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V23084, V23084-C2001-A303, Gm5 ECU BMW E46 X3 E39 E38 Relay

    • Application: V23084, V23084-C2001-A303...
    • OEM No/Model: V23084, V23084-C2001- ...
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Product Name:V23084, V23084-C2001-A303, Gm5 ECU BMW E46 X3 E39 E38 Relay

V23084, V23084-C2001-A303, Gm5 ECU BMW E46 X3 E39 E38 Relay


V23084, V23084-C2001-A303, Gm5 ECU BMW E46 X3 E39 E38 relay

Product Description:

OEM No/Model: V23084, V23084-C2001-A303, Gm5 ECU BMW E46 X3 E39 E38 Relay
5-pin 40A waterproof car relay Normally open DC 12V / 24V relay for Head Light Air Conditioner


1. High quality and stability
2. Warranty offered
3.100% Compatibility

Yuyao Carlead Auto Products Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and selling: Ignition Coil, Ignition Wire Set, Air Flow Meter, Electronic Throttle Body, TPS throttle sensor, Crankshaft sensor, Camshaft Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Car Switch and Relay.

Our products are exported to Europe, Australia, USA, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Middle East and etc.... 

All of our products test 100% before shipment.

If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with high quality products at competitive prices and excellent service.

We are able to supply the following auto relay. For more details. Please visit our website:

Specification Description of the car switch Size(mm)
YR00602-RELAY 12V 4Pin 20/30A 12V 30A 4-pin auto car cabin motorcycle light lamp horn relay 26x26x23
YR00603-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/40A 5-pin 40A waterproof car relay Normally open DC 12V / 24V relay for Head Light Air Conditioner 28x28x25.5
YR00603-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/40A 12V DC 40A 30A 5-pin conversion car motorcycle boat switch relay 28x28x25.5
YR00604-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 100A Waterproof  12V 100A 5Pin Automotive car Control Device DC 24V large High Capacity Relay 28x25x33
YR252530-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A V23134-A52-X278, V23134 Automotive Relay 5 Pin 40A 12V Coil Car Van Fuel Pump ECU relay  25x25x30
YR252530-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A V23134-A52-X345, 9441160, 12V 5Pin Multi Use Volvo RELAY 25x25x30
YR252530-3-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A V23134-A52-X237, 90491314, 12V 5Pin Multi Use Opel Vauxhall relay 25x25x30
YR252530-4-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A V23134-A52-X243, 13125543, 12V 5Pin Multi Use Opel Vauxhall relay 25x25x30
YR00605A-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A 12077865, VF28-15F14-Z01, Chevy GMC Truck 5-Pin Automotive Relay 28x28x25.5
YR00605A-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A 12193602, VF2815F14S01, VF28-15F14-S01, GM Multiple Vehicle Model Use Relay 12V 5-Pin relay 28x28x25.5
YR00605A-3-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A 19115298, 15-81106, 12193612, Four Seasons Engine Cooling Fan Motor Relay Blower Motor Relay 28x28x25.5
YR00606-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A Automotive Car Relay 5 pin DC 12V 30A conversion waterproof relay 23x15.5x25.4
YR00606-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 25A V23074-A1001-A403, Automotive Micro Relay 12V 25 Amp 5 Pin  23x15.5x25.4
YR00606-3-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A V23074-A1001-X50, V23074A1001X50, 8Z0951253, VW AUDI SEAT SKODA 5-Pin Relay No 395 Multi-Use 23x15.5x25.4
YR00606-4-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A 5M5T-14B192-BA, V23074-A1001-X77, Volvo Ford Multi-Use 5-Pin Black Relay 12V 23x15.5x25.4
YR00606-5-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A V23074-A2501-X78, V23074A2501X78, 5604301, Saab Multi-Use 5-Pin Black Relay 23x15.5x25.4
YR00606-6-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A 9162300, V23074-A1501-X38, Volvo Black Relay 5 Pin 12V  23x15.5x25.4
YR00606-7-RELAY 12V 5Pin 20A 61361472984, V23074-A1401-X53, V23074-A1001-X057, BMW Mini 5-Pin Wiper Motor, Fog Light 12V 20A Black Relay  23x15.5x25.4
YR00607-1-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A MB141967, MB183865, MB141969, LAND ROVER Mitsubishi RELAY 12V 30A  28x23x41.5
YR00607-2-RELAY 12V 4Pin 20A MB141980,  MB399789, Volvo S40 V40 Heater Blower Fan 4-Pin Relay 12V 20A  28x23x41.5
YR00607-3-RELAY 24V 4Pin 30A MC848962, 70438689, Mitsubishi Fuso Power Relay 24V 28x23x41.5
YR00607A-RELAY 24V 3Pin 20A MC852954, Waterproof Auto Relay 24V 3pin 20A Car Relay for Mitsubishi 28x23x41.5
YR00608-RELAY 12V 7Pin 40A V23072 automotive relay 26.5x22x22.3
YR00610-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A 25230-C9965, 25230-C9980, 25230-CB000, Nissan 4-Pin Multi-Use Relay 12V 30x27x47.5
YR00611-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30A 95220-14020, 95220-14198, Hyundai Power relay 12V 30A 22x17x38
YR00613-RELAY 12V 5Pin 20A V23086, V23086-C1001-A403, Relay electromagnetic SPDT Ucoil 12VDC Icontacts max25A 12.9x12x9.9
YR00614-RELAY 12V 10Pin 20A V23084, V23084-C2001-A303, Gm5 ECU BMW E46 X3 E39 E38 relay 17.5x16.8x13.2
YR00616-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 80A 12V 80A 5Pin DC Automotive Starter Universal Relay 29x29x26.5(+16)
YR00616-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 80A Car Auto Automotive DC 12V 80A 5 Pin Heavy Duty Relay  29x29x26.5(+16)
YR00616-3-RELAY 12V 5Pin 80A 12V DC 80A AMP split charging 5-pin car vehicle truck relay 29x29x26.5(+16)
YR00623-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A 12V 30A 4-pin car auto vehicle relay with fuse 32.5 x 25.2 x 21
YR00662-RELAY 12V 2Pin 120A High Power Car Relay 12V 120A Automotive Car Truck Motor Switch Relay 46x46x45(+18)
YR01912-RELAY 12V 4Pin 80A 12V 24V 80A 4Pin DC Auto Car automotive Starter motor Universal Relay 28x28x25
YR04141-1H-RELAY 12V 4Pin 40A 171 937 503, 191 937 503, 7M0 951 253, AUDI VW Control unit MULTI USE RELAY 28x28x25
YR04150A-1H-1-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30/20A 8-94248-9890, 8-970936-3581, 82501-AA200, 82501-44060, NISSAN HONDA ISUZU JIDECO RELAY 28x31x32
YR04150A-1H-2-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30/20A 25230-89977, 25230-89975, 8-94450-9710, 5-82550-0360, 25550-Z5001, NISSAN HONDA ISUZU JIDECO RELAY 28x31x32
YR04150A-1H-3-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30/20A 1-82550-146-0, RY228, 1R1100, 19330, 8942489890, 94248989, MR5A211112V , NISSAN HONDA ISUZU JIDECO RELAY 28x31x32
YR04150A-1Z-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/20 20/15A 8-94218-497-0, 8-94218-697-0, 8-94235-627-0, NISSAN HONDA ISUZU JIDECO RELAY 28x31x32
YR04150A-1Z-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/20 20/15A 25230-C9900, 25230-C9905, 25230-C9907, 25230-C8905, NISSAN HONDA ISUZU JIDECO RELAY 28x31x32
YR04150A-1Z-3-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/20 20/15A M5RA-052-2, MR5A-211-A, MR5A-211-1, MR5A001A1, NISSAN HONDA ISUZU JIDECO RELAY 28x31x32
YR04153-4-RELAY 12V 3Pin 22A 90987-01003, 3735020-00, 056700-4800, Horn Light Control Relay 3-PIN for TOYOTA Lexus  29x50
YR04153-5-RELAY 12V 4Pin 22A 90987-02004, 3735040-00, 056700-4810, Horn Light Control Relay 4-PIN for TOYOTA Lexus  29x50
YR04154-RELAY 12V 4Pin 15A 90987-03001, 3735030-00, 056700-4670, Cooler Fan Relay 4Pin for Toyota Camry Corolla MR2 Lexus 30x43
YR04155-1H-RELAY 12V 4Pin 25A 90987-02006, 3735060-00, 056700-6912 , Toyota Lexus multi-purpose relay 32x28x33
YR04155-1Z-RELAY 12V 5Pin 20/15A 90987-04002, 3735050-00, 056700-6780, Relay For Toyota 4Runner Previa RAV4 Corolla Lexus GS300 32x28x33
YR04155A-RELAY 12V 4Pin 25A 28300-46010, 3735060-00, Toyota Hilux Land Cruiser Lexus Starter Motor Relay 32x28x33
YR04190-1H-RELAY 12V 4Pin 40/20A 141 951 253B, 0 332 019 103, 3711030-50, 431 951 253G, 431 951 253H, Multi Purpose Relay For Audi Porsche VW Volkswagen 28x28x25
YR04190-1HS-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A OK90118811, Car Relay for Kia 28x28x25
YR04191-6-RELAY 12V 4Pin 70/40A 7M0 951 253A, 191 937 503, 171 937 383, 171 937 503 A, Multifonction relay for VW Sharan Golf Passat 28x28x25
YR04227-RELAY 12V 4Pin 40A 330 951 253, 191906383, 191906383C, 357911253, 330951253, 857951253 , FUEL PUMP RELAY 4 PIN for VW JETTA BORA 28x28x25
YR04244-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30/20A KY17461691, Kia Air Conditioning Fan Relay 33x27x30
YR04245-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30/20A KKY0267740, K134867730, OK11C67740, KKY02-67-740 , KIA SPORTAGE FOG LIGHT 12V 30A Mini Waterproof Relay 33x27x30
YR04246-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/20 20/15A 056700-7201, MC846906, MITSUBISHI relay 32x26x47
YR04247-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A KKY0167740, KKY01-67-740 , Kia relay 32x26x47
YR04253-RELAY 12V 6Pin 40A 191 927 841, V23134-A52-X196, 654537-58, Relay for VW Audi Jetta Golf GTI Passat Eurovan Audi A4 A6 28x28x25
YR04270-RELAY 12V 5Pin 20A 1B24937500005, FOTON Truck spare parts Universal Relay 28x28x25
YR04286-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A B5B4 18 811L 1, B5B4-18-811, Standard 12v Car Auto Relay For Mazda Protege Miata 30x24x27
YR04287-1-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A F201-18-811, JE16-18-811, MB6S8-18-811, 056700-9000, 88922629, Mazda MX5 MK1 Fuel Pump Relay 1.6 and 1.8 30x24x27
YR04287-2-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A B6S8 18 811L 1, B6S8-18-811, F1CZ-12A646-C, F02Z-12A646-B, E92Z-9345-A, Mazda MX5 MK1 Fuel Pump Relay 1.6 and 1.8 30x24x27
YR04288-RELAY 12V 3Pin 20A 86530-20070, B2C-3735150, TOYOTA HORN RELAY 20x17x26
YR04289-1H-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A CA01 67 730AL 1, 3464-100-120, CA01-67-730A, Mazda MX5 mk2 Heated rear window HRW cooling fan Relay 27x29x28
YR04290-1H-1-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A 90987-02012, AAA37220003, B2C-3735120, Cooling fan door window fog fuel injection circuit open RELAY for Toyota 23x15x26
YR04290-1H-2-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A 38860-60G00, 1K0 951 253, 156700-0870, 90084-98031, Cooling fan door window fog fuel injection circuit open RELAY for Toyota 23x15x26
YR04290-1Z-RELAY 12V 5Pin 30/20A B2C-3735140, VFM G8H, 7M0 951 253C, 4H0951253C, AUDI 04-09 A4 S4 Quattro ABS Relay 23x15x26
YR04292-1H-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A 38860-60B30, 38860-72G00,  3735010P1, AAA37220002, AAB37220004, 3735160, HF53735110DG,  28x24x18
YR04293-RELAY 12V 4Pin 40A 1J0 906 381A, 357 906 381 A, VW GOLF PASSAT JETTA ECU POWER SUPPLY RELAY 26x26x25
YR04294-RELAY 12V 4Pin 30A B110 67 730L 1, B11067730, B110 67 730, MR312504, 3464-100 , Mazda multi-purpose 4 pin relay 23x18x26
YR04298-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A 443 951 253AA, 899574000, Audi VW Seat Skoda ECU Engine 5-Pin Relay  30x30x30
YR04299-RELAY 12V 4Pin 70A 8E0 951 253, AUDI Motor Relay 32x28x33
YR05102-RELAY 12V 4Pin 40A 3735040-R, 141 951 253B, Audi Porsche Volkswagen RADIATOR FAN RELAY 28x28x27
YR05103-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40/30A 95225-26000, 875-Kia Hyundai (00-15) 5-Pin Multi-Use Relay 27x27x25
YR05107-RELAY 12V 4Pin 60A 1104936630013, 1104936630016, FOTON truck parts relay 26x26x25
YR05108-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 60A 1K0 906 381, VW Audi Seat Skoda Relay Control Module Unit 26x26x25
YR05108-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 60A 191 906 383C, 191906383, 857951253, FUEL PUMP RELAY 167 for AUDI A3 A4 A8 QUATTRO VW CABRIO CABRIOLET CC EOS 26x26x25
YR05108-3-RELAY 12V 4Pin 60A 39160-37110, Hyundai Kia OMRON RELAY ECM Powertrain Main 26x26x25
YR05109-1-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A 1H0 911 251, WLO 50237001, VW AUDI SEAT SKODA AUTOMATIC AUTO STARTER RELAY  26x26x25
YR05109-2-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A 1J0 906 381, Skoda Fabia Relay 26x26x25
YR05109-3-RELAY 12V 5Pin 40A 377 937 503B, Audi VW Skoda Seat Relay 26x26x25
YR05110-RELAY 12V 5Pin 50A 3D0 951 253A, Relay module Volkswagen Golf 26x26x25
YR05112-RELAY 12V 4Pin 60A 1K0 951 253A, V23134-J52-X430, VW EOS Golf Passat Scirocco Touran Relay 26x26x25

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