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3408 ENGINE PARTS CRANKSHAFT 1W6209 1W5009 1W5009

    • Application: all
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • Price: US $700 - 760 / Piece
    • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    • Minimum Order: 1 Piece

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    800 Set/Sets per Month

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Product Name:3408 ENGINE PARTS CRANKSHAFT 1W6209 1W5009 1W5009

3408 ENGINE PARTS CRANKSHAFT 1W6209 1W5009 1W5009



Product Description:

       3408 ENGINE PARTS CRANKSHAFT   1W6209  1W5009  1W5009 Product Description


Specifications For   3408 CRANKSHAFT   1W6209  1W5009  1W5009


Commodity:      Engine crankshaft
Model:      3408 crankshaft
Part No:       1W6209  1W5009  1W5009
Cylinder dia:       137.0mm
Packing:       playwood
Material:       CAST OR FORGED
Remarks:       Top quality



Features for   3408 CRANKSHAFT   1W6209  1W5009  1W5009


1:  material was cast or forged.


2:  Top Quality, 1 year warranty


3:  Fast Delivery & Good packing(harden cartons and plywood)


4:  One-step service



Reference Pictures of   3408 CRANKSHAFT   1W6209  1W5009  1W5009

 crankshaft.jpgj05e crankshaft.jpg









Packaging & Shipping







(1): By sea

(2): By air 

(3): By express (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, EMS... )




(1): TPK packing or nuetral packing

(2): according to your requirments




Our Services




(1): TT (30 %  in Advanced, 70 % before Shipment)
(2): Western Union
(3): Cash




All our parts warranty 1 years, If problems from our parts itself, we will take all responsibilty on the spare parts and service.


If the troubles come from human factors, should take responsible for it.



Company Information



        Guangzhou TPK Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd, Build in 1996, is a professional  manufacturer on Diesel Piston, Piston ring, Cylinder Liner, Head Gasket & Overhaul Gasket Kit. TPK has been cooperating with OEM factory in China for several years, running business mainly in imported diesel engines. All products in TPK have passed the national quality supervision on combustion engines and obtained certificates from ISO9002.


Till now, TPK has four storehouses in Guangzhou, occupying an area of over 5,000 square meters. The number of employees in TPK reaches up to 100, among which include 20 sales personnel in China, 15 sales personnel outside China, 10 QC personnel. TPK products command a ready market in Europe, Middle East, South America, North America, and Southeast Asia and are well received.


With the principles of international brand, good quality, shared resources, and serving the world, TPK endeavors to provide perfect accessories replacement solutions for customers. TPK is ready to cooperte with you to reach a win-win future.





Q:   Do you have any other engine parts?


A:   yes, we have more than 10 kinds of engine repair parts like the followings: 


1: Cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod.
2: Liner Kits. Piston kits, piston ring set, cylinder liner (sleeve), Pin bush.
3: Full / Overhaul gasket kit, head gasket,Oil Seal.
4: Engine bearing, Main bearing, con rod bearing,Camshaft Bearing,thrust washer
5: Engine valve, valve seat, valve guide.
6: Oil Pump, water pump,
7: Starter, alternator
9: Oil cooler, radiator
10: Turbocharger


Q: Do you have Some Other engine models?


A:  yes, for C.A.T.E, we have the following models




(1): 3024,3044,3046,3054,3056, 3064, 3066, 3176, 3114, 3116, 3204, 3208, 3126,
(2): 3304,3304PC,3304DI, 3306,3306PC,3306DI, 3406, 3408, 3412, 3508, 3512, 3516,
(3):C2.2, C4.2,C4.4, C6.4, C6.6, C7, C9, C10,C11, C12, C15,C18, C18,C27
(4): D315,D318,D330,D333,D343,D346,D348,D349,D353,D9H,D8,D8H,D8K,G3300,G3406,G3412,G353




Q: Do you have Some Online service?


A:  yes, we have Whatspp, Wechat, Skype, YAHOO, QQ...





3306Crankshaft4N7693 4N7696 4N7699






6N4126 Piston body
7N3633 Piston body
6N4080 Piston body
6N4785 Piston body
7N3509 Piston body
7N3511 Piston body
9Y4004 Piston body
9Y9889 Piston body
9Y7212 Piston body
1723280 Piston body
1300241 Piston skirt
8N0822 Ring set
1W8922 Ring set
7N9807 Piston pin
7N9806 Piston pin
8N1608 Piston pin
1687246 Piston pin
1029796 Piston pin
7E5665 Retainer piston pin
7E1177 Retainer piston pin
2W6000 Cylinder liner kit
2W6000CSWS Cylinder liner
1183732 Cylinder liner oring kit
1183732CS Cylinder liner oring kit
9L5854 Cylinder liner oring
1102220 Cylinder liner oring
2170390 Bearing main pair
4W5492-010 Bearing main pair


4W5698 Bearing main pair
4W5699 Bearing main pair
4W5700 Bearing main pair
4W5701 Bearing main pair
7E9262 Thrust washer
9Y9497G Bearing rod pair
9Y9497G-10 Bearing rod pair
4W5702G Bearing rod pair
9Y9497 Bearing rod pair
9Y9497 10 Bearing rod pair
4W5702 Bearing rod pair
4W5703 Bearing rod pair
9Y7735G Bearing rod pair
9Y7735 Bearing rod pair
7E0558 Bearing rod pair
7E0559 Bearing rod pair
4N6658 Bearing cam
4N0685 Bearing cam
1345251 Bearing cam
8N0705 Bushing con rod
8N0706 Bushing con rod
8N2018 Bushing con rod
4P8495 Bushing con rod
6I2726 Bushing con rod


CATGASKET NOTE For gasket sets: Call with Serial and Arrangement Numbers
408081 Set overhaul 1
Truck: 28V1-28V427
408091 Set overhaul 1
Truck: 28V428 & Up
408082 Set Inframe 1
Truck: 28V1-28V427
408092 Set Inframe 1
Truck: 28V428 & Up
408083 Set cylinder head 1
Truck: 28V1-28V427
408093 Set cylinder head 1
Truck: 28V428 & Up
7E7308 Gasket cylinder head 2 [repl 2W7984]
6N9133 Gasket spacer plate 2 Spacer plate to block
5P5678 Seal valve cover 8 Sold by the meter; NOTE: With Jake brake equiped 9 meters required
1299452 Gasket manifold exhaust 8 Graph-foil [repl 1052873, 7N8175]
3E6772 Seal water 32 Through spacer plate (4W1055)



2W1733 Seal crankshaft front 1 6.204 shaft, 7.336 OD, directional CW seal with sleeve (red in color)
2W1734 Seal crankshaft rear 1 6.198 shaft, 7.336 OD, directional CCW seal with sleeve (blue in color) - Do not use w/ flywheel hsg:
1164894, 1164895, 1164896, 1164897, 1303788
4N1151-8 Gasket oil pan 1 One piece gasket (2 required with pan spacer plate)
4N1151 Gasket oil pan 1 Puzzle type gasket (2 required with pan spacer plate)
2A3398 Gasket oil drain plug 1
619458 Oring oil drain plug 1 1.00 ID, 0.139 diameter
1131474 Gasket flywheel hsg 1 [repl 8N1911] new# 1617293
1094318 Gasket flywheel hsg 1 new# 1617294
1234207 Gasket front cover 1 Gear housing [repl 4W5599] new# 1669145
2W7980 Camshaft 1 [repl 1W5060]
1B8705 Key camshaft gear 1
1017788 Cam follower 16 roller type, replaces 9Y4011
4W3817 Pin and roller 16 used to service 1017788 lifter
6N6872 Lifter clip 16
CYLHEAD NOTE For complete and bare cylinder heads - Refer to Cylinder Head Catalog or Call with casting
1152367 Valve exhaust 16 1.646 head dia, 7.132 length, 2G [repl: 1061111, 1W3860]
1220321 Valve exhaust 16 1.646 head dia, 7.250 length, 2G
C series engines
1537024 Valve exhaust 16 1.646 head dia, 7.953 length, 2G
series engines
1152368 Valve intake 16 1.771 head dia, 7.140 OAL, 2G [repl: 1085902, 2W2622]
1220322 Valve intake 16 1.771 head dia, 7.250 OAL, 2G
C series engines
1537023 Valve intake 16 1.850 head dia, 7.951 OAL, 2G
series engines
4P4661 Valve lock 64 Single groove: use 2A4429 lock, 1862001 rot, 1757523/1757526 springs, 1537023/1537024 valves
2A4429 Valve lock 64 0.372 stem dia, 2G, 7 degree
4N2803 Valve guide 32 0.3750 ID, 0.6890 OD, 3.250 length, plain; Std dia, intake and exhaust, [new# 1737188]
1737188/002 Valve guide 32 .002 oversize
7C0363 Valve guide 32 .005 oversize
7C5306 Valve guide 32 .020 oversize
1227374 Valve guide 32 0.3740 ID, 0.6890 OD, 3.050 length
C series engines
1227375 Valve guide 32 0.3745 ID, 0.6298 OD, 3.358 length
series engines
4N5906 Valve spring 32 2.525 free, 1.250 OD, 0.866 ID, 0.192 wire; single spring engines, use with 6N7175 rotator
4W2471 Valve spring 32 2.341 free, 1.469 OD, 1.069 ID, 0.200 wire; outer, dual valve spring
B & C series engines
4W2472 Valve spring 32 2.678 free, 0.989 OD, 0.739 ID, 0.125 wire; inner, dual valve spring
B & C series engines
1027665 Valve spring 32 single spring: use 2A4429 lock, 1862001 rot, 1757523/1757526 springs, 1537023/1537024 valves
1757526 Valve spring 32 3.285 free, 1.429 OD, 1.075 ID, 0.177 wire; outer, dual valve spring
series engines
1757523 Valve spring 32 2.885 free, 0.992 OD, 0.740 ID, 0.127 wire; inner, dual valve spring
series engines
6N7175 Rotator 32 with shield, single spring engines
6N7174 Rotator shield 32 use w/ 6N7175, do not use with 4W2474

4W2474 Rotator 32 use w/ dual valve springs
B & C series engines
1862001 Rotator 32 use with dual spring engines
E series engines
4N5893 Valve insert 16 Intake, IPD standard size 1.817"
7C7602 Valve insert 16 Intake, .005 over IPD standard
7C7603 Valve insert 16 Intake, .010 over IPD standard
7C7604 Valve insert 16 Intake, .020 over IPD standard
SB1812E-7 Valve insert 16 Intake, late style with swirl plate
B series engines
SB1891E-1 Valve insert 16 Intake [1564168, 1753617
E series engines
1W5283 Valve insert 16 Exhaust, IPD standard size 1.692"
4S8902 Valve insert 16 Exhaust, .005 over IPD standard
4S8903 Valve insert 16 Exhaust, .010 over IPD standard
HB HEAD BOLTS Head bolts and plugs
2H3750 Bolt cylinder head 28 3406, 3406B, 3406C; hex head 3/4" x 7-1/2"
2P9845 Bolt cylinder head 8 for rocker shaft stands, hex head 3/4" x 11-1/2"
5F4899 Bolt cylinder head 3/8" x 5-1/2"
5H1504 Washer head bolt 36 use w/ 3/4" bolts
1080219 Injector sleeve 8 For HEUI injectors
3408E sn: 99C, 7PR, 5XD
1080219ORK Seal kit 8 For 1080219 sleeve
1678130 Vibration damper 1
7C3039 Oil cooler core 1 New, 4.43 dia., Except brakesaver, Can replace: 7W2164, 2W1008, 7C3039
5P9856 Set oil cooler 1 Gasket set for 7C3039
4N8734 Oil pump 1
1614113 Oil pump 1
1161980 Oil pump 1
6N1931 Plunger relief 1 For 4N0733 oil pump
2S2760 Spring relief 1 For 4N0733 oil pump
1W7238 Oil pump shaft 1 Drive shaft, 1W7239 idler shaft; Except brakesaver
1W7239 Oil pump shaft 1 Idler shaft; Except brakesaver
7N2156 Bushing oil pump 2 In pump body (drive end), Except brakesaver
8S6511 Bushing oil pump 2 In cover w/ replaceable bushings only, Except brakesaver
5L2727 Oring oil pump 1 Pickup tube discharge side
5P5846 Oring oil pump 1 Pickup tube suction side, Except brakesaver
28V4750 & Up
5P8068 Oring oil pump 1 Pickup tube discharge side, Except brakesaver
28V4913 & Up
1090072 Oring oil pump 1 Pickup tube suction side, 40.64mm ID
1090078 Oring oil pump 1 Pickup tube discharge side, 33.47mm ID

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Guangzhou Tpk Diesel Parts Co. , Ltd.

Market Type: After Market 
Business Type: Trading Company
Main Product: Piston Ring, Piston, Gasket Kit, Cylinder Liner, Engine Parts

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