Communicating China-US Auto Sector: Gasgoo and the Auto Channel Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

SHANGHAI - July 23, 2007: Recently, China's largest B2B professional automotive sourcing platform signed a strategic partnership agreement with one of the US’s top auto media sites: Based on the respective advantages in resources and influence, the two sides will collaboratively work to facilitate the exchange of information, brand promotion, and other activities carried out for the far-reaching cooperation. was founded by Chery Automobile to create a global web portal specifically for the auto industry and create a rich experience in global commerce. The services online include providing information on market trends, industry trends, and face-to-face negotiations with internationally developing auto enterprises. will be conducive to promoting China's auto parts enterprises, in particular, the level of information on international expansion and operational capacity as well as promoting China's auto industry's international competitiveness. CEO, Kevin Chen, noted that through cooperation with, can better understand the international market, play the automobile industry's role as the bridge between China and foreign countries, and provide more suppliers the chance to open up to the international market opportunities.

From 2.34 million vehicles in 2001 to 7.2 million in 2006, China's rapid development of the automobile industry has attracted international investors, however, the resources for overseas related users to get accurate information and comprehensive services in the Chinese market is very limited. and's partnership is trying to overcome the information barrier, yet at the same time enhance both sides' competitive advantages.

Bob Gordon, President of The Auto Channel said, "For more than 100 years the automobile has provided not only a practical solution to the world's transportation needs, but at the same time has created an enthusiasm, excitement and affection among auto owners. Now with the emergence of China's auto industry an enormous new population will also gain the benefit of improved personal freedom and mobility, as well as the opportunity to join other auto enthusiasts and become yet another nation of Car Guys and Gals; welcome to the fun!"
Gordon added, "The Auto Channel's partnership with Gasgoo reinforces and improves on our commitment to create, gather and communicate relevant automotive news and information to both participants in the world-wide automotive industry and to auto enthusiasts around the globe who seem to never get enough editorial automotive content. This new relationship with Gasgoo adds to the editorial assets that can help The Auto Channel more easily reach its objective of becoming the worlds premiere automotive information platform, a single purpose information channel that reflects and enhances the automobiles growing importance for people today and in the future."

The Auto Channel is the Internet's most complete and comprehensive automotive information resource, featuring one million pages of content, thousands of video and audio files, tons of vehicle reviews and more than a dozen searchable databases and compar-a-graphs. has been online since January 1996 and was the first Internet entity to use streaming video.