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DSBC172 57310001-KD/5

    • Application: Acura, audi
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • FOB Price: USD 360
    • Payment Terms: T/T
    • Samples: Not Available
    • Minimum Order: 1Piece/Pieces

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    Not Available

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    Standard Packing

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    200 Pcs/M

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    41% - 50%

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Product Name:DSBC172 57310001-KD/5

DSBC172 57310001-KD/5


Acura, audi

Product Description:

Call me:+8618020776782
Contact:Alisa (please make out alisa receive)  
Skype ID :alisa123007
Email: plc* change * to @)
ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolutionary path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.For customers requiring DCS functionality not available in Advant Master, ABB can provide a number of evolution paths based on the  
DSBB120 4898 0002-A    Battery Backup Unit
DSBC172 57310001-KD/5, 57310001-KD        DSBC172 Bus Repeater Module
DSBC173 57310001-KH   DSBC 173 Bus Extender S100 I/O Bus
DSBC173A        3BSE005883R1         Bus Extender S100 I/O Bus
DSBC174 3BSE012211R1         DSBC 174 Bus Extender Module - S100 I/O Bus
DSCS140  57520001-EV   MasterBus 300 Communication Module
DSDI 110 57160001-A/13,57160001-A   Digital Input Module
DSDI 110A        57160001-AAA/2     DSDI110A S100 Digital Input Module
DSDI 120 57160001-E/13         Digital Output Module
DSDI115  57160001-NV  DSDI 115 Digital Input Module
DSDO 115         57160001-NF   DSDO115 Digital Output Module
DSDO 120         57160001-AK   DSDO120 Digital Output Module
DSDO 131                  DSDO131 Digital Output Board, Relay
DSDO110 57160001-K      DSDO 110 Digital Output Board
DSDP150 57160001-GF   Pulse Counting and Positioning Module
DSDX180 3BSE003859R1         Digital Input/Output Module
DSDX180A        3BSE018297R1         Digital Input/Output Module
DSDX452 5716075-P        Basic I/O Unit
DSMD125         3BSE004761R1         DSMD125 Winchester Disc Drive
DSPC 452 57310303-A     DSPC 452 Programmable Controller Basic Unit
DSPU131 3BSE000355R1         DSPU131 Module for Engineering Station
DSRF185  3BSE004382R1         AC410 Cardfile
DSRF186  3BSE004383R1         AC410 Cardfile
DSRF187  3BSE004985R1         DSRF 187 S100 I/O Cardfile
DSRF187A         3BSE014452R1         DSRF 187A S100 I/O Cardfile
DSRF199  3BSE019299R1         I/O Subrack
DSSR170  48990001-PC   DSSR 170 Power Supply Unit
DSSS171   3BSE005003R1         DSSS 171 Voting Unit
DSTA 001 57120001-PX   Analog Connection Unit
DSTA 001B        3BSE018316R1         Connection Unit for Analog Board DSAX 110A
DSTA 002B        3BSE018317R1         Connection Unit for Analog Input Board DSAI 133A
DSTA 131 57120001-CV   Connection Unit for Analog Board
DSTA N013       3BNP000177R1        DSTA N013 Connection Unit
DSTA002A         3BSE015196R1         DSTA 002A Connection Unit
DSTA002P         3BSE018331R1         DSTA 002P Connection Unit for Analog Input
DSTA133  5712000-KN     DSTA 133 Connection Unit for Analog Board,
DSTA145  57120001-HP   DSTA 145 Connection Unit for Analog Board
DSTC120  57520001-A/2, IN5752-1001-E/03  DSTC 120 Communication Connection Unit
DSTC176  57310001-KT   Terminator Unit for Bus Extension
DSTC190  57520001-ER/1,IN5752-1001-BP/01        DSTC 190 Communications Connection Unit
DSTC406  57520001-DX/1        Terminator for DSTC452 Modem
DSTC452  5751017-A/2    S400 Fieldbus Modem
DSTD108 57160001-ABD         DSTD108 Connection Unit
DSTD120A        57160001-UD, 2668 180-99/1          Connection Unit for Digital Board
DSTD150AI       3BYN571600-K/00   DSTD 150AI Connection Unit
DSTD190 3BSE004723R1         DSTD 190 Connection Unit
DSTD197 3BSE004726R1         DSTD197 Connection Unit
DSTF610  HESN119032P1        TF610 Process Connector
DSTK 153SL15  26390603-JB    DSTK 153SL15 Ribbon Cable Screened
DSTX180  3BUR980025R1        Connection Unit for DSDX180
DSXS001  57170001-A, FAHM 200  DSXS 001 FAHM 200 Simulator Module
GJR5250000R0353  07KR91B  07KR91 Basic Unit
GJR5250200R1         07SK90R1, GJR 525 0200 R0001      07SK90R1 Programming Cable - 5 meters
GJR5250500R5101  23KT92, RTU510      RTU510 23KT92 Unit
GJR5250800R0202  07 DO 90-S       Advant Controller 31-S Digital Output Unit
GJR5250900R0202  07 DI 90-S         07DI90-S Digital Input Module
GJR5251000R0303  V       07 KP 90 RCOM Communications Module
GJR5251063P1                  Module Connector
GJR5251400R0202  07 DC 91  Advant Controller 31 I/O Unit
GJR5251400R3202  07DC91    Advant Controller 31 I/O Unit
GJR5251500R1101  07 MK 92 07MK92 AC31 S90 Communication Processor
GJR5252100R0101  07 KT 94   Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit
GJR5252100R0161  07 KT 94D, 07 KT 94K, 07 KT 94i      Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit - 07 KT 94
GJR5252100R0261  07 KT 94   07KT94 Advant Controller
GJR5252100R3261  07 KT 94   07KT94 Advant Basic Controller Unit
GJR5252200R0101  07DC92,07DC92E,07DC92F,07DC92B    07DC92 Configurable Digital I/O Module
GJR5252300R0101  07 AC 91  07AC91 Analog I/O Unit 24Vdc
GJR5252400R0101  07DI92     Distributed Digital I/O Device
GJR5252800R0100  07 KT 95, 07KT95F,07KT95C 07KT95D     07KT95 Control Unit
GJR5252800R0200  07KT95     07KT95 Control Unit
GJR5253000R0100  07 KT 97 F1       07KT97 Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit
GJR5253000R0160  07 KT 97C         07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0162  07KT97D, 07KT97B, 07KT97C 07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0200  07KT97     07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0262  07KT97B  07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0268  07KT97B  07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0270  07 KT 97   07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0272  07KT97D  07KT97 Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit
GJR5253000R0275  07KT97B  07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253000R0276  07KT97     07KT97 Central Unit with Ethernet-ARCNET
GJR5253000R0277  07KT97B  Advant Controller
GJR5253000R0278  07KT97B  07KT97 Central Unit
GJR5253100R0160  07KT98E2         07KT98 Basic Unit
GJR5253100R0270  07KT98 H1        Advant Controller 31 Basic Unit
GJR5253300R1161  07 MK 92 07MK92 Serial Communication Processor
ICMK14F1-B              ICMK14F1 Input/Output Module
IH530EN  3BSE001248R1         IH530EN Universal (Operator) Keyboard
IH532EN  3BSE018795R1         Universal Keyboard - USB
IH532ENK01    3BSE019205R1         IH532EN Universal Keyboard Kit
IH540DE  3BSE003210R1         Universal Keyboard - Membrane, German
IH540EN  3BSE001252R1         IH540EN Universal (Operator) Membrane Keyboard
IH570       3BSE001253R1         IH570 Annunciator Keyboard - 3BSE001253R1
IH580       3BSC640001R1         IH580 3-Button Trackball
MB510     3BSE002540R1         Program Card Interface Module
PM150V08       3BSE003641R1         AC410 Processor Module
PM253V01       492943601       Advant Controller AC250 Processor
PM510     3BSE000270R1         Processor Module
PM510V08       3BSE008373R1         PM510V08 Processor Module for MOD 300 Software
PM510V16       3BSE008358R1         Processor Module for MOD 300 Software
PM511V08       3BSE011180R1         PM511V08 Processor Module - 8MB
PM511V16       3BSE011181R1         PM511V16 Processor Module - 16 MB
PM632     3BSE005831R1         PM632 Processor Unit
PM633     3BDS005799R1        PM663, Processor Module
PM645A            PM645A Processor Module
PM645B   3BSE010535R1         PM645B Processor Module
PM645C   3BSE010537R1         PM645C Processor Module
PM665     3BDS005799R1        PM665 Processor Module
PM810     3BSE008500R1         AC70 Processor Module
PM810V2          3BSE013220R1         AC70 Processor Module
PM825     3BSE010796R1, AC80      PM825 AC80 Processor Module
PU512V1 3BSE004736R1         PU512V1 Real Time Accelerator (RTA) Module
PU512V2 3BUR001401R1        PU512V2 Real Time Accelerator (RTA) Module
PU514      3BSE013062R1         PU514 Real Time Accelerator
PU515      3BSE013063R1         PU515 Real Time Accelerator Module - PCI
PU515A    3BSE032401R1         PU515A Real-Time Accelerator (RTA) board for PCI
PU516      3BSE013064R1         PU516 Engineering Module
PU516A    3BSE032402R1         PU516A Advant Engineering Interface Module
PU518      3BSE018680R1         Real Time Accelerator (RTA) Board
PU519      3BSE018681R1         PU519 Real Time Accelerator (RTA) Board
RB510      3BSE003527R1         RB510 Dummy Module, Full Height
RB520      3BSE003528R1         RB520 Filler Module for Carrier Card Slots
RB530      3BSE003529R1         RB530 Dummy Module, Half Height
RB540      3BSE004693R1         RB540 Dummy Module, Half Height Double Width
RC527      3BSE008154R1         Fan Unit
RC610      3BHT100018R1        RC610 Cable Duct
RC620      3BSE003097R1         Cardfile Fan Assembly
RF523       3BSE006802R1         AC460 Card Rack
RF615       3BHT100010R1        RF615 Card Rack
RF616       3BSE010997R1         Base Back Panel 10 Slot
RF620       3BHT100011R1        Extension Base Back Panel - 10 Slots
RX506       3BUC910018R1        RX506 T-Box Mounting Bracker
S200-IB16         490176059       Digital Input Module 16 inputs
SA167       3BSE003390R1         Power Supply Unit
SA168       3BSE003389R1         Power Supply Unit - 230 Vac
SA610       3BHT300019R1        SA 610 Power Supply
SB510       3BSE000860R1         Backup Power Supply
SB510K01         3BSE004450R1         Battery Charger Kit
SB511       3BSE002348R1         Backup Power Supply Module
SB511K01         3BSE004451R1         Battery Charger Kit
SB512       3BSE002098R1         Power Supply
SB520       3BSC760004R1         Battery Pack
SB522       3BSC760009R1         ABB AC410 Battery Pack
SB522K01         3BSE016019R1         Battery Unit
SC510       3BSE003832R1         SC510 Submodule Carrier
SC520       3BSE003816R1         Submodule Carrier
SC540       3BSE006096R1         SC540 Submodule Carrier incl. local CPU
SC610       3BSE001552R1         SC610 Sub-Carrier Module
SD821       3BSC610037R1         SD821 Power Supply Device
SR511       3BSE000863R0001, 3BSE000863R1         SR511 Redundant 5V Regulator
SX557       3BUR000698R1        SX557 Distribution Unit DC24V
SX558       3BUR000699R1        SX558 Power Distribution Unit
TC405K03         3BSE009616R1         Connection Cable Kit ABB
TC501V150      3BSC550038R3         TC501V150 Termination unit, 150 Ohm
TC505K03         3BSE009616R1, 3BSC840035R1, 3BSC840067R1   TC505K03 Connection Kit
TC512       3BSE006383R1         Twisted Pair Modem
TC512V1  3BSE018059R1         AF100 Twisted Pair Modem
TC513       3BSE006385R1         AF100 Twisted Pair Coax Modem
TC513V1  3BSE018405R1         AF100 Twisted Pair Coax Modem
TC514V2  3BSE013281R1         AF100 Twisted Pair to Opto Repeater
TC515V1  3BSE013243R1         AF100 Twisted Pair to Twisted Pair Repeater
TC515V2  3BSE013284R1         AF100 Twisted Pair to Twisted Pair Repeater
TC516       3BSE012632R1         RS485 Twisted Pair Modem
TC520       3BSE001449R1         System Status Collector
TC530       3BUR000101R1        T-Box for MOD 300 DCN
TC532       3BUR980023R1        Fiberoptic DCN T-Box
TC562       3BSC630049R1         Short Distance Modem
TC625       3BSE002224R1         AF100 Coaxial Modem
TC630       3BSE002253R1         AF100 Optical Modem
TF620       HESN119033P1,3BHT100013R1      TF620 Process Connector
TK405       3BSE003775R25       Power Cord Set
TK456V021       3BSE004447R1         ABB Cable
TK456V027                TK456V027 Cable
TK458       3BSE003783R1         ABB TK458 Cable
TK513       3BSC950030R1         T-Box Cable
TK515       3BSE003785R1         TK515 Cable Assembly
TK526V050       3BSC950022R5         ABB Cable
TK527V030       3BSC950004R1         S800 Interface Cable
TK595       3BSE006830R1         Cable Assembly
TK610V025       3BHT300007R1        Bus Connection Cable 2.5 meters
TK612                Cable Assembly - 1 meter
TK624V030       3BSC950138R1         ABB Cable
TK803V018       3BSC950130R1         Cable Assembly
TKX516V003    3BSC950158R1         TKX516V003 RTA Conversion Cable
TKX525V030    3BSC950251R1         Cable Assembly - T-Box to DCN Interface
TU811      3BSE008526R1         TU811 Compact Module Termination Unit
XM06B5   1SBP260103R1001  XM06B5-H11.0 Extension Module - Analog I/O

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