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CAT 247-7133,2477133,7C-3095,7C3095 Regulator-Temperature Fits Caterpillar C15,C12,C10,3408,3512,G3406 Engine Thermostat

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Product Name:CAT 247-7133,2477133,7C-3095,7C3095 Regulator-Temperature Fits Caterpillar C15,C12,C10,3408,3512,G3406 Engine Thermostat

CAT 247-7133,2477133,7C-3095,7C3095 Regulator-Temperature Fits Caterpillar C15,C12,C10,3408,3512,G3406 Engine Thermostat



Product Description:

CAT 247-7133,2477133,7C-3095,7C3095 regulator-temperature fits Caterpillar C15,C12,C10,3408,3512,G3406 engine thermostat

This regulator 247-7133 is fit for these CAT Models: C15, C12, C10, G379, G399, 3406, G398, 3408, G3408, G3406, G3412, G3512, G3508, G3516
Yufei Electromechanical Equipment  is a professional supplier of construction machinery accessories&spare parts and generator set spare parts.Our parts for Caterpillar Wheel Loader include Attachments, Axles, Booms and Sticks, Brakes, Cabs, Engines, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Pumps, Transmissions, Wheels, Other, Final Drives and more,and we can supply other spare parts for CATERPILLAR are listed as below:
276-4637 2764637 Piston Cooling Jet
490-7200 4907200 Exhaust Valve
490-7198 4907198 Intake Valve
226-5561/300-3565 2265561&3003565 Valve Seat Insert
280-3979 2803979 Valve Seat Insert
122-7375 1227375 Valve Guide
163-2478 1632478 Seal - Valve Stem
247-9908 2479908 Valve Spring Outer
211-3122 2113122 Valve Spring Inner
186-2001 1862001 Seat
2A-4429 2A4429 Valve Collet
197-9322 1979322 Cylinder Liner
9L-5854 9L5854 Band
142-7072 1427072 Seal - Oil
110-2220 1102220 Seal - Oil
142-6217 1426217 Seal - Oil
1A-9579 1A9579 BOLT (5/16-18 X 1.5IN), 7W-3518 PANEL GP INSTRUMENT ASSY
5M-2894 5M2894 WASHER HARD (2,5 MM THK),
0L-1143 0L1143 BOLT (3/8 - 16 X 2,5 IN),
9M-1974 9M1974 WASHER-HARD (2mm THK),
0S-1594 0S1594 BOLT (3/8 - 16 X 1 IN),
7N-8636 7N8636 TUBE AS - OIL,
7N-8638 7N8638 TUBE OIL AS,
7N-8634 7N8634 TUBE AS - DRAIN,
6H-1717 6H1717 BOLT (1/2 - 13 X 1.125 IN),
4P-9077 4P9077 INJECTOR GP-FUEL, P/N ,
7N-2046 7N2046 SEAL O-RING  (175.0MM ID),
8N-4707 8N4707 BAND FILLER,
7N-1961 7N1961 BOLT -12 POIN HEAD
5P-8248 5P8248 WASHER - HARD (3,5 MM THK),
0S-0509 0S0509 BOLT (3/8 - 16X.75 IN)
118-2987 1182987 TURBOCHARGER GP,
142-5867 1425867 Seal - Front End Oil
142-5868 1425868 Seal - Rear End Oil
227-1204 2271204 Gasket
224-5122/359-0908 3590908 Gasket - Cylinder Head
216-5582 2165582 Camshaft Bush
6V-1197 6V1197 Seal - O Ring
5E-8771 5E8771 Seal - O Ring
117-8801 1178801 Seal - O Ring
160-7271 1607271 Seal
166-9144 1669144 Gasket - Timing Cover
155-9524 1559524 Gasket - Timing Case
242-9537 2429537 Seal - Rocker Box Cover
272-0390 2720390 Seal
1P-0436 1P0436 Gasket(Fuel Priming Pump)
030-8307 308307 CONNECTOR-FLARED;
8N-0419 8N0419 TUBE AS;
7N-7415 7N7415 FITTING;
8N-8953 8N8953 TUBE AS;
1W-8264 1W8264 HOUSING AS;
8N-8955 8N8955 TUBE AS;
7N-7130 7N7130 TUBE AS;
5P-8245 5P8245 WASHER (3MM THK)
4W-1527 4W1527 PIPE-LH;
8N-8954 8N8954 TUBE AS
118-9494 1189494 LINER-CYLINDER
253-0616 2530616 Injector
9X-7317 9X7317 Kit, Seal-Injector
230-3728 2303728 
230-3775 2303775 
263-4920 2634920 Sleeve
166-2904 1662904 Seal - O Ring
9X-7430 9X7430 Seal - O Ring
5P- 0076 5P 0076 BOLT-12 POINT HEAD (3/8-16X1.50IN)
1T- 0720 1T 0720 BOLT-12 POINT HEAD (3/8-16X1.25IN)
137-6856 1376856 SEAL
478-7933 4787933 Engine Control Module
247-7133 2477133 Thermostat
167-4407 1674407 Seal - O Ring
341-1429 3411429 Seal
3S-9643 3S9643 Seal - O Ring
171-4358 1714358 Seal - O Ring
109-0077 1090077 Seal - O Ring

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Caterpillar Excavator:205,211,211B,213B,213B LC,215,215 LC,215B LC,215C LC,215D LC,219D,225,225B,225D,225D LC,227,229,235,235B,235C,245,245B,245D,301.5,301.6,301.6C,301.8C,302.5,302.5C,303,303.5,303.5C,303.5D,303C CR,303CR,304,304.5,304C CR,304CR,305,305.5,305C CR,305CR,305D,305D CR,306,307,307B,307C,307SSR,308C,308D,308E,311,311B,311C,311D LRR,311F LRR,312,312B,312BL,312C,312CL,312D,312D2,312D2GC,312D2L,312DL,312E,312EL,312F,312F GC,313B,313C,313C SR,313D,313D2,313F,313F GC,313FL,313FL GC,314,314C,314D,314D CR,314D LCR,314E CR,314E LCR,315,315B,315BL,315C,315D,315D L,315L,316E,317,317B,317N,318,318B,318BL,318C,318DL,318EL,319C,319D,320,320B,320B Forestry App,320BL,320C,320C FM,320CL,320D,320D FM,320D GC,320D LN,320D LRR,320D RR,320D2,320D2 GC,320D2L,320DL,320E,320E LN,320E LRR,320E RR,320EL,320L,321B,321C,321D CR,321D LCR,322,322B,322BL,322C,322C FM,322CL,322D,322L,322N,323D LN,323D S,323DL,324D,324D FM,324D LN,324DL,324E,324E LN,324EL,325,325B,325B LN,325BL,325C,325C FM,325CL,325D,325D FM,325DL,325L,326D2,326D2L,326DL,326F,326F LN,326FL,328D LCR,329D,329D LN,329D2,329D2L,329DL,329E,329E LN,329EL,330,330B,330B LN,330BL,330C,330CL,330D,330DL,330F,330L,336D,336DL,336E,336EL,345,345B,345BL,345C,345CL,345D,345DL,349D,349EL,350L,365BL,365CL,375,375L,385CL,390D,390FL,5080,5130,5130B,5230,992G,994,994D,E110,E110B,E120,E120B,E200B,E240,E240B,E240C,E300,E300B LC,E70,E70B,EL180,EL200B,EL240,EL240B,EL240C,EL240C LC,EL300B,M325B etc.
Caterpillar bulldozer:4P,517,527,54H,950G,950GII,960F,962G,962GII,962H,D10,D10L,D10N,D10R,D10T,D11N,D11R,D11T,D2,D3,D3B,D3B LGP,D3C,D3CLGP,D3G,D3K,D4,D4B,D4C,D4CLGP,D4D,D4E,D4G,D4H,D4H LGP,D4H XL,D4HTSK II,D4HTSK III,D4K LGP,D4K XL,D5,D5B,D5B LGP,D5C,D5C LGP,D5C XL,D5E,D5G,D5H,D5H XL,D5HTSK II,D5K,D5M,D5M LGP,D5M XL,D5N,D5N LGP,D5N XL,D6,D6 LGP,D6B,D6C,D6C LGP,D6D,D6E,D6F,D6G,D6G2 XL,D6H,D6K XL,D6M,D6M LGP,D6M XL,D6N,D6N LGP,D6N XL,D6R,D6R LGP,D6R XL,D6T,D6T LGP,D6T XL,D7C,D7E,D7F,D7G,D7G LGP,D7H,D7H LGP,D7R,D7R LGP,D7R XR,D8,D8H,D8K,D8L,D8N,D8R,D8T,D9G,D9H,D9L,D9N,D9R,D9T etc.
Caterpillar backhoe:414E,416,416B,416C,416D,416E,420,420B,420C,420D,420DIT,420E,420F,422E,424D,426,426B,426C,426D,428,428B,428C,428D,428E,430D,430E,432D,432E,434E,436II,436B,436C,438,438C,438D,442,442D,442E,446B,446D,450E,4P,517,54H,924G,924GZ,924HZ,928H,928HZ,930H,D4HTSKII,D4HTSKIII.
Caterpillar wheel loader:902,904B,908C,908H,910,910E,914G,914K,916,920,922B,924F,924G,924H,926,926A,926E,928F,928G,930,930G,930H,930R,930T,936,936E,936F,938F,938G,938H,944,950,950B,950E,950F,950G,950H,962G,962H,962M,966C,966D,966E,966F,966G,966H,966K,966R,970F,972G,972H,980B,980C,980F,980G,980H,988,988B,988C,988F,988G,988H,990,990H,992,992B,992C,992D,992G,992K,993K,994,994D,994F,G910,IT14G,IT18B,IT28B,IT28F,IT28G,IT28H,IT38,IT38F,IT38G,IT38H etc.
Caterpillar skid steer:216,226B Series 3,232B,236,236B,242B,242B Series 3,246,247B,247B II,252B,256C,257B,257D,259B3,262B,262C,267B,272C,277B,277C,279C,287B,287D,289C,289D,299C,299D,515,518,518C,525,525B,528,528B,530B,535C,545,545C,773B,773D,773E,773F,775B,775D,775E,775F,950E,FB518 etc.
Caterpillar heavy duty truck:769 770 772 773 775 777 785 789 793 797 etc.
Caterpillar generator sets:3066,3114,3116,S6K,3126,3126B,3126E,3145,3150,3160,3176,3176B,3176C,3196,3204,3208,3304,3304B,G3304,3306,3306B,3306C,G3306,3406,3406B,3406C,3406E,3408,3408B,3408C,3408E,G3408,3412,3412C,3412E,G3412,3456,3504,3504B,C32,C32B,GC32,3512,3512B,G3512,PM3512,3516,3516B,G3516,PM3516,C9,C10,C12,C15,C16,D13000,D311,D315,D318,D320,D326,D330,D333,D333C,G333,D334,D336,D337,D342,G342,D343,G343,D346,D348,G348,D349,D353,D364,D375,D379, D379B,G379,D386,D397, D398,D398B,G398
Caterpillar Engine:3066,3116,3126,3306,3406,3408,3412,C32,3512,3516,3606,3608,3612,C4.4,C6.4,C6.6,C7,C9,C10,C11,C12,C13,C15,C18,C27,C32,C175,C280
Caterpillar Gas engine:G3304,G3612,G3408C,G3606,G399,G3616,G3608,G3606B,G353D,G333C,G3408,G3408B,G342C,G379,G379A,G398,G343,G3304B,G3512B,G3306B
Caterpillar off road truck:528B,530B,725,740B,760C,768B,768C,769,769B,769C,769D,770,771C,771D,772,772B,773,773B,773D,773E,773F,775B,775D,775E,775F,776B,776C,776D,777B,777C,777D,777F,784B,784C,785,785B,785C,785D,789,789B,789C,793B,793C,793D,793F,795F AC,797,797B,797F,970F,972H,980F,980G,980G II,988B,988H,990 II,992C,992G,992K,994,994D,AD30,D300E,D400D etc.
Caterpillar track loaders:4P,54H,931,931B,931C,933,933C,935B,935C,939,939C,941,941B,943,951,951B,951C,953,953B,953C,955,955H,955K,955L,963,963 LGP,963B,963C,963K,973,973 LGP,973C,977,977D,977H,977K,977L,D4HTSK II etc.
Main CAT part number:
3929045, 362-2210, 3622210, 382-0745, 3820745, 384-3324, 3843324, 384-8666, 3848666, 356-1367, 3561367, 356-1370, 3561370, 356-1373, 3561373, 365-7433, 3657433, 365-7436, 3657436, 359-4030, 3594030, 365-7439, 3657439, 365-8156, 3658156, 387-9437, 3879437, 359-4040, 3594040, 359-4050, 3594050, 387-9426, 3879426, 359-4070, 3594070, 359-4080, 3594080, 359-4090, 3594090.

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