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Perkins HARNESS 3161C067 For Perkins 1106D-E66TA 1106C-E66TA Industrial Diesel Engine Spare Parts

    • Application: Perkins
    • OEM No/Model: 26560145
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Product Name:Perkins HARNESS 3161C067 For Perkins 1106D-E66TA 1106C-E66TA Industrial Diesel Engine Spare Parts

Perkins HARNESS 3161C067 For Perkins 1106D-E66TA 1106C-E66TA Industrial Diesel Engine Spare Parts



Product Description:

OEM No/Model: 26560145

Perkins HARNESS 3161C067 for Perkins 1106D-E66TA 1106C-E66TA industrial diesel engine spare parts

Yufei Electromechanical Equipment  is a professional supplier of generator set  spare parts,engine parts.We can supply these Perkins harness as following:
1807418C96 Perkins Harness        
1807419C96 Perkins Harness Wiring
1807455C92 Perkins Harness
185606250 Perkins Harness        
185606360 Perkins Harness        
185606624 Perkins Harness        
185606634 Perkins Harness        
185606680 Perkins Harness        
185606681 Perkins Wiring Harness 
185606690 Perkins Harness        
185606691 Perkins Harness        
185606700 Perkins Harness        
185606710 Perkins Harness        
185606740 Perkins Harness        
185606850 Perkins Harness        
185606860 Perkins Harness        
1889275C91 Perkins Harness        
1889905C91 Perkins Harness        
26381017 Perkins Harness        
26381042 Perkins Harness        
27610374 Perkins Harness        
27610375 Perkins Harness        
27610376 Perkins Harness        
27610377 Perkins Harness        
27610378 Perkins Harness        
27610393 Perkins Harness        
27610404 Perkins Harness        
28170107 Perkins Harness        
2880A003 Perkins Wiring Harness 
2880A016 Perkins Harness        
2900A504 Perkins Harness        
3161C013 Perkins Wiring Harness 
3161C049 Perkins Wiring Harness 
3161C062 Perkins Harness        
3161C067 Perkins Harness        
3161C069 Perkins Wiring Harness 
3161C089 Perkins Harness        
3161C091 Perkins Harness        
3161C093 Perkins Harness        
3161C096 Perkins Wiring Harness 
3161C098 Perkins Wiring Harness 
41655015 Perkins Wiring Harness 
4172H015 Perkins Harness        
4172H017 Perkins Harness        
680/123 Perkins Wiring Harness 
680/146 Perkins Wiring Harness 
680/196 Perkins Wiring Harness 
680/91 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/101 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/102 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/162 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/164 Perkins Harness        
697/171 Perkins Harness        
697/172 Perkins Harness        
697/180 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/183 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/184 Perkins Harness        
697/185 Perkins Harness        
697/189 Perkins Wiring Harness 
697/193 Perkins Harness        
697/91 Perkins Harness        
7094748C91 Perkins Wiring Harness 
886/190 Perkins Harness        
CH10972 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CH10974 Perkins Harness        
CH11985 Perkins Harness        
CH12042 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CH12043 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CH12200 Perkins Harness        
CV14005 Perkins Harness        
CV14556/M1 Perkins Harness        
CV17593 Perkins Harness        
CV18481 Perkins Harness        
CV18482 Perkins Harness        
CV18582 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV18725 Perkins Harness        
CV18726 Perkins Harness        
CV19675 Perkins Harness        
CV19676 Perkins Harness        
CV19677 Perkins Harness        
CV19999 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV2806/M2 Perkins Harness        
CV2807/M1 Perkins Harness        
CV2807/M2 Perkins Harness        
CV2808/M1 Perkins Harness        
CV2808/M2 Perkins Harness        
CV2809/M1 Perkins Harness        
CV2809/M2 Perkins Harness        
CV2810 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV2811 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV2812 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV2817 Perkins Harness        
CV2818/M2 Perkins Harness        
CV5311 Perkins Harness        
CV6234 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV67722 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV70339 Perkins Harness        
CV70743 Perkins Harness        
CV70854 Perkins Wiring Harness 
CV9057 Perkins Harness        
CV9058 Perkins Harness        
CV9059 Perkins Harness        
CV9060 Perkins Harness        
CV9061 Perkins Harness        
CV9062 Perkins Harness        
CV9063 Perkins Harness        
CV9064 Perkins Harness        
CV9065 Perkins Harness        
CV9067 Perkins Harness        
CV9068 Perkins Harness        
T400074 Perkins Harness Assy   
T400163 Perkins Harness        
T405973 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T407310 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T408148 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T408162 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T408457 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T408642 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T408666 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T408850 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T409256 Perkins Harness        
T409257 Perkins Harness        
T409366 Perkins Harness        
T409414 Perkins Harness        
T409623 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T409636 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T409641 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T409644 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T409786 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T410344 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T410863 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T411624 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T411625 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T411854 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T411999 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T412045 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T412634 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T412657 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T412691 Perkins Harness        
T412986 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T414086 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T414106 Perkins Harness Assy   
T414436 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T414579 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T414707 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T415463 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T415713 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T416050 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T416127 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T416293 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T416295 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T417538 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T417805 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T417812 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T418273 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T418798 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T419155 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T419162 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T419167 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T419203 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T419780 Perkins Wiring Harness 
T419851 Perkins Wiring Harness 
TPN791 Perkins Harness        
U5MK0662 Perkins Kit, Harness   
U85606590 Perkins Wiring Harness 
U85606600 Perkins Harness        
U85606610 Perkins Harness      

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We can offer full line of genuine Perkins Diesel engine parts,Perkins Generator spare parts & accessories.
Our company specializes in selling and serving on construction machinery spare parts,generator set spare parts, diesel generator sets spare parts,gas generator sets spare parts ,diesel engine spare parts,gas engine spare parts,marine diesel engine parts,such as CAT(caterpillar) construction machinery parts,Caterpillar diesel and gas generator set parts, Caterpillar marine generator sets parts; Perkins diesel engine parts,Perkins gas engine parts,Perkins generator set spare parts; Volvo engine parts; MTU (Benz) parts; Cummins parts; DEUTZ parts; Yanmar parts; MITSUBISHI parts etc.

Our Generator set Spare parts as follows:
1, Commonly used consumables and accessories: Filters, Coolant, Belt, Repair kit (Cylinder head gasket, sump gasket and other full Oil seals, Gaskets, Sealing Components).
2, All kinds of Bearings: Connecting Rod Bearing,Main Bearing, Thrust Plate;
3, Cylinder head and all parts: Cylinder Head, Rocker Arm, Intake Valve,Exhaust Valve,Valve Guide,Valve insert, Valve spring, Valve pushrod;
4, Each part of the middle cylinder: Cylinder Block, Connecting rod, Crankshaft, Piston, Piston ring, Cylinder liner (Four matching).
5. Cooling system: Fan,Oil Cooler, Cooling Nozzle,Water Pump, Oil pump, Radiator.
6, Fuel system: High pressure fuel pump, Injector;
7, Others: Flywheel and Gear Ring, Camshaft,Alternator, Starter motor, Turbocharger, lift pump, Connecting pipe fittings, Sensor, ECM(engine control module), Bolt,Nut and so on.
Perkins engines is widely used in:
Generator set (for example: FG Wilson generator set)
Construction Machinery (for example: JCB mini excavator, Ingersoll Rand Bobcat mini excavator, Vogele paver, Wittmann paver of United States, Terex backhoe)
Forklift (Linde, Hyster, Jungheinrich, TAILIFT)
Agricultural machinery (such as: tractor, combine harvester)
Other industrial equipments (such as: Genie (GENIE) hydraulic aerial cage, JLG hydraulic aerial cage)
We provide parts for Perkins engine models as follows:
1.Perkins 400 series industrial engine:402D-05,402D-05G,403A-11G1,403A-15G1,403A-15G2,403D-07,403D-07G,403D-11,403D-11G,403D-15,403D-15G,403D-15T,403D-17,403F-07,403F-07G,403F-11,403F-11G,403F-15,403F-15G,403F-15T,403F-15TG,403F-E17T,404A-22G1,404D-15,404D-22,404D-22G,404D-22T,404D22TA,404D-22TAG,404D-22TG,404F-E22T,404F-E22TA.
  2.Perkins 850 series engine:854E-E34TA,854E-E34T,854F-E34T,854F-E34TA.
  3.Perkins 1100 series engine:1103A-33G,1103A-33TG1,1103A-33TG2,1103C-33T,1103C-33TG3,1103D-33,1103D-33TA,1104A-44,1104A-44T,1104A-44TG1,1104A-44TG2,1104C-44,1104C-44T,1104C-44TA,1104C-44TAG1,1104C-44TAG2,1104C-44TAG3,1104C-TG2,1104C-TG3,1104D-44,1104D-44T,1104D-44TA,1104D-44TG1,1104D-44TG2,1104D-44TG3,1104D-E44T,1104D-E44TA,1104D-E44TAG1,1104D-E44TAG2,1104D-E44TG1,1106A-7-TAG2,1106A-70TAG3,1106A-70TAG4,1106C-70TA,1106D-70TA,1106D-E70TA,1106D-E70TAG2,1106D-E70TAG3,1106D-E70TAG4,1106D-E70TAG5.
  4.Perkins 1200 series engine:1204E-E44TA,1204E-E44TTA,1204E-E44TAG1,1204E-E44TTAG2,1204F-E44TA,1204F-E44TTA,1204F-E44TTAG2,1206E-E66TA,1206E-E70TTA,1206E-E70TTAG3,1206E-E70TTAAG4,1206F-E70TA,1206F-E70TTA,1206F-E70TTAG3,1206F-E70TTAG4.
  5.Perkins 1500 series engine:1506A-E88TAG1,1506A-E88TAG2,1506A-E88TAG3,1506A-E88TAG4,1506A-E88TAG5,1506C-E88TAG1,1506C-E88TAG2,1506C-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG5.
  6.Perkins 1600 series engine:1606D-E93TAG1,1606D-E93TAG2,1606D-E93TAG3,1606A-E93TAG4,1606D-E93TAG4,1606A-E93TAG5,1606D-E93TAG5,1606A-E93TAG.
  7.Perkins 2000 series engine:2206A-E13TAG2,2206A-E13TAG3,2206A-E13TAG5,2206A-E13TAG6,2206D-E13TAG2,2206D-E13TAG3,2206A-E15TAG1,2206A-E15TAG2, 2206A-E15TAG3, 2206A-E15TAG4, 2506C-E15TAG1, 2506C-E15TAG2, 2506C-E15TAG3, 2506C-E15TAG4,2506D-E15TAG1,2506D-E15TAG2,2806A-E18TAG1A, 2806A-E18TAG2, 2806A-E18TAG3, 2806C-E18TAG1A,2806C-E18TAG2, 2806C-E18TAG3,2806D-E18TAG1A.
  8.Perkins 4000 series engine:4006-23TAG2A,4006-23TAG3A, 4006-23TAG4, 4006-23TRS1,4006D-23TAG2,4008-30TAG1, 4008-30TAG2, 4008-30TAG3, 4008-30TRS1,4008TAG, 4008TAG1, 4008TAG1A, 4008TAG2,4012TESI,4012-46TAG0A, 4012-46TAG1A, 4012-46TAG2A, 4012-46TAG3A, 4012-46TWG2A, 4012-46TWG3A, 4012-46TWG4A,4016-61TRG1, 4016-61TRG3, 4016-61TRS1,4016TAG1A,4016TAG2A.
  The following perkins filter are available in stock:

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