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420-0454/4200454 Caterpillar Oil Pump For CAT 323 M318D 326D2 814K C6.6 C7.1 Original Perkins Engine Spare Parts,CAT Pump Assembly-Oil

    • Application: caterpillar
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Product Name:420-0454/4200454 Caterpillar Oil Pump For CAT 323 M318D 326D2 814K C6.6 C7.1 Original Perkins Engine Spare Parts,CAT Pump Assembly-Oil

420-0454/4200454 Caterpillar Oil Pump For CAT 323 M318D 326D2 814K C6.6 C7.1 Original Perkins Engine Spare Parts,CAT Pump Assembly-Oil



Product Description:

420-0454/4200454 Caterpillar oil pump for CAT 323 M318D 326D2 814K C6.6 C7.1 original Perkins engine spare parts,CAT pump assembly-oil

This oil pump is fits for those CATERPILLAR models:
Earthmoving Compactor
815K 816K
Wheel-Type Loader
928HZ oil pump, 924HZ oil pump, 928H oil pump, 924H oil pump, 962 oil pump, 950M oil pump, 938K oil pump, 930H oil pump, 930K oil pump, 924K oil pump, 938H oil pump, 962L oil pump, 950 oil pump, GC oil pump, 950L oil pump, 962M oil pump
Engine - Generator Set
C6.6 XQP150 C7.1 C6.6DE150E C7.1DE200E DE200E0 C7.1DE150E
Wheel-Type Skidder
525D oil pump, 555D oil pump, 545D oil pump, 535D oil pump,
Engine - Machine
Engine - Industrial
Track-Type Loader
963D 963K 953D 953K
Forest Products
553C 2470C
Motor Grader
120M 120 12M 120L 140 GC
Wheeled Excavator
M316D M318D MH M320D2 M322D M318D M322D2 M322D MH M322D2 MH M324D2 MH
Paving Compactor
CS68B oil pump, CS56B oil pump, CS-76 oil pump, CP-68B oil pump, CS78B oil pump, CS-79B oil pump, CS-78B oil pump, CP-74 oil pump, CS-56 oil pump, CP-76 oil pump, CP68B oil pump, CS-68B oil pump, CP-56B oil pump, CP56B oil pump, CS74B oil pump, CS-56B oil pump, CS79B oil pump, CS-74 oil pump, CS-74B oil pump, CP-56 oil pump, CP-64 oil pump, CP76B oil pump, CP-74B oil pump, CP74B oil pump, CS-64 oil pump,
Track-Type Skidder
Wheel Dozer
Asphalt Paver
AP-655D AP-1055F AP600F AP655F BG655D AP-600D BG600D AP-1000E AP-1055E AP655F L
Integrated Toolcarrier
326D2 L 326D2 323D3 320D2 L 323D2 L 323 320D2 330 320 320D 330D2 L 330D2 329D2 L 323D2 329D2 320D2 GC 336 GC 320D GC 320D2 FM 320D L 323D L 330 GC
Marine Products
Wheel Tractor-Scraper
Track-Type Tractor
Load, Haul, Dump
R1300G II

And we can also supply the following CAT spare parts:
497-1111 Valve-Inlet 4971111
315-3394 Valve-Exhaus 3153394
252-6438 Seal-Inlet V 2526438
254-3954 Seal-Exh Val 2543954
335-6264 Guide-Valve 3356264
364-5145 Kit 3645145
370-6545 Bushing Cams 3706545
357-2637 Belt 3572637
464-6253 Lifter-Valve 4646253
225-5437 Piston And Ring Kit 2255437
225-7772/ 518-5437 Main Bearing Kit 2257772/ 5185437
225-7781/ 353-2205 Big End Bearing Kit 2257781/ 3532205
032-9090/ 518-5891 Thrust Washer 0329090/ 5185891
032-9091/ 518-5891 Thrust Washer 0329091/ 5185891
288-0422 Seal - Front End Oil 2880422
232-7449 Seal - Reos Housing 2327449
380-4848 Kit-Piston 3804848
256-7704 Seal-Valve Cover 2567704
225-8287 Gasket-Cover 2258287
277-3012 Gasket-Cover 2773012
359-6616 Gasket-Cylinder Head 3596616
351-4749 Gasket-Oil Pan 3514749
277-3013 Seal-Oil Fro 2773013
232-7449 Housing As 2327449
276-7478 Bushing 2767478
420-0454 Pump As-Oil 4200454
326-7401 Cooler As Oi 3267401
448-4217 Kit-Bearing 4484217
323-9312 Con Rod Bolt 3239312
324-4488 Mount-Rubber 3244488
324-4489 Mount-Rubber 3244489
394-2235 Hose-Radiato 3942235
423-4409 Hose-Radiato 4234409
212-9450 Control 2129450
348-2387 Control 3482387
392-0202 Injector 3920202
392-0205 Injector 3920205
392-0206 Injector 3920206
9X-9591 Control 9X9591
365-2076 Regulator 3652076
163-1201 Horn A 1631201
174-7875 Horn As - 24* 1747875
216-9890 Fuse As 2169890
156-1148 Belt Gp-Seat 1561148
244-1090/ 370-1485 Alarm-Back U 2441090/ 3701485
9X-7170 Lamp Gp-Head 9X7170
153-5700 Battery 1535700
7N-0718 Switch A* 7N0718
197-8820 Alternator G 1978820
485-4895 Kit-Water Pump 4854895
436-7781 Kit Bearing 4367781
272-2232 Gasket Kit-Bottom 2722232
225-5438/ 276-7478 Connecting Rod Bush 2255438/ 2767478
232-7440/ 366-8853 Camshaft Bush 2327440/ 3668853
225-5495 Intake Valve 2255495
225-5499 Exhaust Valve 2255499
185-0882 Valve Guide 1850882
354-1672 Water Pump Kit 3541672
2323233 Main Bearing 232-3233
3285572 Connecting Rod Bearing 328-5572
1003652 Plate-Thrust 100-3652
1646560 Body As-Piston 164-6560
7N9805 Piston Pin' 7N-9805
1S9543 Retainer-Pin 1S-9543
9S3029 Piston Ring-Top 9S-3029
5S6750 Piston Ring-Intermediate 5S-6750
6I0497 Piston Ring-Oil 6I-0497
8N1721 Connecting Rod 8N-1721
1118015 Gasket-Cylinder Head 111-8015
4W2322 Oil Pump 4W-2322
8N6796 Head GP 8N-6796
109-5319 Ring 1095319
4P-1659 Ring-Oil 4P1659
168-7212 Ring-Piston- 1687212
133-7082 Ring Gp-Pstn 1337082
135-5894 Core As 1355894
8F-3170 Bearing 8F3170
3B-8486 Fitting 3B8486
9V-2410 Housing 9V2410
9V-2411 Housing 9V2411
8T-4122 Washer Plain 5/8" 8T4122
8T-6871 Bolt 8T6871
8T-0336 Fitting 8T0336
2V-7153 Spider&Brg A 2V7153
123-4003 Seal-Lip Typ 1234003
0S-0484 Bolt 0S0484
5F-3144 Seal 5F3144
2H-3088 Ring 2H3088
9X-7546 Seal 9X7546
8T-0392 Seal 8T0392
172-2412 Accumulator 1722412
170-0493 Seal Kit 1700493
335-7370 Lamp Gp-Head 3357370
335-7371 Lamp Gp-Head 3357371
130-3515 Lamp-24V 1303515
242-0588 Lamp-Miniatu 2420588
235-0253 Valve Gp-Chr 2350253
8F-3170 Bearing 8F3170
9V-2411 Housing 9V2411
8T-0392 Seal 8T0392
9V-2410 Housing 9V2410
5F-3144 Seal 5F3144
9X-7546 Seal 9X7546
198-2400/424-0874 Yoke-Wing 1982400/4240874
8T-4122 Washer Plain 8T4122
8T-6871 Bolt 8T6871
2H-3088 Ring 2H3088
1747876 Horn As- 24V 174-7876
2313869 Lever As. 231-3869
6I4467 Cover A* 6I-4467
2480099 Cont Gp-Ster 248-0099
1755124 Seat Gp-Susp 175-5124
2480099 Cont Gp-Ster 248-0099
1869424 Tube As 186-9424
3243642 Sender As-F* 324-3642
1380444/376-1549 Kit-Sensor 138-0444/376-1549

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Caterpillar Excavator:205,211,211B,213B,213B LC,215,215 LC,215B LC,215C LC,215D LC,219D,225,225B,225D,225D LC,227,229,235,235B,235C,245,245B,245D,301.5,301.6,301.6C,301.8C,302.5,302.5C,303,303.5,303.5C,303.5D,303C CR,303CR,304,304.5,304C CR,304CR,305,305.5,305C CR,305CR,305D,305D CR,306,307,307B,307C,307SSR,308C,308D,308E,311,311B,311C,311D LRR,311F LRR,312,312B,312BL,312C,312CL,312D,312D2,312D2GC,312D2L,312DL,312E,312EL,312F,312F GC,313B,313C,313C SR,313D,313D2,313F,313F GC,313FL,313FL GC,314,314C,314D,314D CR,314D LCR,314E CR,314E LCR,315,315B,315BL,315C,315D,315D L,315L,316E,317,317B,317N,318,318B,318BL,318C,318DL,318EL,319C,319D,320,320B,320B Forestry App,320BL,320C,320C FM,320CL,320D,320D FM,320D GC,320D LN,320D LRR,320D RR,320D2,320D2 GC,320D2L,320DL,320E,320E LN,320E LRR,320E RR,320EL,320L,321B,321C,321D CR,321D LCR,322,322B,322BL,322C,322C FM,322CL,322D,322L,322N,323D LN,323D S,323DL,324D,324D FM,324D LN,324DL,324E,324E LN,324EL,325,325B,325B LN,325BL,325C,325C FM,325CL,325D,325D FM,325DL,325L,326D2,326D2L,326DL,326F,326F LN,326FL,328D LCR,329D,329D LN,329D2,329D2L,329DL,329E,329E LN,329EL,330,330B,330B LN,330BL,330C,330CL,330D,330DL,330F,330L,336D,336DL,336E,336EL,345,345B,345BL,345C,345CL,345D,345DL,349D,349EL,350L,365BL,365CL,375,375L,385CL,390D,390FL,5080,5130,5130B,5230,992G,994,994D,E110,E110B,E120,E120B,E200B,E240,E240B,E240C,E300,E300B LC,E70,E70B,EL180,EL200B,EL240,EL240B,EL240C,EL240C LC,EL300B,M325B etc.
Caterpillar bulldozer:4P,517,527,54H,950G,950GII,960F,962G,962GII,962H,D10,D10L,D10N,D10R,D10T,D11N,D11R,D11T,D2,D3,D3B,D3B LGP,D3C,D3CLGP,D3G,D3K,D4,D4B,D4C,D4CLGP,D4D,D4E,D4G,D4H,D4H LGP,D4H XL,D4HTSK II,D4HTSK III,D4K LGP,D4K XL,D5,D5B,D5B LGP,D5C,D5C LGP,D5C XL,D5E,D5G,D5H,D5H XL,D5HTSK II,D5K,D5M,D5M LGP,D5M XL,D5N,D5N LGP,D5N XL,D6,D6 LGP,D6B,D6C,D6C LGP,D6D,D6E,D6F,D6G,D6G2 XL,D6H,D6K XL,D6M,D6M LGP,D6M XL,D6N,D6N LGP,D6N XL,D6R,D6R LGP,D6R XL,D6T,D6T LGP,D6T XL,D7C,D7E,D7F,D7G,D7G LGP,D7H,D7H LGP,D7R,D7R LGP,D7R XR,D8,D8H,D8K,D8L,D8N,D8R,D8T,D9G,D9H,D9L,D9N,D9R,D9T etc.
Caterpillar backhoe:414E,416,416B,416C,416D,416E,420,420B,420C,420D,420DIT,420E,420F,422E,424D,426,426B,426C,426D,428,428B,428C,428D,428E,430D,430E,432D,432E,434E,436II,436B,436C,438,438C,438D,442,442D,442E,446B,446D,450E,4P,517,54H,924G,924GZ,924HZ,928H,928HZ,930H,D4HTSKII,D4HTSKIII.
Caterpillar wheel loader:902,904B,908C,908H,910,910E,914G,914K,916,920,922B,924F,924G,924H,926,926A,926E,928F,928G,930,930G,930H,930R,930T,936,936E,936F,938F,938G,938H,944,950,950B,950E,950F,950G,950H,962G,962H,962M,966C,966D,966E,966F,966G,966H,966K,966R,970F,972G,972H,980B,980C,980F,980G,980H,988,988B,988C,988F,988G,988H,990,990H,992,992B,992C,992D,992G,992K,993K,994,994D,994F,G910,IT14G,IT18B,IT28B,IT28F,IT28G,IT28H,IT38,IT38F,IT38G,IT38H etc.
Caterpillar skid steer:216,226B Series 3,232B,236,236B,242B,242B Series 3,246,247B,247B II,252B,256C,257B,257D,259B3,262B,262C,267B,272C,277B,277C,279C,287B,287D,289C,289D,299C,299D,515,518,518C,525,525B,528,528B,530B,535C,545,545C,773B,773D,773E,773F,775B,775D,775E,775F,950E,FB518 etc.
Caterpillar heavy duty truck:769 770 772 773 775 777 785 789 793 797 etc.
Caterpillar generator sets:3066,3114,3116,S6K,3126,3126B,3126E,3145,3150,3160,3176,3176B,3176C,3196,3204,3208,3304,3304B,G3304,3306,3306B,3306C,G3306,3406,3406B,3406C,3406E,3408,3408B,3408C,3408E,G3408,3412,3412C,3412E,G3412,3456,3504,3504B,C32,C32B,GC32,3512,3512B,G3512,PM3512,3516,3516B,G3516,PM3516,C9,C10,C12,C15,C16,D13000,D311,D315,D318,D320,D326,D330,D333,D333C,G333,D334,D336,D337,D342,G342,D343,G343,D346,D348,G348,D349,D353,D364,D375,D379, D379B,G379,D386,D397, D398,D398B,G398
Caterpillar Engine:3066,3116,3126,3306,3406,3408,3412,C32,3512,3516,3606,3608,3612,C4.4,C6.4,C6.6,C7,C9,C10,C11,C12,C13,C15,C18,C27,C32,C175,C280
Caterpillar Gas engine:G3304,G3612,G3408C,G3606,G399,G3616,G3608,G3606B,G353D,G333C,G3408,G3408B,G342C,G379,G379A,G398,G343,G3304B,G3512B,G3306B
Caterpillar off road truck:528B,530B,725,740B,760C,768B,768C,769,769B,769C,769D,770,771C,771D,772,772B,773,773B,773D,773E,773F,775B,775D,775E,775F,776B,776C,776D,777B,777C,777D,777F,784B,784C,785,785B,785C,785D,789,789B,789C,793B,793C,793D,793F,795F AC,797,797B,797F,970F,972H,980F,980G,980G II,988B,988H,990 II,992C,992G,992K,994,994D,AD30,D300E,D400D etc.
Caterpillar track loaders:4P,54H,931,931B,931C,933,933C,935B,935C,939,939C,941,941B,943,951,951B,951C,953,953B,953C,955,955H,955K,955L,963,963 LGP,963B,963C,963K,973,973 LGP,973C,977,977D,977H,977K,977L,D4HTSK II etc.
Main CAT part number:
3929045, 362-2210, 3622210, 382-0745, 3820745, 384-3324, 3843324, 384-8666, 3848666, 356-1367, 3561367, 356-1370, 3561370, 356-1373, 3561373, 365-7433, 3657433, 365-7436, 3657436, 359-4030, 3594030, 365-7439, 3657439, 365-8156, 3658156, 387-9437, 3879437, 359-4040, 3594040, 359-4050, 3594050, 387-9426, 3879426, 359-4070, 3594070, 359-4080, 3594080, 359-4090, 3594090.

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Business Type: Trading Company
Main Product: Diesel Generator Spare Parts, Diesel Engine Parts

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