105015-4760 DLLA154S364N476 ISUZU/EXPORT 10PC1
105015-4770 DLLA150S424N477 HINO EK100T1/ EL100T1
105015-4840 DLLA150S285N484 ISUZU 6QA1/6QA1LLD/ A518
105015-4860 DLLA160S324N486 MITSUBISHI 6D14T ? 6D14
105015-4900 DLLA150S355N490 HINO EP100T/EP100
105015-4920 DLLA150S345N492 HINO EP100/A560
105015-4950 DLLA103S314N495 KUBOTA  
105015-4960 DLLA146S284N496 KOMATSU 4D94D1/A411
105015-4970 DLLA144S364N497 NISSAN DIESEL RE8/SN497/ A401
105015-5000 DLLA133SN500 NISSAN DIESEL PE6T
105015-5010 DLLA142S344N501 KOMATSU 6D105/A435
105015-5020 DLLA142S354N502 KOMATSU S6D105/ PC200-3
105015-5030 DLLA154SN503 NISSAN  
105015-5040 DLLA133SN504 NISSAN DIESEL PE6T
105015-5060 DLLA145SN506 KUBOTA MH150/A489
105015-5070 DLLA160S325N507 MITSUBISHI 6DC8/8DC9/ A553
105015-5100 DLLA140SN510 NISSAN DIESEL PE6TA/A498
105015-5150 DLLA155SN515 DALIAN DIESEL DACHAI6110/ OHMS002
105015-5170 DLLA151SN517 NISSAN DIESEL SN517/A401
105015-5190 DLLA160SN519 ISUZU 6QA1 ? 6QA2/ A501
105015-5230 DLLA145SN523 KUBOTA  
105015-5260 DLLA154SN526 MITSUBISHI 6D22/6D22T
105015-5270 DLLA160S325N527   527/A598
105015-5290 DLLA152SN529 NISSAN DIESEL PE6/A567
105015-5320 DLLA155SN532 NISSAN DIESEL 6RB1/A456
105015-5330 DLLA154SN533 MITSUBISHI 6D22T/HD1250
105015-5340 DLLA150SN534 MITSUBISHI 6D22/6D22T
105015-5360 DLLA155SN536 NISSAN DIESEL  
105015-5380 DLLA160SN538 KOMATSU SA6D125
105015-5390 DLLA160SN539 MITSUBISHI 6D22/NK160/6D22T
105015-5440 DLLA157SN544 MITSUBISHI 8DC9T/A410
105015-5450 DLLA148SN545 MISSAN DIESEL RE8 ? RE10/A485
105015-5460 DLLA155SN546 M.BISHIHI.NAG D48TK
105015-5470 DLLA142S344N547 KOMATSU 6D105/A478
105015-5480 DLLA150SN548 MITSUBISHI 6D22/6D22T/ A498
105015-5490 DLLA150SN549 HINO EK100
105015-5510 DLLA157SN551 MITSUBISHI 8DC11/8DC9T/ A522
105015-5530 DLLA143SN553 NISSAN DIESEL PE6T
105015-5550 DLLA150SN555 HINO EK100/A410
105015-5570 DLLA150SN557 HINO EF750T
105015-5580 DLLA149SN558 NISSAN DIESEL PE6/SN558/A508
105015-5640 DLLA160SN564 HINO W06E/W06D/ YE77
105015-5660 DLLA160SN566 MITSUBISHI 6D14T ? 6D14
105015-5670 DLLA160SN567 MITSUBISHI 6D15/6D14CT/ 6D15CT
105015-5700 DLLA160SN570 MITSUBISHI 6D14
105015-5800 DLLA143SN580 NISSAN DIESEL PE6T
105015-5810 DLLA142SN581 KOMATSU EX200-5/ SA6D110/A410
105015-5820 DLLA142SN582 HINO HO 7C /A412
105015-5840 DLLA157SN584 MITSUBISHI 6D22MT
105015-5860 DLLA154SN586 ISUZU 4BD1T,6BG1/ 6BD1T
105015-5940 DLL25SN594    
105015-5950 DLLA155SN595 KOMATSU S6D125/ PC400-3
105015-6060 DLLA154SN606 ISUZU 4BC2/OHMS001
105015-6070 DLLA154SN607 ISUZU 4BD1\ 6BD1
105015-6130 DLLA142SN613 KOMATSU S6D105/A513
105015-6150 DLLA150SN615 MITSUBISHI 6D22T/ 6D22TC/A529
105015-6160 DLLA160SN616 KOMATSU SA6D170
105015-6230 DLLA150SN623 MISUBISHI  
105015-6250 DLLA154SN625 ISUZU 10PC1/A496
105015-6340 DLLA140SN634 NISSAN DIESEL PE6T/ SN634/A501
105015-6350 DLLA155SN635 NISSAN DIESEL SN635/A425
105015-6370 DLLA150SN637 MITSUBISHI 637/A404
105015-6380 DLLA158SN638 NISSAN DIESEL SN638/A528
105015-6390 DLLA155SN639 KOMATSU  
105015-6400 DLLA154SN640 CHAOCHAI6102(6BD1) OHMS016
105015-6440 DLLA160SN644 MITSUBISHI 14B/6D16/A587
105015-6450 DLLA152SN645 NISSAN DIESEL RD8 ? RD10 /A404
105015-6490 DLLA144SN649 NISSAN DIESEL 6D14T/A498
105015-6560 DLLA151SN656 NISSAN DIESEL FD6/A428
105015-6580 DLLA160SN658 MITSUBISHI 8DC11/A598
105015-6600 DLLA150SN660 NISSAN DIESEL  

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Supplier Details

Weifu Hongbeng Diesel Pump Co. , Ltd.

Diamond Member
Market Type: After Market 
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Product: Nozzle, Plunger , Element , T-element, Nozzle Holder, Injector Nozzle, Ve Pump Parts, Diesel Injection, De

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