A Tech Seminar on Auto Electronics held by Gasgoo on October 30th

Gasgoo.com, the portal of China auto industry, will hold the "Intelligence & Integration Applications Technology Seminar on Auto Electronics 2009 & Gasgoo Automotive Electronics & Electrical (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009" on October 30th at Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center.

According to Gasgoo.com, the top executives of more than 24 OEMs' technical departments including those from Geely, Ford, GM China, FAW, FIAT, Lifan Auto, Haima, Changan Auto have confirmed to participate in. PATAC, SAIC R&D Center, Delphi have confirmed to deliver speeches on this seminar.

In recent years, China’s auto sales maintain a very high increasing speed. The rapid development in auto market leads a certainly rapid development in AE industry. Demands from market stimulate innovation and promotion in this area, more and more AE equipments are being used, especially in the automotive safety, stability, comfort, entertainment and complementary areas such as emission reduction and energy-saving.

The meeting will consist of the technical seminar and procurement matching-making event. The seminar will focus on discussing and exploring the current hot topics of automobile integration and electronic applications, such as the chassis suspension system, steering system, electronic braking system, by-wire technology, active response technology, integrated control system, and other cutting-edge technologies. The seminar will also cover the product design and applications.

Based on this, this seminar will have a deep discussion and focus on discussing and exploring the current hot topics of automobile integration and electronic applications, technology in auto electrical and electronics area. On the theme, our seminar will focus on how to upgrade AE applications and design of integration and insure combination of indicators including the safety factors. custom dress shirts

According to Gasgoo.com,the topics of the Intelligence & Integration Applications Technology Seminar on Chassis Systems 2009 are designed based on the surveys of experts form 90+ OEMS EE Dept. Meanwhile, at the request of many automakers, we will also specially hold the Auto Electronics & Electrical parts procurement match-making event for the OEMs", said Kevin Chen, CEO of Gasgoo.com. The organizer will invite 50+ OEMs to release their purchasing projects. Almost 200+ Parts suppliers will participate in the communication and negotiation with OEMs.

This event will carry on the innovative mode of the “2009 Electrifications & Integrations Applications Technology Seminar on Auto Chassis 2009” Gasgoo has successfully held on August 28th. It aimed to provide a platform for the OEMS at home and abroad to know the cutting-edge technologies and also provide the opportunities to make the high-tech achievements into projects. On the other hand, this event provide the opportunities to let the domestic suppliers have the acquaintance and develop the selling distributions with OEMs at home and abroad.

For more information, please refer to http://www.gasgoo.com/Events/special/electronics/