09 Automotive Engine Technology Seminar to be held on Jun.30 in Shanghai
  • Date:  May 21,2009
  • Venue:  www.gasgoo.com

 From the beginning of 2009, China central and local government unveiled a wide-ranging support package for the automotive industry, reviving the "pillar industry" amid the lingering global financial crisis. Automotive engine, regarded as the "heart" of the automobile, has undergone a period of impressive development in past few years. The automotive engine gains more industrial concerns with its development of design, R & D and manufacturing in a context of the automotive industry. Driven by the rapid development of new energy vehicles and stricter standards on emissions, now the attention has been drawn on the efficiency and environmental friendliness of new energy technology applied on automotive engines, like the technical development of low emission Gasoline Engines.


Regarding on the above mentioned industrial and environmental overview, Gasgoo International initiates and organizes the 2009 Automotive Engine Technology Seminar in conjunction with The Automotive Engine (Parts) Match-Making Event. This seminar will cover 4 main topics, namely, Technology Updates & Development Trend of Low Displacement Gasoline Engine, Introduction of Advanced Technology of Gasoline Engine Design, Depth Analysis of Latest Core Technology—GDI and TSI and analysis of Manufacturing Process of Full-aluminum Engines. 


This Seminar features on most practical and valuable discussion & analysis of the latest technological issues and accelerating the interaction of small displacement gasoline engine technologies at home and abroad, building up an communication and learning platform for professionals like automotive experts, academicians, R& D directors, Purchasing directors, automotive technology director from multinational OEMs, homegrown auto markers, leading auto engine assembly & parts suppliers.